Guillermo on Everything

An hour-long chat with Hellboy II director Guillermo del Toro at the Four Seasons early Sunday evening, from roughly 6 to 7 pm.

We talked a little bit about the film, but mainly we discussed The Hobbit (the first part will be more Guillermo, the second more Tolkien/Jackson), the creation of “Bleak House” (his creative hideaway studio he built about five blocks away from the regular family home), his amazing 12 year-old daughter, relations with his father, the conservative tendencies and judgments of video-game producers, his admiration for the “Shadow of the Collossus” video game (engaging storyline, super-intelligent game play), the current doings of Cha Cha Cha, a discussion of “Hitchcock/Truffaut,” etc.
He’s one of the gentlest, kindest and most brilliant guys I’ve ever known. If you don’t know him, listen to the whole hour and it’ll serve as a kind of introduction. I shot a whole video of our chat but it was visually dull and not worth transferring to mp4 so I dumped it.

  • Deschain

    Mornin’ Sir. Link’s not working :-/

  • gruver1

    Wells to Deschain: Fixed.

  • GKLondon

    Cheers Wells, though I’m still downloading, I already feel like Monday has been worth it.

  • bluelouboyle

    Thanks. Isn’t there some doubt over whether they will make a second movie? In a recent interview Del Toro said something like “If we can’y find a good story then we won’t make it”
    I’m sure they weill, though. too much cash at stake.

  • NotImpressedYet

    But where did he stand on Obama and Hillary during the primary?!?!?
    Just kidding. Thanks for posting this! Can’t wait to listen later today!

  • TigerUppercut

    Thanks Wells, this just about beats the David Fincher interview you did earlier in the year. A Del Toro on Del Toro book would be great.

  • otakuhouse

    Thanks so much for this. I wish to fuck that Del Toro was my college professor / Obi Wan Kenobi. True Renaissance guy. Every time I hear him speak I am educated, inspired, amused, and enlightened.

  • bents75

    Shadow of the Colossus was, or rather is, an awesome game. If there was ever a video game worthy of being called a work of art, that was it.
    And it was fun on top of that. I think the industry needs smart people like Del Toro to speak out in favor of games like that.
    The more dumbed down the medium gets as a result of the Nintendo Wii, the more important it is to recognize the memorable accomplishments that have elevated it to what should be a much more respected story-telling format.

  • MovieBob

    “The more dumbed down the medium gets as a result of the Nintendo Wii”
    Yeah, because prior to this machine being released two years ago the industry was an endless sea of high-quality games-as-art titles all making boku bucks. Gimme a break. Highly artistic titles haven’t dominated the gaming industry since the end of the 16-bit era. From the Playstation 1 on, genuinely brilliant work like Colossus, Ico, No More Heroes, what have you have all had to fight for scraps in a market dominated by GTA-style pandering Scarface-worship and the one-two fratboy-B.S. punch of Madden and Halo.
    There’s something telling about the fact that when truly great, elevating games DO sell big numbers it only tends to be modern continuations of franchises that started in the 80s (take the beloved mascot characters out of Mario Galaxy, Zelda: Twilight Princess, Metroid Prime 3, Metal Gear Solid 4, Ninja Gaiden etc. and they’d probably do the same middling numbers as Shadow did. Sad but true.)

  • Richardson

    I was bored playing ‘Shadow of the Collossus’. It’s not particularly what I want from a video game. But it’s amazing to watch somebody else play, somebody who is into it.

  • bents75

    Oh, I agree Moviebob. I would only disagree with the claim that even during the 16 bit era they dominated.
    They majority of business has never gone towards more artistic games, nor do I expect it to. I’m just saying, while the motion sensing gimmick might sell systems to the masses, it doesn’t do shit to improve the quality of games, be it the story, mechanics, visuals, or arguably, controls.
    I’d sooner look forward to playing another round of Ms. Pacman than Wii Sports. Some wii games are fun and intuitive, but there’s hardly anything memorable about 99% of them.
    But to each his own. I’m sure the majority of nursing homes would disagree with me. Personally, I don’t think 6 year olds and 85 year olds should be considered the ideal demographic to design for. There’s plenty of intelligence desired inbetween.

  • djiggs

    Any comments on Dave Poland getting married over the weekend?

  • Bocephus

    SotC would make a terrific movie, Del Toro needs to cash in his studio cred after Hobbit and make it himself. There is not a line of English dialogue in the game, the movie could be brilliant if they stuck with that beautiful made-up language.

  • York “Budd” Durden

    djiggs: I cried when I heard the news.

  • Jesse Perry

    bents75, I’m a married 33 yr old avid gamer that owns and enjoys a Nintendo Wii. Sorry to provide an exception to your sweeping generalization.

  • NotImpressedYet

    I’ll suffer through ten Obama posts if it means every now we get a treasure like this.
    Awesome interview! I could listen to this guy for hours. So smart, enthusiastic and cool.
    Was this a junket interview? If so, you elevated it to a new level of quality (and length). Keep it up!

  • DarthCorleone

    The Wii is a blast. I play other platforms as well with a more “artistic” bent. There is plenty of room for both.

  • fausti

    Nice interview!
    It’s nice to see a director see the potential in other media such as video games instead of being defensive or dismissive.
    It’s also nice to know that Guillermo and I have the same general tastes. i love how ICO (correct spelling) and Shadow of the Colossus (sequel to ICO) are singled out by him. I still count ICO as the single game that brought tears to my eyes.

  • Dan Revill

    I’m about halfway through the interview. Man the guy is brilliant. Plus he is recommending The Wire. Wells are you on board yet?!!!

  • Rothchild

    GdT is one of the nicest guys in Hollywood, but he’s also one of the most interesting. And anyone that gets why The Wire is the greatest show/book/movie ever is cool in my book.

  • Aladdin Sane

    I’m about halfway through the interview. Man the guy is brilliant. Plus he is recommending The Wire. Wells are you on board yet?!!!

  • Midwest Doug

    Really great interview. Only one awkward lag, if I recall at about the 30 minute mark where perhaps you thought your time was up but instead he continued with you? In any case, great stuff, and I really appreciate being able to better understand del Toro’s interests and passions. And I am very thankful I have never had to utter a sentence that included “After my father’s kidnapping.”

  • NotImpressedYet

    Hey Midwest Doug, I heard that lag too and thought it was a nice human moment! On a promotional interview like this I’d wonder if my time was up after thirty minutes. And then to get thirty more, and it’s all genuine and interesting material to boot? Kick ass!!
    And everyone, take a cue from Guillermo on his The Wire praise. You don’t hit people over the head with it by saying IT’S. THE. BEST. SHOW. EVER and then berate the person for not watching it. No, you just express your love for it and move on. Class act.
    Almost makes me want to see Hellboy 2!

  • Rothchild

    The Wire is the best show of all time.

  • Ben C

    Is there any way to save this to my computer?
    Or, more specifically, my ipod?

  • tjfar67

    Great interview.
    More, please.
    “Is there any way to save this to my computer?”
    Right click on the link>save as>then use i tunes to import onto your i pod.

  • Thrudvangar

    Thanks Jeff. Great interview. Fascinating guy.

  • Thanks for letting us eavesdrop on this great interview, Jeffrey. Guillermo del Toro is warm, enthusiastic, and endlessly intelligent.

  • Valerie Cherish

    Why has AUNT SASSY been BANNED???
    I miss her insightful comments on film, and her bitchy commentary. She added a refreshing viewpoint to this site.

  • vulgar71

    Here is a video by the artist Blu, whom Del Toro mentions in the interview:

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