Twilight Fall-Off

That 11.27 projection about Twilight making $55 million over the five-day Thanksgiving holiday and $37.5 million for the three-day weekend came from a solid estimator, but Twilight‘s business fell off after Wednesday and now it’s going to come in second to Four Christmases with a significantly smaller take. Here are the latest numbers:

The three-day on Four Chistmases is $31.5 million, and the five day will be $46.5 milllion. Twilight is looking at a three-day total of 27.4. million, off 61% from last weekend’s three-day total. The five-day projection is for $40.5 million. The new long-range expectation is $150 million, give or take.

The third-place Bolt is looking at $26.4 and $36.1 million. Quantum of Solace is $20.3 and $29 million. Baz Luhrmann‘s fifth-place Australia will take in $14.3 and $19.5 — bad news for such an expensive film. Madagascar 2 is $14.2 and $19.3 Transformers 3 is 12.0 and 19.2. Role Models is 5.3 and 7.9.

The limited-release Milk is projecting $1.5 for three days and $2 million or five. Encouraging per-screen average — 3-day weekend estimate is $39,000 a print in 36 theatres. Slumdog Millionaire, playing in 49 theatres, is looking at $1.4 million and $1.9 million at 27,000 a print.

  • jbf81

    a chick flick that makes 150 mil proves that women (or girls) go to cinemas, I hope Hollywood take notes from Twilight, thats a lot of money for a low budget film with so star involved at all.

  • nelson37

    Really surprising that Transformers 3 isn’t doing better since the first one was so popular, although I don’t even remember the second one coming out.

  • NC Gary

    Something tells me that when the final numbers come out on Monday, BOLT will come in second and TWILIGHT will be #3. The early estiimates are not that far apart and kids movies tend to do better on Saturdays and Sundays.


    Baz Luhrmann’s fifth-place Australia will take in $14.3 and $19.5 — bad news for such an expensive film.

    Curious as to what the exit polling shows. Also curious regarding Fox’s spin as to the opening 5-days results–if they’ll go for the old cliche of “it’s doing well for a limited number of shows per day.”

  • Deathtongue_Groupie

    Nelson – well, when Don Murphy insisted on that scene where Shia was anally raped by Optimus Prime, it really pissed off a lot of the fans…


    Re Deathtongue’s post:
    And there’s the scene where Megan Fox wears Carrie Fisher’s Jabba-slave bikini from RETURN OF THE JEDI, thankfully more appealing than the Shia assault.

  • D.Z.

    Told you all: One-week wonder. Teen girls tend to be fickle, and the sequel will probably open worse than Narnia 2. Titanic had a general audience appeal, not just moms and daughters.

    jb: It made money, because it had a pre-established audience. If it came out within one week of the book-which is what some executives in Hollywood are trying to do nowadays-it would have bombed. The only female-oriented films which made money this year had pre-established audiences. When female audiences can make their equivalent of Iron Man a hit, then studios should be talking. Of course, I’m sure that’s what someone else was saying about Blade, and we still don’t see a lot of genre flicks with brothers in the lead who aren’t Will Smith…

    TVMCCA: Anything that hurts Murdoch, after drinking the GOP punch, can never be bad.

  • Chase Kahn

    Agree with D.Z. –I think we will see a dropoff when ‘NEW MOON’ comes out in two years or so — I’ve heard a lot of the fans of the books bitching all over the place. Plus, the curiosity factor is gone for those of us who didn’t know a damn thing about…

  • BurmaShave

    I hear NEW MOON takes place partly in Alaska, is there a role for Palin? Queen of the Werewolves?

  • D.Z.

    Chase: Man, not only do the two “stars” get $12 million each, but they’re shooting the second one in Italy.

    That thing’s gonna be unprofitable.

  • jbf81

    DZ, I dont think Twilight is a one week wonder, because its gona make almost 30 mil this weekend, thats a lot of money (in facct that what people were predcting for the first boxoffice weekend)

    at the end of the day this film can make 150 mil in US only, and thats a lot for such film. I have no idea about how the sequeals are gonna do, but to be honest I just wanted this to be a plataform for Pattinson to get the spothlight, he did and i am fine if the next one fails, but he continues to get work.
    I am sure he can get the roles that Orlando Bloom are not getting anymore, since his leading man career floped.

  • D.Z.

    jb: They were predicting it’d make $150 million last weekend, and that it’d get into Titanic-like business starting next weekend. But that didn’t exactly happen. And yeah, it did well for itself, but it ain’t no phenomenon, which is what they were trying to spin it into all this time. As for Pattinson, being a pretty boy is not enough to save your career, as Orlando Bloom learned the hard way.

  • Meanwhile, 007’s holding strong, says Variety: “Sony/MGM’s QUANTUM came in an impressive No. 4 over the holiday frame, grossing an estimated $28.1 for the five days, and $19.5 million for the weekend, for a cume of $142 million. Pic dipped a mere 27% weekend over weekend.” Worldwide to date is $482 million.

  • raygo

    Orlando Bloom … not attractive in any way, shape or form. Plus the name sucks.

  • janee

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