Face Time

Proud Obama supporter Rod Lurie (Nothing But The Truth) coughed up $28 grand to be part of a select group who got to “hang with Barry” in a fourth-floor banquet room at L.A.’s Dorothy Chandler Pavillion the night before last.

That’s obviously a lot of dough, but it’s for the right guy at the right moment, it allowed admittance for both the contributor and a plus-one, and it also bought a special pass into the Democratic convention in Denver. “It just seems to me that human beings so rarely have an opportunity to take part in something pivotal in world history,” Lurie says, “and I want to be there.”
Sam Jackson, 20th Century Fox honcho Tom Rothman, producer Steven Bochco, Dennis Quaid and Don Cheadle went for the same deal.
Obama, says Lurie, “arrived 45 minutes early and started going from table to table, yapping, spending a couple of minutes with each person. He was really starting to tease Sam Jackson. He said to him, ‘How many movies you make a year? Eight?’
“There was a lot more conversation than I expected,” Lurie recalls. “He said to me, ‘I just plugged your movie. Some reporter asked me my favorite movie president, and I told him Jeff Bridges [in The Contender].’ The Hollywood community has gravitated to him almost because he is like a movie hero. He really reminds me of Cary Cooper in High Noon. He is principled and noble and yet you sense that he has the capacity to unleash a torrential machismo if the time has come and that is all that is left. He likes to play poker, and he really does have a pop culture sense. He loves going to films. His favorite movies are the Godfather films…the first two, not part three. Don’t be coy. Nobody likes part three.

Seal and David Foster performed ‘Train’s A’Comin’ together.
“You were at his Kodak debate with Clinton so you know how impressive a presence he is. There is something very elegant and noble about him in person that transcends how he appears on television. On camera (and even in the photos that we took) there is almost something flimsy or spindly-looking about him. But in person he has a kind of athleticism and bearing that will serve him well when berating Republicans in the Oval office or meeting heads of state.”

  • clancy

    Rod Lurie was lucky on his first film to work with Jeff Bridges and that screenplay. I tend to agree that if not the best fictional movie President then maybe the most entertaining and complex. Though I might also vote for Henry Fonda in “Fail-Safe”.

  • LexG

    I’ve always said that Rod Lurie and David Poland should play brothers in a bad road comedy.

  • BurmaShave

    Since this item mentions Lurie and Sam Jackson I thought I might ask what the hell happened to RESURRECTING THE CHAMP? It was a close to bad film, but Jackson did heartbreaking, certainly Oscar-worthy work in it.
    Favorite President in any medium, real or imaginary: Jed Bartlet

  • Michael

    Did the 28K include the kneepads, or did they have to pay extra for those?

  • bluefugue

    The Contender wasn’t Lurie’s first film; Deterrence came first.
    My favorite fictional president would be Merkin Muffley (sp?) in Dr. Strangelove.
    “Well, Dimitri, we’ve had a slight problem with the bomb… The bomb, Dimitri. The hydrogen bomb!”

  • broadstreetbully

    I’ll vote for the guy because I’m very liberal, but this cult of personality worship developing around Obama is very worrisome. It’s not dangerous yet, but I can see the signs of figure worship, and that’s always a terrible thing in politics.
    I like the man’s ideas and policies. That’s what should matter in a President, not his personality or personal likability. Seems strange to me that so many fellow liberals have always been so aghast that “other” voters said they would rather have a beer with Bush in the past 2 elections, then are doing the same thing themselves (actually, I believe worse, so far)

  • Mark

    That’s it. I’m voting for McCain now. Any presidential contender who doesn’t admit preference to Bill Pullman, a president who avenges his wife’s death and country’s attack by leading a bunch of hick-flied F14’s against a superior alien army, is full of complete shit.

  • broadstreetbully

    And I’m not saying they shouldn’t like the guy, or like what he personally represents (hey, people like it when a politician shakes their hand and talks to them in language they understand, whether it’s about the movie industry or tractors and beer). I’m just saying the focus on the man rather than the policies is playing into something that might not end well, and the left is just as bad with this as the right.
    He may not always be likable, noble, perfect. Something may come out about him that’s not so great, and if the entire campaign has shifted to being about the worship of him rather than the support of his ideas, the mainstream media’s focus on that will tear him apart.

  • Monument

    Cult of personality? Why is everyone acting as though this is a new thing? It’s as though people are forgetting that John Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, and Bill Clinton never existed.

  • http://journals.aol.com/terrymcca/poetry-arts-confidential/ Terry McCarty

    Re Monument’s comment:
    We’re now totally into what Gore Vidal calls “The United States of Amnesia.” Everything that happens, happens for the first time.

  • CinemaPhreek

    clancy & blue – you both missed the fact that Lurie also wrote that script.

  • DarthCorleone

    I like The Godfather: Part Three.

  • Mjs

    Well, if you’re going to like a guy more for his personality than for what he stands for, you may as well like the guy that can form complete sentences. The fact that so many people voted for Bush because they’d like to have a beer with him is mind boggling. I

  • Rich S.

    I think I’m with Mark on this one. I want a president who can fly an f-18 right up the ass of an enemy spaceship, and live to tell the tale.

  • tommysunshine

    cometh the hour, cometh my man mccain.
    The driver may be getting old but the straight talk express is sorely needed to charge through big government and the politically correct frankenstein collective more than ever.

  • dangovich

    Lurie should have asked Obama why he flip-flopped on FISA. If he can “adjust” his principles on telecom immunity, then how can we be sure he won’t do the same with respect to the Iraq war?

    I’m still voting for him over McCain, but this was not his finest week.

  • kingofnails

    Twenty eight grand???
    I thought the highest an individual could contribute to a campaign was something like $ 2,000. Someone wanna explain this to me?

  • messiahcomplexio

    “I want a president who can fly an f-18 right up the ass of an enemy spaceship, and live to tell the tale.”
    That was Randy Quaid sir! Typical. Working man sacrifices and the politician gets credit.
    I know Bill Pullman by the way, and he’s no randy quaid!
    Thank Zenu for the real hero, apple’s advanced computer virus technology.
    In the words of my generation! Up yours!!

  • sardonis

    The haul from the $28K event goes straight to the DNC.
    The Obama campaign will pocket the scratch from another, less-exclusive Obama event for which tix are $2300, the max for contributions to an individual.

  • clancy

    Poland makes Lurie look like Pierce Prosnan.

  • clancy

    Poland makes Lurie look like Pierce Prosnan.

  • clancy

    Poland makes Lurie look like Pierce Brosnan.

  • supertaster

    Godfather? Yeah, great movie, but isn’t that as safe as Hillary saying ‘Casablanca’?

  • The Bandsaw Vigilante

    This reminds me of Artie Lange’s great joke: “The GODFATHER DVD set is great, because you get two movies to watch, and one disc to do coke off of.”
    Obama’s favorite TV series is THE WIRE, though. Anyone who can wax poetic about Omar during a live rally automatically gets a fuck-ton of street-cred points with me.

  • Rich S.

    I guess you were right about that messiah. But then again, Randy Quaid didn’t live to tell the tale, (oops, spoiler), so I guess I got my metaphors mixed.

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  • JChasse

    I hate these HotWomenForHornyRichDudes.com commercials with a passion… but I got to say, the idea of Obama having one made me laugh out loud.
    That being said… Jeff, if you can ban someone for the mortal sin of disagreeing with you on something, can you do something about getting rid of hfghg and whatever other incarnations they might take in the future?

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