Foul Is Called

Last night Collider‘s Steve Weintraub was fuming that Variety‘s Diane Garrett and her editors didn’t credit him for breaking a story “last week” that Legendary Pictures is developing some kind of sequel/prequel to 300 that Frank Miller is writing, Zack Snyder will direct and Warner Bros. will distribute.
Garrett posted Sunday night that “another 300 has been rumored from the start, but last week Snyder and the original producing team stoked a frenzy online when they talked about it at the Saturn Awards.” The online frenzy, says Weintraub, stemmed entirely from his reporting that came from the 300 producers as well as Snyder.

  • Rothchild

    Frosty had a video interview with Zack Snyder and his producing partner (and wife) confirming the story. That’s news. But Variety and Hollywood Reporter don’t report news anyway. They just copy and paste press releases that are sent to them. It’s all a sham.

  • Meegosh

    While I enjoyed the frist one, and this is really really eary. But it still sounds like its going to suck. The movie was already feeling repetitive towards the end. So either they will do more of the same and it will be boring this time around, or will be completely different, in which case why make a sequal?

  • K. Bowen

    300 2: The Pelopenesian War

  • Don Murphy

    I really don’t understand how a site made up 80% of reprinted Variety and Reporter stories can stomp their feet and take some imagined high ground.

  • Rich S.

    Read Stephen Pressfield’s The Tides of War. There’s still plenty of juicy ground to cover with Alcibiades and the Peloponnesian War. Of course, in that War, instead of defending Athens against Persia, Sparta defeats Athens with Persia’s assistance Not as straightforward in sword-and-sandals terms.

  • Richardson

    I assume that this means that ‘Watchmen’ is so bad that Snyder is retreating to his previous hit?

  • Rich S.

    According to the article on EW, Snyder will not commit to the project until he’s seen Miller’s as-yet-unwritten graphic novel.
    Oh, and Richardson? You do know how to stir the pot, don’t you? The devotion of Watchmen fans makes Batman fans look positively casual.

  • Richardson

    “According to the article on EW, Snyder will not commit to the project until he’s seen Miller’s as-yet-unwritten graphic novel.”
    Translation – until ‘Watchmen’ comes out and sinks or soars.
    WB’s not going to want to wait until Miller finishes ‘The Spirit’ and ‘Holy Terror, Batman!’ and ‘All Star Batman & Robin’ (and, potentially, work on ‘Sin City 2’) to find out whether they’ve got a movie or not.
    “The devotion of Watchmen fans makes Batman fans look positively casual.”
    That is true, but there are plenty of fans of Watchmen the novel who are wary of Zach Snyder’s adaptation. Like me, for instance. I’m actually really looking forward to the movie… it’s just that every time I hear anything or see anything (other than Rohrshach in costume), I cringe.
    And it’s never a good sign when a filmmaker is working on a huge project, and then announces that their next project will be a follow-up to their previous hit.

  • Rich S.

    I agree that the Watchmen faithful are taking a “wait and see” approach to Snyder. The Batman folks already have Batman Begins, so they know more-or-less what he’s about.
    I’m really looking forward to Watchmen, but then again my expectations are tempered. I like Watchmen a lot but prefer Moore’s V for Vendetta, Swamp Thing and, especially, Miracle(Marvel)man. If anyone were ever to tackle the latter, that’s the project I’d be most eager to see, as well as most worried about.

  • Richardson

    “I agree that the Watchmen faithful are taking a “wait and see” approach to Snyder.”
    Some people on-line definitely responded really strongly to the various pictures which have been released, which is strange, because the pictures don’t show much of anything. And some of what they show (Nite Owl?) look terrible.
    “I like Watchmen a lot but prefer Moore’s V for Vendetta, Swamp Thing and, especially, Miracle(Marvel)man.”
    ‘Swamp Thing’ and ‘Top 10’ are probably my two favorites, but I celebrate his whole catalogue, more-or-less.
    But I really, really disliked ‘300’. And I thought ‘Dawn of the Dead’ — while not the travesty many expected — left a lot to be desired. So I have hope for ‘Watchmen’ but little faith, if that makes any sense.

  • Richardson

    “‘Swamp Thing’ and ‘Top 10’ are probably my two favorites, but I celebrate his whole catalogue, more-or-less.”
    I meant to add, “except for Miracleman, because I haven’t read it, and the majority of his Image work, because I have.”

  • Rich S.

    It’s a damn shame that Miracleman is tied up in litigation, because it’s basically the Genesis of Moore’s “super heroes in the real world” theme. It takes the Nietzsche “uber man” to it’s more-or-less logical extreme.
    It would be exceedingly difficult to pull off in movie form, but if it was done right, it would really be something.

  • Richardson

    Yeah, I just can’t justify paying E-bay money for it yet. (Still trying to find a decent price on ‘Bojeffries’ and ‘Brought to Light’.)

  • hatchetface

    Richardson, look into bittorrents and the Comic Display Reader application (cdisplay). All of the Miracleman stuff is still out there in digital form. They can play stupid games with the Miracleman rights all they want, but they are not match for the fucking internets.

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