Dead Zone

My mother lives in a sleepy compound called The Watermark, an old folks home located in the boonies of Southbury, Connecticut. It’s great to see her, of course, but I’m in wireless hell every time I visit. The AT&T aircard gets only one bar, and that gives me nothing. One bar only on the iPhone also — it’s awful. Even the wifi at the local hotel a mile away isn’t working. It’s like it’s 1994 up here. It’s Devil’s Island. One of the worst black holes I’ve encountered in this country.

  • OregonEd

    Maybe it’s a good thing not to be “in touch” 24/7. Enjoy the time with your mother. Happy Thanksgiving.

  • berkguru

    what a loser – you visit your mom 1-2 times a year and you are worried about your internet connection during the visit…says a lot about you

  • janee

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