Life Soaks

Those poor people in New Orleans and nearby areas are about to receive their second super-thrashing in three years. And Katrina, remember, was a category 3 hurricane when it hit New Orleans on the morning of 8.29.05, and so is Hurricane Gustav. The latest news is that it may be weakening somewhat, and may perhaps even be down to a level 2 by the time it goes over land. Maybe.

That “mother of all Hurricanes” line from New Orleans mayor C. Ray Nagin may be an exaggeration, according to a conversation I had a little while ago with movie critic Dave DuBos.
George Bush and Dick Cheney are blowing off their scheduled Monday appearances at the Republican National Convention in Minneapolis-St. Paul due to the storm.
An 8.30 Politico report says that McCain and Sarah Palin are expected to confer with Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour in Jackson, Miss. today, which is supposed to be seen as a gesture of concern for the region. McCain is scheduled to deliver his acceptance speech at the Republican Nat’l Convention next Thursday but he “may” deliver his speech “from the devastation zone if the storm hits the U.S. coast with the ferocity feared by forecasters.” Wouldn’t that be seen as an opportunistic pander-bear move?
Barack Obama has been calling local TV stations today, says DuBos, and stating an intention to visit the area after Gustav does its damage. Coming before the storm, Obama is saying, would just get in the way.

  • MathewM

    Handing out water bottles in the middle of a hurricane? Joking right? There’s not much you can do but get people out.
    I never understood why people wanted to move back. Seemed stupid considering the city is below sea level to begin with. I always wanted to say that publically before but because of Katrina I would of been painted as an un-sympathetic bush leaguer. We have the same problem locally here in St. Louis with people who like living near the river. Unless they want to re-build New Orleans on stilts after Gustav, I say shut her down.

  • buster

    they’re really caught in a tight spot … these situations are difficult to manage to avoid appearing insincere (like Obama did shoveling sandbags in Iowa).
    The best thing they can do is visit the people and talk with them, soothe them,sympathize with them; use their personability and cool heads to help these people cope instead of doing the usual usual. There will be plenty of people around to hand out water bottles, but there are very few people who can inspire the way Barack does …

  • MathewM

    Inspire them in what way? To keep living in poverty stricken conditions in a part of the country that seems to be destined for eternal destruction? Doesn’t sound very inspirational to me. More like assisted suicide.

  • Edward

    Guess Bush has been watching the Weather Channel this time around. He still hasn’t done a whole lot to help since Katrina. Barbour is the perfect person to meet with; he and McCain can discuss new ways to squander the money the state got for Katrina.

  • lazarus

    McCain must really be hoping for a big Giuliani 9/11 moment where he can make his acceptance speech through a bullhorn at Gustav Ground Zero. Probably from the top of a mountain of black bodies for added effect.

  • SmilingPolitely

    Did you the hear latest?
    Sarah Palin, being the Super Mom that she is, plans to deliver her sixth child during the middle of Hurricane Gustav, right at ground zero.
    Now, I know what you’re saying… Sixth child? I didn’t even know she was pregnant again. Well, there’s a reason for this. Palin is sooo fuckin’ amazing that it doesn’t take no nine months for a child to gestate in her tum-tum. Woman can do it nine minutes flat. Fuck yeah!
    Be afraid, Obama. Be very afraid.

  • Back in 2005, before C. Ray started living primarily in Dallas, Texas, he called Katrina a “once-in-a-lifetime” storm. Guess Mother Nature didn’t agree with his pronouncement.

  • broadstreetbully

    “Those poor people in New Orleans and nearby areas”
    I wonder if “poor” in this sense refers to their status of poverty, or whether it was a sign of sentiment, i.e. “those poor dears”.
    I think it’s unfortunate that people of poverty have a very difficult life in New Orleans, but I do think it’s about time to start facing basic facts – the city is in a bowl below sea level. If people wish to stay there, and live there, fine, let them, and I wouldn’t say a word – but I don’t think calling them “those poor people” can continue to apply much longer.

  • MathewM

    Gustav is all Bush’s fault. I can’t believe that fucker has the nerve to still be in charge of Mother Nature.

  • dangovich

    Smiling politely, she’s actually planning to deliver triplets, including one with a cleft palate.

  • Movie Watcher

    Of course McCain and what’s her name are going to pimp it out for politics. They’re republicans! What a fucking joke. Is there anything he won’t do? I wonder if the republicans will think a little harder about this so-called ‘vice presidential pick.’ I believe there will be second thoughts in about a month, but by then it will be too late.

  • Howlingman

    “Gustav is all Bush’s fault. I can’t believe that fucker has the nerve to still be in charge of Mother Nature.”
    According to Daily Kos, Cheney bought a used Weather Dominator off of Destro sometime in ’86. Just sayin’

  • ok, all you clowns making jokes… ummm go fuck yourselves. This right here appears to be the death blow to my past. I grew up in Slidell, LA, north of New Orleans. My parents house had 13 feet of water and I lost everything from the first 18 years of my life really. Since then they’ve lived at my grand father’s house in Lafourche Parish, southwest of New Orleans. Well now the storm is heading directly for that home. So by this time tomorrow every thing from my past will be gone. I swear if McCain or Obama decide to deliver some hefty, pandering speech from down there to help their political aspirations I will personally put my size 11 shoe up their asses. Nothing would be more disgusting to me then to see a political candidate capitalize on this. The only things I want to hear from them is “we’ll build better levees, we’ll repair the wetlands,we’ll fix the city, and we’ll make sure the mother fuckin’ insurance companies do what they say.”

  • Sorry…but I couldn’t help suppressing a Dick
    Cheney-like smirk as I watched the CNN
    bulletins about Bush and his cohorts swinging
    into action as Gustav approaches.
    Apparently, they had a lightning bolt epiphany
    …as in “Hey…maybe it’s not politically advantageous to sit back and let black people drown and/or
    die and rot in the streets of a major American city.”
    Good thinkin’, guys.

  • BurmaShave

    New Orleans will never be abandoned. It’s too much a part of the soul of this country, and you wingnuts assholes who suggest otherwise, including my dad, can go to hell.

  • Daviddb

    Obama, on local New Orleans TV today, referred to New Orleans as one of the “crown jewels” of America and certainly not worth abandoning.
    For those of you unaware of the city’s importance, it’s the #2 port in the country, it provides 25% of the nation’s oil, 30% of the natural gas, not to mention its cultural influence with food, music…and oh yeah, it’s the #3 filming location in the country.

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