Bernie’s Out

Sadly, both of these guys are now dead and gone, and Bad Santa was only…what, five years ago? I love Bernie Mac‘s neutral expression as he listens to John Ritter‘s story about Billy Bob Thornton and some woman in a department store dressing room, and (although it’s not shown in this clip) the way he casually considers the reported port of entry. I was okay with Mac’s role in the three Ocean’s movies, and I wept for the guy when he appeared in Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle (’03). Who dies at age 50 from pneumonia?

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  1. /3rtfu11 on said:

    Thank you for acknowledging him.

  2. Once a person’s lungs are compromised, as in Bernie Mac’s auto-immune lung issue (even if it’s in remission), if that person develops pneumonia, and ignores it for even a couple of days, that slippery slope gets steeper. George Clooney said in a statement that (paraphrasing) the world is less funnier with Bernie Mac’s passing. If you scour You Tube, you will find clips of him on Def Comedy Jam, as well as the great standup movie “The Original Kings of Comedy.” These clips show his talent far more than his supporting roles in the Oceans films and his other film credits. My teenage son and I will miss him…..

  3. Va beat me to it. He was always going to be at-risk if he didn’t keep an extremely close watch on himself.
    I suppose as an artist/actor, being “simply” a good character actor, or being none for one style of role, might be limiting…
    To the rest of us, though, the talent is awesome to see… Bernie Mac was a talented guy. His background of doing standup on city trains was touching, but we wouldn’t know him from Adam if he wasn’t talented.
    A talent lost.

  4. Voice of Reason beat me to it… sort of.
    Henson died of a Streptococcus infection that was allowed to go on for too long. Men are especially prone to ignoring illnesses instead of seeking treatment. They opt to “tough/ride it out.” Also the reason heart attack deaths are still high for them.
    Henson was 53 and could have still been saved had he gotten to the hospital a few hours earlier.

  5. Very sad…
    If 5 years ago someone would have bet you who would outlive the others in this pool (Ritter, Mac, and Billy Bob), how many of you would have put your $ on Thornton? Not I…

  6. Poet Mahmoud Darwish also died …
    from wiki … In 2004, Mahmoud Darwish asked a delegation of internationally-renowned writers and intellectuals to travel to the Occupied Palestinian Territories, in part to participate in a cultural event in honour of the poet, but also to see first-hand life under Israeli military occupation. The delegation includes Russell Banks (U.S., author of The Sweet Hereafter and Affliction), Bei Dao (China, famous exiled poet), Jos√ɬ© Saramago (Portugal, winner of the 1998 Nobel Prize for Literature), and Wole Soyinka (Nigeria, winner of the 1986 Nobel Prize for Literature). The documentary is entitled Writers on the Borders, directed by Samir Abdallah and Jos√ɬ© Reynes …

  7. Always a shocker when this happens. Fifty! That’s barely middle-aged these days,
    I used to watch his show now and then. He did wounded dignity/ruffled feathers better than anyone outside of Jeffrey Tambor.

  8. Strange how many Billy Bob Thornton co-stars have died prematurely (Ritter, Bernie Mac, J.T. Walsh, Heath Ledger). Thank goodness Morgan Freeman (Levity) and Shia (Eagle Eye) survived their crashes and Patrick Swayze (Waking Up in Reno) is coming back from cancer or we’d be talking about the Billy Bob Curse. Not trying to make light, just think it’s eerie.

  9. Swayze co-starred with him in WAKING UP IN RENO, Shia is in the upcoming EAGLE EYE with him. And now I have to go kill myself.

  10. Bernie Mac’s bit in THE ORIGINAL KINGS OF COMEDY is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.
    And add Jim Varney to the Billy Bob Thornton death list.

  11. As the Mac would’ve said it, summamabitch!

    For me, it was that first appearance on “DEF COMEDY JAM” where he stepped on that stage like he was on horseback, and owned it for six minutes. Half the stuff he said wasn’t jokes, it was his delivery – he could squeeze laughs from the audience off his facial expressions like Jack Benny could. His oratory was commanding.

    And all the little roles – muttering “Fuck Mike Tyson” in WHO’S THE MAN, memorializing and ribbing Robin Harris in HOUSE PARTY 3, holding his own against Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence in LIFE…

    Jesus and George are standing in line to give him a fist bump.

  12. And not that it will happen, but I think Obama should apologize to Bernie’s family for throwing him under the bus because a few hypersensitive supporters couldn’t handle his jokes.

  13. I had a brush with Pneumonia a few years ago and was in serious trouble until a relative demanded I go to a doctor. I really thought I had a bad cold but turns out I had compromised lung function and they wheeled me from the doctor’s office to the emergency room. I feel for Mac and his family.

  14. bravo George Prager – both posts…. Monument – great link – that was my other immediate stand up recollection of Mac, after Kings of Comedy….BTW – wasn’t Charlize Theron in that Reno flick with BBT? If so, I remember that movie, and I think I only watched it to see if Charlize would get nekkid….

  15. nelson – don’t forget Jim Varney (Daddy and Them). Though Andy Griffith was also in that movie, and he keeps plugging along admirably.

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  17. Henson died of a Streptococcus infection that was allowed to go on for too long. Men are especially prone to ignoring illnesses instead of seeking treatment. They opt to “tough/ride it out.” Also the reason heart attack deaths are still high for them.

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