Back from The Seagull and just waking up to Slumdog Millionaire winning big at the British Independent Film Awards, which ended five or six hours ago. Danny Boyle‘s film took the Best Picture and Best Director awards, and star Dev Patel was named Most Promising Newcomer. Steve McQueen‘s Hunger won three also — Best Debut Director award, Best Actor award for Michael Fassbender, and Best Technical Achievement for Sean Bobbitt‘s cinematography.

5 thoughts on “Hummer

  1. Aladdin Sane on said:

    Much deserved win for Fassbender.

  2. Good for McDonagh and IN BRUGES, the best film so far this year. The Best Original Screenplay campaign needs to begin in earnest.

  3. And did you go backstage after the show, since she invited you? Coffee or drinks later, maybe? Spill! The suspense is killing us.

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