Brace Yourselves

A convincing report of stepped-up secret covert actions against Iran by the Bushies, as written by New Yorker‘s Seymour Hersh in a piece called “Preparing the Battlefield.” The neocons have only a few months left to try and hurt I’m-a-dinner-jacket. It’s a kind of prelude or warm-up, some believe, to the big Israeli bombing of Iran that will happen (if it happens) sometime after the Democratic and Republican conventions. One imagines that $4.40 a gallon will seem like a fond memory if and when such hostilities commence.

  • EOTW

    $4.40? Bring it on. I ride a scooter. Gets me everywhere I need to be and I spend less than $5 bucks a week on gas now. the only way to make a difference is to stop using gas entirely or as little as possible.

  • BNick

    Hersh has been banging this drum for years. He always has “inside information” about the dark anti-Iran machinations happening within the Bush administration.
    Until he gets something right, I’ll take it with a grain of salt.

  • Jeremy Smith

    Without Seymour Hersh’s troublemaking, we could’ve won in Vietnam and gotten it on nuke-style with the Russkies before that pussy Gorbachev fucked it all up with glasnost. Thankfully, no one reads Hersh anymore. Escalation is still possible. The United States stands alone. It’s Milius Time, baby!

  • The Bandsaw Vigilante

    “Six hundred million screaming Chinamen.”

  • SpinDozer

    ‘Until he gets something right, I’ll take it with a grain of salt.’
    Hersh has had the Bushies number for quite some time. I’m not much in favor of ‘insider’ journalism (a la Russert, Miller, Woodward), but Hersh does it right.

  • Teacher’s Pets

    Gets something right? Like Abu Ghraib, or the Surge (which he wrote about before almost anyone), or he strategy of buying off Sunni insurgents in Iraq (which he broke)? And that’s just for this war…