Uploaded 14 days ago on Flickr, forwarded last night by Oregonian critic Shawn Levy. “This is an actual photo — not Photoshopped — of a second-run Portland movie theater, the Cinemagic, changing its marquee over from Hancock to TDK. As the fellow who sent it to me said, ‘Sometimes it’s better to work right to left.’”

22 thoughts on “Changeover

  1. Good catch, BurmaShave: Cinemagic, which is part of a small local chain, changes booking policies frequently. Not with such felicitous impact on their signage, though.

  2. A few years ago, there was a marquee in sherman oaks (the theatre near gelsons) that had “Passion of the Christ” and “The Ladykillers” on it. The titles lined up perfectly to read “Passion of the Christ Killers”
    This one’s funnier.

  3. I used to have a photo of the small theater somewhere several years back that had two movies showing at the time:
    Good times.

  4. The CineMagic is where I remember seeing Like Water for Chocolate and Punch-Drunk Love… and now they’re showing midnight showings of The Dark Knight on opening day? What has happened to my darling Portland since I’ve been gone?

  5. Marquee humor is fine, but there’s no thrill like getting a memo at Leo Burnett about a project called the Ameritech Home Office Link, and the first paragraph is about how our goal is to increase awareness and penetration of the AHOL.
    As God is my witness.

  6. San Antonio was once having a summer arts festival, and the opera that year was going to be Madama Butterfly. The workers were putting up a poster on a giant billboard sign along the Loop, but they put only the left half of it on the first day and it read

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  8. Damnit! I love Wayne Kramer and I’ve been waiting for this film for ages (and EvilSeek). I was invited to the screening of Kramer’s cut but I couldn’t go and now I’ll probably never get to see the “real” version.
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  9. Uploaded 14 canicule ago on Flickr, forwarded endure night by Oregonian analyzer Shawn Levy. “This is an absolute photo — not Photoshopped — of a second-run Portland cine theater, the Cinemagic, alteration its covering over from Hancock to TDK. As the adolescent who beatific it to me said, ‘Sometimes it’s bigger to plan appropriate to left.’
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