• Dzayson

    Mr. Wells, if you fancy this ad, you should check out John Krasinski’s superior work on The Office.
    Even though everyone knows high thread-count sleepin, Dem votin, non-fast food eatin honest folk refuse to watch the American version of The Office because it’s so inferior to the British version- and is an abortion of a program on its own right..
    Oh wait, no one else has posted on this.

  • D.Z.
  • pauly

    The “really” ad is amusing. I’m not as crazy about the freecreditreport adds…in one of the adds where they are in the car, the singing isn’t sync’d up right to his mouth…and in another add (the one in the restaurant) the old lady is kind of creepy with her reaction to the “yeehaw”.
    There is another set of ads that I like, but I don’t know if their national ads, or just local. The ads for Sonic (fast food place) with various people in their cars have consistenly made me laugh.

  • rr3333

    He looks like Bart Braverman (‘Vegas’ & ‘Match Game’).
    Its weird watching these old game shows now knowing he’s pushing 70 now.

  • supertaster

    This is really low-thread taste on your part Wells … this guy is modeling himself after David Schwimmer but by the way you’re touting him one would think he’s the next coming of James Dean.

  • Dan Revill

    Wells doesn’t watch Friends. The thread count is too low.

  • Dan Revill

    And it’s Luby, not Ruby.

  • Joshua Mooney

    Nothing with a jackhammer in it is enjoyable. And what’s so great about this commercial? I’ve seen it dozens of times. Nothing stands out. It’s fucking annoying in the morning. Okay, the way the guy says “Really?” is okay. De Niro jr. The ones I like are the ones with the gecko. Dry and witty, plus that Cockney business, innit? You know Brian Eno does the voice, right?
    Taking Tiger Mountain by Strategy ,indeed.

  • chicagodad

    Pauly, I’m with you on the Sonic ads. Consistently funny stuff.

  • Aladdin Sane

    Wells doesn’t watch Friends. The thread count is too low.

  • Aladdin Sane

    And it’s Luby, not Ruby.

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