According to polling data on Yahoo Dashboard, Utah voters prefer John McCain to Barack Obama by 62.7 to 23.3. Red staters believe what they believe and their boots are dug in, but what’s up with that lopsided margin? Utah’s McCain support is much stronger than it is in states known for their adamant shitkicker sensibilities (Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky). Oklahoma is another fierce red state — McCain over Obama, 61.3 to 29.3. What do these guys sprinkle on their eggs every morning?

  • Deathtongue_Groupie

    Stop belly-aching, North Carolina went over to Obama in the latest polls.

  • arch451

    That is the Mormon influence. The fact is that the Mormon church officially discriminated against black people until 1978. Unofficially, the discrimination continues. Mormons resist change and Obama is the candidate who would bring change.

  • trevor

    I live in Salt Lake and I’m just going to chalk it up to 62% of people that live here are very set in their ways and no one wants any type of change.
    Also, 62% of people that live here are idiots.

  • I’m from Utah, and although right now I’m leaning McCain, I’m going to vote for Obama just to keep the margin from being so embarrassing.
    The problem is that the Democrats have pretty much given up on Utah. So there’s low turnout. The Dems ignore us and the GOP takes us for granted. There are plenty of Dems here, hence Jim Matheson (D) continually being re-elected as one of our reps, but I’d say 2/3 of the state is conservative. I think we’re the only state where Bill Clinton came in third.

  • mitchtaylor

    They sprinkle meat, corn, and prayer on them eggs.

  • Mark

    Those shit-kicker states still have a prevalent minority population to balance out the numbers. Ain’t no blacks settle in Utah unless they play for the Jazz.

  • Mark

    Those shit-kicker states still have a prevalent minority population to balance out the numbers. Ain’t no blacks settle in Utah unless they play for the Jazz. (And in that case, those blacks oppose Obama’s tax hike.)

  • Wow. Okay, folks, the 538 did a more detailed analysis on Utah. And I’ll mention now my family’s biracial.
    Obama’s best chance would have been if McCain had chosen Huckabee as his running mate.

  • KevinTC

    As a native Oklahoman, I can tell you with confidence the answer is Meth. They sprinkle Crystal Meth on their eggs.

  • I lived in Utah for 10 years. McCain’s huge lead there has nothing to do with negative feelings toward blacks. It has to do with the “R” next to his name. The Republican candidate always wins Utah by a huge margin (at least for the last half-century or so), and it has nothing to do with who the specific candidates are. Obama would be losing just as badly in Utah if he were white.

  • Pinko Punko

    Matheson is a Blue Dog and seems pretty spineless. He’s just not totally insane. I think Matheson does not do his family legacy as proud as he could.

  • eggman

    Most Mormon’s can’t look past abortion, and now gay marriage, when it comes to choosing their presidential candidates, despite the fact that Senator Reid is a Mormon and a democrat. They can’t quite grasp the idea of a pro-life democrat. So the safer bet is always on the conservative choice.
    The funny thing is, the Mormon church has perhaps the most liberal stance on abortion among all of the major Christian religions and the church welfare system is a large, efficient system that would be the envy of the government. So, socially and economically it’s actually a quite liberal organization that is of course very conservative morally.
    The issue of the blacks and the priesthood is a very complex issue. I won’t try to convey my own thoughts and opinions about the matter. But I will point out remarks given by Pres. Hinckley, the former president of the church, given only a couple years ago. The link is

  • longrunner

    Utah has the second-lowest average IQ of all the states. Make of that what you will.

  • huisache

    I grew up in rural Texas and people like Obama who are total urbanites can’t connect with rural people. He seems alien to them and nobody votes for aliens. If Obama lived in rural Texas for five years he could probably talk half or more of them into voting for them. But he hasn’t and can’t because he does not understand the lingo or the thought patterns.
    They are not stupid, they just have a different economic and social reality to deal with growing up and they acclimatize themselves to it, just like he made himself acceptable to the Ivy Leaguers.

  • Josh

    They sprinkle pro America, less taxes, don’t associate with racist preachers in their eggs every morning.

  • D.Z.

    Josh: “pro America,”
    Except when it comes to outsourcing jobs and helping injured vets.
    “less taxes,”
    Except for that $700 billion bailout.
    “don’t associate with racist preachers”
    Except when they blame terrorism on the Jews for not converting to Christianity…

  • D.Z.

    Minus “for”…

  • George Prager

    Why is their basketball team still called the Jazz? They left New Orleans almost 30 years ago? Kind of like having a team called the Atlanta Yankees.

  • SpinDozer

    TX, UT, & OK sprinkle a little black gold on their eggs.

  • DarthCorleone

    Rather than “Hee Haw,” the title should be “dum dum dum dum dum” (per South Park’s Mormon episode).

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