The first locale in this recently posted trailer for Tony Gilroy‘s Duplicity (Universal, 3.20.09) is the Pantheon in Rome, rendered in that familiar bleachy-hazy late afternoon light. A good place to be, sit, hang, reflect, etc. I was too lazy to read the script but now, queer as I am for this tourist haven, I really like this movie. Even if most of it takes place stateside. What am I saying? Nothing. Post-Thanksgiving Day crazies.

There’s just one problem with this opening scene — Julia Roberts wearing shades. A major character wearing shades in a corporate espionage movie…I don’t know. And I don’t like that smug “I’ve got a secret but I’m not sure you can figure it out” cat-that-ate-the-canary look that she wears. But I can get past this. It’s okay. Especially with Paul GIamatti, Tom Wilkinson and Tom McCarthy on board.

If this is a corporate The Hot Rock, cool. But God protect us if it’s any kind of Robert Ludlum-with-a-smirk type deal. It can’t be. Gilroy is too sly and aware of cliche potholes to let this happen. Right?

  • The Winchester

    Ha! On the main page, the sentence cuts off at “There’s just one problem with this opening scene… JULIA ROBERTS”. And I was content to agree with just that point alone.

  • roquentin

    Looks decent. Not sure we really need another smirking espionage film that has you anticipating every double and triple crosses even in the trailer. How many different configurations of this can we handle? Didn’t the winking Oceans films and David Mamet’s Heist parody this genre into (at the very least) a temporary slumber?

    I loved Michael Clayton, so I have higher hopes than usual. I’m just aware that thrillers of this stripe have been played out every which way, and they’re not tending to get fresher. At the very least, it’s gotta be better than “I Love Trouble”.

  • Breedlove

    I am very much looking forward to seeing this. Love the two leads, love Giamatti and Wilkinson, loved ‘Michael Clayton, loved these two in ‘Closer’. I will not be watching the trailer. I avoid all ads and trailers like the plague, I highly recommend it.

  • Mark G.

    Strange, when I watched the trailer I always expected Danny Ocean and some of his Elevens to appear…

  • Filthy Rich

    Man, I don’t know. Yet another jaunty heist movie with a ‘twist’ – this time it’s corporate secrets. Seeing the hotel from ‘Atlantis’ just made me think of After the Sunset. Not a good comparison since I’d rather watch Salma Hayek read a phone book than watch Julia Roberts doing anything.

    I haven’t been able to watch Roberts in anything since she did The Mexican and that pompous Oscar speech.

    Does she play anything but smug these days?

    Clive Owen and Tony Gilroy are certainly plusses and yeah it has Giammati but I’ll able waiting for the dvd.

  • bacio

    isnt she wearing sunglasses mainly because she is on holiday in Rome? she isnt doing anything espionage-esque there, just meeting with her lover / boyfriend Clive Owen. as far as I can tell from the trailer, anyway

  • High Chaparral

    Oceans if they’d actually given Julia Roberts a proper role. Looks like fun.

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