Clint Sings

Clint Eastwood has been composing and performing music — melodies simple and clean, always with a catchy hook — for the soundtracks of his films for a long time. But now he’s apparently composed and sung a song for Grand Torino. The computer I’m on right now was made by slave-wage Koreans in 1997 so I can’t listen and check, but there’s said to be an mp3 of Eastwood’s performance on this filmdrunk page.

7 thoughts on “Clint Sings

  1. cousinkevin on said:

    The song you’re referring to is kind of a duet. Here’s the link: . As I said in an earlier posting “Eastwood voice in it is beyond rusty, but Jamie Cullum does a great rendition of this beautiful/sad tune”. It certaily sound as a candidate for Best Original Song.

  2. Hey, let’s give him the Best Original Song and Best Original Score awards too, because he’s never won in those categories either.

    We wouldn’t want the guy to feel he’s underappreciated or anything.

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