Early Envelope Calls

The Envelope’s Buzzmeter software is currently being overhauled and redesigned, so in the meantime The Envelope‘s Tom O’Neil has tallied some 2008 Oscar predictions. Nobody agrees on anything…too early for that. The contributors are O’Neil, Anthony Breznican (USA Today), Edward Douglas (Comingsoon.net), Scott Feinberg (AndTheWinnerIs, The Feinberg Files at The Envelope), Pete Hammond (The Envelope), Dave Karger (Entertainment Weekly) and myself.

11 thoughts on “Early Envelope Calls

  1. D.Z. on said:

    I’m hoping “The Girl Who Leapt Through Time” sneaks onto Best Animated Film…

  2. I’m watching Mad Men, which only serves as another reminder that tv is where it’s at. who gives a shit about crappy movies, especially all the fall releases transparently screaming for awards recognition.

  3. The picks for Body Of Lies maybe wrong. I saw it last week and I have to say its an ok movie. The only stand out performance is Mark Strong. Not to say Russell Crowe isn’t good in the movie but Mark Strong to me is the best thing in it.

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