Guggenheim Shot To Hell

The chief differences between Tom Tykwer‘s The International (Sony/Columbia, 2.13) and Tony Gilroy‘s Duplicity (Universal, 3.20), the two early ’09 urban thrillers that star Clive Owen, seem to be (a) Gilroy’s is a bit lighter and more caper-ish, (b) Tykwer’s is a bit heavier, darker, apparently toying with a Parallax View vibe, and (c) Owen looks a tiny bit heavier in the Tykwer than in the Gilroy, in which he needed to look hot and buff for his romantic scenes with Julia Roberts.

They both look to be 70s’-styled escapist programmers, which is fine. And they both seem visually and tonally similar — i.e., the same kind of upscale urban backdrops. Okay, the Tykwer seems a bit bluer and grayer. It will also hit theatres five weeks before the Gilroy.

The International features a shoot-out scene in Manhattan’s Guggenheim museum. And of course, a guy falls from one of the upper tiers of the circular walkaround and goes splat on the stone-floor rotunda below.

It’s interesting to compare the British International trailer with the U.S. version. I was a bit more attracted to the British one, but that’s me.

The International is the out-of-competition opener for the Berlin Film Festival, which launches on 2.5.09.

  • bmcintire

    wow but TypeKey sucks

  • NDH

    Yeah, I like the British trailer more as well. I have a feeling that Duplicity will play better stateside when it’s released, not just because of the Julia Roberts factor, but because Americans tend to enjoy it when spy thrillers contain a wink and a nod every once in a while. Having Wilkinson and Giamatti in supporting roles doesn’t hurt either. Although the other film does feature the great Armin Mueller-Stahl.

  • bmcintire

    I saw trailers for both of these (as well as GRAN TORINO) before MILK yesterday. THE INTERNATIONAL ran first, looked very slam-bang, was received well enough. Then came DUPLICITY, and when Clive dropped the line “Remember me?” someone in the audience shouted out “From the last trailer?” The laughter effectively killed any interest in the rest of it and set the crowd up to poke fun at Eastwood’s new film. Lots of mimicking Clint’s growls and “Get off my lawn!” once it was over.

  • Filthy Rich

    I agree: the British trailer looks like a top notch international intrigue filme. The US one: so so.

    I completely ‘meh’ toward the Gilroy but The International is something I can’t wait for. It could be that a second trailer for the Gilroy will be totally different though, especially after watching the two International trailers.

    And bmcintire: I share your pain re: Typekey.

  • Filthy Rich

    um… film.

    Minus the ‘e’.

  • lazarus

    I’m a bit sad to see Tykwer doing this kind of material, but at least the guy still has a job. I’ve loved every one of his films, and though I wish Heaven and Perfume had both found bigger audiences, maybe this one will do enough business to give him the clout to direct his own project next time.

    Thanks for that story bmcintire. There’s nothing I enjoy more than hearing about Clint getting publicly ridiculed. If only the Academy felt the same way…

  • Krazy Eyes

    I’m a bit sad to see Tykwer doing this kind of material

    I actually think this is the perfect sort of material for Tykwer. I think he has some amazing abilities behind the camera but every time he tries to get “deep” he just comes off looking shallow and trite. Heaven suffered greatly for this shortcoming.

    I really thought Perfume was a return to form though and I think the UK trailer for The International looks fantastic.

  • lazarus

    Kieslowski & Piesiewicz vs. Krazy Eyes.

    Guess who wins?

  • actionman

    Perfume is a deranged masterpiece. The International looks sweet. So does Duplicity.

  • BurmaShave

    The ATM that reads Corruption Extortion Murder is way too retarded for me to handle, followed by a shot ripped from what I believe is GHOST RIDER. Not promising. Though I like the idea of China having missiles called Silkworms.

    DUPLICITY on the other hand looks like a real misfire, one of those all-star movies where everyone thinks because they’re smiling we must be laughing.

  • bmcintire

    DUPLICITY has a weird SWING VOTE vibe to it, except there is the promise of sex in this one.

  • Roman

    Owen plays in these trailers like he never got over the Bond rejections. It’s too obvious.

    I like Tyker but the last line is der Terrible.

  • frankbooth

    No kidding, Roman. That line is straight out of an Eighties Bronson flick.

    Looks like a parody trailer to me. Secret organization…they’re everywhere…ends up dead…bang bang…Three Days of the Parallax Quantum…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…THUD.

    Ow, my head.

  • janee

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