Fandango’s Harry Medved is reporting that “hundreds” of Twilight shows “are continuing to sell out one week before the movie opens,” and that these sales have outpaced those of High School Musical 3 at the same point in that film’s sales cycle.

Some Fandango stats based on an 11.13.08 survey of nearly 4,000 Twilight moviegoers: (a) 83% of respondents plan to see the film on opening day; (b) 65% indicated they generally do not see movies on opening weekend; (c) 54% are going with a group of friends; (d) 74% of respondents say they’re online at least several hours each day; (e) 87% say they viewed Twilight trailers and clips online, rather than on TV, in the movie theater or elsewhere.

On top of which the Twilight soundtrack is already the #1 selling album.

  • theultimatebiu


  • Howlingman

    Everyone — CHILL on the anti-Twilight hysteria.

    Do you not realize there’s bound to be a KILLER South Park ep based on it in the near future?

  • The Winchester

    But Howlingman… South Park’s season ends next week! Before Twilight opens! They’re turnaround is good, but not THAT good.

    (although, last night’s High School Musical send up was pretty damn good)

  • Howlingman

    No, The Winchester! There’s still time! There’s still time!

  • juligen

    dude, why are you soo obsessed with this film? so guys can have all the crap films in Hollywood made to them but when producers decide to make ONE film targeting female audience its has to be fucking Shakespeare level? Please. Its cheese, its corny, its not very good, but what is the fucking deal???????????? I can name at least TEN films made to male audience this year that was pure garbage, so let it go.

  • joemart

    I have an 11 year old daughter who saw the movie a couple weeks ago (as part of a focus screening) – and she loved it. In fact she’s going again opening weekend with ten of her friends!!

    Twilight is so wildly popular because prepubscent teens are devouring the books. They’re sexually safe romantic horror novels (at least the first three books are – she’s not allowed to read the last book until she’s older). It’s the next progressive step after the Disney Channel (which she doesn’t watch at all any more), She couldn’t have cared less when HSM3 came out. That’s yesterday’s news.

    I’m just thrilled she loves to read. When I was her age, I was the same way with Stephen King and Robert Ludlum.

    I first thanked JK Rowlings for Harry Potter, now I thank Ms. Meyer for Twlight. I can’t wait to see what she picks up next.

  • T. Holly

    1) She looks like a child bride. 2) Mormon Blood Vengence has turned into Vampirism. 3) He has “the romantic appeal of a lover who is both protective and withholding: Will they kiss, have sex, or will he suck her blood?” (A.Thompson)

    Cinderella, to HSM, to Twilight, to SATC, they all smell like crap.

  • JapAdapters

    joemart, I think it’s hilarious that you read King/Ludlum at 11, but won’t let your daughter read the fourth in this series until she’s older. Classic even!

  • Howlingman

    Still; nice to be back talking about movies, huh?

  • Rich S.

    Howlingman, what the hell’s that supposed to mean? Why is it “nice?” What was wrong with what we were talking about before? What are you insinuating?

    (I KID, I KID. I wholeheartedly agree.)

  • buckzollo

    Love it! Kellan Lutz is in it and then in Deep Winter in January. Go Twilight Go! move the dial on all of these emerging stars’ movies.

  • T. Holly

    Juligen’s right. Exploiting base needs at different stages isn’t necessarily mindless, it just usually is because there’s not enough talent to fantasy and sarcasm.

  • Joel

    joemart, I think it’s amusing that you won’t let her read the fourth book, presumably because of all the weird and disturbing sex and birth stuff, when the anti-feminist drivel that’s loaded into the other three is at least as troubling.

    Not that I’m saying you are a bad parent. I just wanted to bring up the fact that I find the message of these books terrifying considering the huge audience of malleable preteens reading them.

  • T. Holly

    Yeah joemart, if you don’t bring sarcasm to fantasy, your daughter’s headed down Revolutionary Road.

  • LexG

    KRISTEN STEWART = about to become bigger than DiCaprio circa January ’98.

  • joemart

    Well, it’s not my choice per say but my wife’s and daughter based on what others have told them.

    Joel – Having not read any in the series (and I don’t plan to) this one I handed off to the wife.

    JapAdapters – when I was 11 my parents couldn’t give a shit what I read. Any book that got a good review in The New York Times, and I found interesting, I bought.

  • LexG

    I remember being in sixth grade in 1984, and pretty much the entire class recreationally reading a Stephen King novel– Christine, Dead Zone, Shining, The Stand, Salem’s Lot, Carrie, etc.

    May or may not have been entirely appropriate for a bunch of 11-year-olds, but at least kids were reading on their own and for entertainment.

    Thanks mostly to the movies, those novels were huge with younger readers back in the day.

  • frankbooth

    Here’s what I don’t understand: how can Mormons even write or read this stuff? It’s occult! And it’s not good religious folks vs bad vampires, either. Vampires are the protagonists, based on what I’ve read.

    Serious Christianist fundie-types don’t let their kids read Harry Potter. How can Mormons condone a cursed, blood-drinking hero?

    (I already posted this at the end of another thread, apparently too late — unless nobody replied because no one knows the answer. Anybody?)

  • D.Z.

    Lex: “KRISTEN STEWART = about to become bigger than DiCaprio circa January ’98.”

    Buffy was around in ’98, and who remembers Gellar?

  • D.Z.

    Anyway, that flick might make money, but I doubt it’ll have Harry Potter or Titanic-like staying power. It ain’t a “You don’t have to be a geek to like it” crowd-pleaser or a date movie.

  • renorambler

    Mormons love Halloween. Go figure.

    Still plan to coax my exmomo wife to this.

  • CitizenKanedforChewingGum

    Anyone else freaked out by Lex’s admission that he’s at least 35 years old?

    “MAN UP. Talking like you’re half your age OWNS. RESPECT.”

  • juligen

    LMFAO, I missed that part. OK, well more power to him/her. I am 25 and totally ashamed that i read the book, because its cheese and corny like hell

  • juligen

    LMFAO, I didnt notice at all, well more power to him/her. I am 25 and TOTALLY ashamed that I read the book, its corny and cheese like hell.

  • jenyamato

    Having read the books, I can tell you why Twilight is selling out theaters so far in advance – the central romance is incredibly powerful to teenage girls (or anyone who has ever been a teenage girl). This dreamy vampire boy is not only in love with a normal girl who thinks quite modestly of herself, he also talks about his feelings. Stephenie Meyer captures internal emotions quite well, and it’s easy to get swept up in the Twilight world.

    Like comic book fanboys with their Spider-Man movies, Twilight fans want to know if the film will measure up to what they’ve envisioned from Meyer’s pages. So far it does – at least, closely enough to satisfy – and thus fans are already addicted, they want to watch it opening weekend and will (like me) want to watch it again.

  • JosephB

    I have no problem with the hype over films like this or “High School Musical”. I’ll never see either one, but if they continue to be cash cows for certain studios, then in these trouble economic times maybe studios will continue to finance other films like “Rachel Getting Married” or “The Visitor”. You need both ends of the spectrum to keep the money-machine rolling.