Earlier today N.Y. Times reporter Brooks Barnes posted a piece about the amusing YouTube reaction videos to the trailer for Beverly Hills Chihuahua (Disney, 10.3) that have been running since late April. The best one, for me, is the thoughtful bearded guy below — understated, unforced, honest, believable.

The second best video is the one starring Adam, the guy with the nicely trimmed beard and the pretty eyes who goes “wow.” The third best is the one with the two Latino guys. The fourth best is the young slacker guy.

18 thoughts on “Chee-Wah-Wah!

  1. D.Z. on said:

    I disagree. The first two guys are just trying to get attention. The Latino dudes did the best spoof.

  2. I am really suprised George Lopez is invovled with this. Didn’t he get enough TV to say ‘No’ ? I hope it doesn’t play into negative racial stereotypes.
    Maybe the script was fantastic. Let’s see…first time writer, and a writer from Zooey 101. Brilliant director? Hmmm… Raja ‘Big Mamma House/Scooby Do’ Gosnell.
    Who knows, maybe it’s fantastic.
    They should call the trailer “Two Girls, One Pup.”

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