Complacency is Cancer

“I sometimes feel sorry for the good friends of mine that made it too quickly in their careers and got too soft and rich and complacent to develop the panoply of skills to shepherd their own dreams along. Unless they do catch up fast they will surely and sadly miss the next big, wonderful, entrepreneurial phase of this industry. [Because] it’s common knowledge that the coming reality in the not-too-distant future is going to let us all work and play inside of a brand new paradigm.” — Director-writer-actor Mike Binder in a 1.29 piece for

  • MindlessObamaton

    Let’s hope there’s no room in this new thing for films like that awful thing he made with Adam Sandler. A more juvenile take on a midlife crisis I’ve yet to see. So freshman and awful, cringe-worthy, honestly.

  • thatrader

    I love how Jeff’s the biggest sycophant for mediocrity. His other hero is a pedophile (Larry Clark) and Mike Binder, who I’m sure will be on here soon, reduced his actresses to tears on his HBO series.

    Then again, what kind of company do you expect the guy who begged James Mangold for nude pictures to keep?

  • Aris P

    I thought The Upside of Anger was a very good film.

  • Pinko Punko

    I thought Upside had some good performances in a movie looking for a way out of a Lifetimey ghetto. Even if Binder may not be one some people like, his quote may have some traction even if people don’t think it applies to him.

  • Hickenlooper

    The Adam Sandler movie he made was a beautiful movie. The Upside of Anger was better than most of the garbage that’s been nominated this year. When you don’t make cookie cutter films for an audience that has been raised on a Marvel comic mentality with too many trips to San Diego Comic Con, then with the case of Binder you’re always going to be casting pearls before swine. Perhaps a diet of Dark Knight and Iron Man 2 is more suited for our palette.

  • BurmaShave

    DARK KNIGHT and IRON MAN better than anything Mike Binder will ever make. That being said, UPSIDE OF ANGER was okay, and while I saw REIGN OVER ME about the same time as YEAR OF THE DOG and felt it suffered from many of the same problems, I also thought it was a decent movie. He’s a better actor than he is a filmmaker.

  • The InSneider

    Gotta defend my boy Binder here. The Mind of the Married Man was a great series that never got the chance it deserved. Plus it introduced me to Coldplay. The Upside of Anger was a very good movie featuring a great Joan Allen performance, and a solid, charming Kevin Costner. He got Sandler to give EASILY his best performance in Reign Over Me, which I thought was a pretty strong, personal 9/11 drama. But aside from the quality of his work, which I happen to really like, the guy’s quote is on the money. Look at Lance Hammer with Ballast. It’s becoming a DIY business of entrepreneurs. You don’t need the studios money if you’ve got the passion, the drive and the talent.

  • Spacesheik

    Mike Binder is a skillfull, interesting director and a very watchable actor who telegraphs a charming, smart ass vibe.

    I thought UPSIDE OF ANGER was a decent, complex drama with a great supporting turn by Binder. And the drama with Adam Sandler was also first rate.

    Most of his efforts are pretty solid, the only thing Ithought was a lemon, was the Ben Affleck flick.

  • actionman

    Binder makes good stuff. Reign Over Me was solid. He had a good cameo in Minority Report.

    Unrelated news, but Danny Boyle won the DGA.

  • Gordie Lachance

    I don’t know what the next paradigm is, but I think the current one (people sitting on their asses typing away their feigned know-it-all cynicism while producing and contributing nothing) has about run it’s course.

  • MindlessObamaton

    The Adam Sandler movie he made was a beautiful movie.

    Hickenlooper: With all due respect to your talent and work, and I’ve been a fan for years, I can’t believe you said that. That Sandler made it impossible for me to listne to Quadrophenia for weeks after, an album I still like to listen to a couple of times a week at least.

    ROM was one of the drippiest, hammiest things I’d ever seen. the way they shoehorn this trite story into all that post 9/11 schmaltz was cringe-inducing to watch. I felt embarassed in the theater when Sandler started singing the song in the courtroom. It didn’t help to have that old broad who was in MAGNOLA and CEO3K who only seems to have one emotional style of acting. Hey, let’s toss in one of the dudes from THE OFFICE! Ge t that asshole guy who’s the only NOT FUNNY one ASAP!!!

    There’s a reason why Binder is stuck at seemingly middling affair. He’s like a “more serious” Kevin Smith, stuck make the same piddling crap over and over.

    There’s also a reason why the only good 9/11’Iraq themed entertainments have been UNITED 93 and GENERATION KILL.

  • aaron

    All of this Binder hate, and yet no mention of his deeply felt, personal CROSSING THE BRIDGE.

  • JapAdapters

    “Plus it introduced me to Coldplay.”

    I just swallowed a bug.

  • http://Hickenlooper Hickenlooper

    Our culture has become so coarse that it no longer appreciates honest human sentiment and instead dismisses it as sentimentality. Scorsese actually said this not too long ago. That critics and cinephiles are too eager to castigate and dismiss films today that deal openly and freely with emotions like love and loss. Sure paint by numbers movies like MILK and SLUMDOG deal with these sentiments in a very packaged way, but where are the filmmakers like William Wyler or George Cukor or Peter Bogdanovich or even John Cassavettes dealing with human emotion in an honest and real way? I think Binder is one of those directors.

    Sadly I feel audiences minds today have been too conditioned by the corporate Gods. The humanity of cinema is gone. Illiteracy has started to dominate with a kind of comic book view of the world. Movies aren’t lenses into life but filters of other movies or simply subscriptions to Corporate avarice. I watch these poor fan boys slavishly anticipate the next Marvel tale, like legions of drones waiting in line to be to be turned into Soylent Green by Big Brother.

    Watching mainstream stuff today is like looking at a movie of a movie of a movie. Binder is one of the few directors left who still makes movies about real life. Reign Over Me was a great film. And if you’re going to reduce it to “schmalz” then that’s a sad reflection of the postmodern cynicism and corporate view of the world that has come to prevail.

    My opinion for whatever it is worth.

  • George Prager

    “That Sandler made it impossible for me to listne to Quadrophenia for weeks after, an album I still like to listen to a couple of times a week at least.”

    Yeesh. What does it say about you that you listen to such a downer of an album a couple of times a week. What is it like to be you? What is going on in your life that you need to listen to Quadrophenia a couple of times a week! So what did you listen to instead? “The Wall?”

    “It didn’t help to have that old broad who was in MAGNOLA and CEO3K who only seems to have one emotional style of acting. Hey, let’s toss in one of the dudes from THE OFFICE! Ge t that asshole guy who’s the only NOT FUNNY one ASAP!!!”

    MIndless Obamaton’s jackass at the water cooler shtick grows tiresome.

    I liked UPSIDE OF ANGER and REIGN OVER ME, but then again, I just like movies, I don’t need a little comic book porn injection when I pay my 10 bucks.

  • MindlessObamaton

    Um, GP, have you even heard the album? Nothing depressing a bout one of the best rock double albums ever made. I love that thing. AMAZING guitar work by one of the best bands ever. One of the best Who albums ever. And, for hte record, I can’t stand PINK FLOYD at all (though I do have a slight soft spot for MEDDLE and ANIMALS).

    Say what you want, but that actress only does have one mode, hysterical crying mode nd it gets old real f’n fast.


    MindlessObamaton wrote:

    Say what you want, but that actress only does have one mode, hysterical crying mode nd it gets old real f’n fast.

    SLAP SHOT will change your views at least a little.

  • MindlessObamaton

    Man, it’s wild you mention that flick. It’s the ONLY newman film I haven’t ever seen. Thanks for the reminder and I am more than ready to change my view on her. It’s not that she isn’t good, it just comes on a tad thick.

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  • Maye

    Let’s hope there is no room in this new things like that for the movie he made an awful thing with Adam Sandler. A younger take on a midlife crisis I’ve yet to see. Freshman and so awful, cringe, Thys, honestly.

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