Theft = Flattery

This morning I linked to a clip of MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann comparing aspects of Barack Obama‘s big Denver speech last night to Michael Douglas‘s third-act speech (written by Aaron Sorkin) at the end of The American President. This idea is brought full circle in a q & a in the current GQ between Sorkin and Mickey Rapkin.
Rapkin asks, “Have you met Obama? What do you make of him?” And Sorkin says, “The first time I met Barack Obama — I should say the only time I’ve met Barack Obama — was a year ago, when he was doing fifty-person-cocktail-party fund-raisers. He flattered me by saying, “My intention is to steal a lot of your lines.”

  • Richardson

    Guaranteed, “plagiarism” will be the go-to “gotcha” for conservatives for the next week or two, between this and Biden.
    Doesn’t seem like the sort of thing that will stick but, hey, you never know. Just keep throwing shit at the walls, right?

  • thevisceral

    McCain should one-up him by stealing some Eszterhas.

  • deadre

    how about this sarah palen thing? hilarious, just hilarious! I bet there are a lot of Repubican female politicians that are just furious not to mention insulted. And this is supposed to get Hillary’s votes. The fun has just begun!
    It’s like the intern who comes in and becomes vice-president of developement and alienates everyone. Fascinating.

  • janee

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