A New Beginning

Kim Voynar, late of Cinematical, has signed up with Movie City News as a writer-columnist-editor. Everything Voynar thinks, does, feels, believes in, dreams about, eats, breathes, longs for politically, wants to say and is looking to make happen is henceforth owned by MCN — lock, stock and barrel.

  • SmilingPolitely

    How exactly does MCN make money? Pages and pages stuff, yet there are no ads…

  • LexG

    I keep telling POLAND he needs to give me a column on that MCN and watch the hit count SKYROCKET THROUGH THE ROOF, considering a fair percentage of my BLOG POSTS there end up getting quoted in VANITY FAIR, DEFAMER and LA WEEKLY.

  • Kim Voynar

    Geez, Jeff, that’s a little melodramatic. All of my writing about film will live on MCN now, and I hope that I’ll contribute in a meaningful way to the site and in whatever small way I’m able to the world of film, which is my second love after my family. Business is business, and my allegiance in that context is, now, as it should be, with my employer.
    I wrote for and helped manage Cinematical for almost four years, and for most of that time, we were owned lock, stock and barrel by AOL. I would challenge you or anyone to accuse me during my tenure there of EVER bowing down to AOL’s corporate interests or compromising my integrity as a writer because of who I wrote for.
    I wrote what I thought, and said to my managers what I felt and believed to be true, with no regard or interest in whether the AOL overlords would like it or not. My attitude towards the corporate machine was, in part, the reason I was never EIC there, but I stood up for what I did while I was there, fought as hard as I could, and left when it was time to go — I hope, with my integrity still intact.
    Those who know me pretty well — and this should include you, Jeffrey — know that I will continue to do what I’ve always done in this job. My online writing belongs to MCN now, and I’m happy and excited about the move, but I don’t expect David to be dictating what I eat, what I wear, how I think, who I vote for, where I go to church, my sex life, or anything else.

  • LDKA0186

    Here we go. Poland vs. Wells again. Yawn…
    Wake me when either one of them becomes relevant.

  • buckzollo

    m e o w!

  • Movie fan09

    so is Jeff Batman or the Joker?

  • frankbooth

    He’s Stan Laurel, by virtue of being slightly thinner than Poland.

  • T. Holly

    All I can say Kim is, let your freak flag fly, because I wasn’t digging it at Cinematical.

  • Deathtongue_Groupie

    Bitchy much?

  • Kim Voynar

    T Holly,
    My freak flag? I think I have that packed away somewhere with my bong from college and all those concert reviews I did for my college paper while in a seriously inebriated state. I’ll see if I can dig it out. 🙂

  • Noah

    I, for one, am happy to hear the news and I’m delighted to be bylined on the same page as a talent like Kim. Welcome to MCN, Kim!

  • Boris Yeltsin

    so is Jeff Batman or the Joker?

  • EDouglas

    So I have to start kissing Kim’s ass to finally be taken seriously as an Oscar pundit enough to be included in one of the Gurus on MCN? ::puckers up:: (And congrats, Kim! Better the devil you know than the devil you know as “AOL”! )

  • EDouglas

    (my smiley face in the above post didn’t come through…)

  • Zimmergirl

    Um. What to say. This helps MCN a lot more than it helps the talented Ms. Voynar. But maybe that means it’s a win-win. What an odd choice after Cinematical, though.

  • T. Holly
  • gruver1

    Wells to T. Holly: Thompson may be seeing the forest instead of the trees, but she has me wrong when she says I’m “con” about Kim’s new job. This morning I wrote the following on her site: “Anne — I’m hardly ‘con’ regarding Kim’s moving over to MCN. In my usual effusive style I was merely conveying the notion that Kim, bright and valuable player that we all know her to be, is now All Poland, All The Time. That’s all. — Jeffrey Wells.”

  • storymark

    One day, Jeff will finally get over Dave.

  • T. Holly

    Yeah, and I wrote that neither is A.J. Schnack “pro.” Here’s the forest:
    A website is an inherently design-challenged journalistic medium that should be organized into tiles that open into sections that populate areas of a page and sort into reports. G-d bless festival coverage and Oscar forecasting, but people deserve timely exposure to breaking coverage by serious writers on the cusp of a movie opening and whatever coverage continues until it closes and beyond.
    Ray Pride has the best job there. He writes a notch below scholarly on his page when he wants to and writes tantalizing copy on the homepage teasing stories of interest everywhere else. He reads and posts a lot of links, and I know he reads really fast, because I once sent him a link, and he replied with a remark about a literary reference at the bottom of the story within about three minutes.

  • Josh

    Wells hates Poland. For good reasons.

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