How Big?

“What are your thoughts on Twilight having a Titanic-type hold on the hearts and minds of the 2008 American teen girl?,” a Manhattan friend wrote this morning. “Look at its numbers — it made $6 million on Tuesday, obviously not falling off the cliff. I realize this is an extended holiday weekend and all that, but still the similarities are kind of striking — doomed romance (in that death has consumed the boy and may eventually consume the girl), relative unknowns in the leads, just enough action for the guys to remain happy. I can see substantial business (and repeat business) through Christmas. What could it earn by the end of the run?”

5 thoughts on “How Big?

  1. NDH on said:

    A “Titanic-type hold?” Aren’t we getting ahead of ourselves here? If a Harry Potter film can’t even approach Titanic numbers, do you really think Twilight has a shot? This thing will plateau at around $200 million (which is still a smash hit for Summit), but I doubt if it will break into the Top 5 money makers of the year.

  2. You know I was kind of getting behind that DTESS remake until I saw that god-awful CGI Gort in the newest TV ads. I mean it looks as bad as fucking Kangaroo Jack.

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