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If Milk is in the midst of a come-from-behind, last-race-at-Hollywood Park surge that will overtake Slumdog Millionaire, it’s news to me. And this the first time I’ve heard of any symbolic linkage between a Milk win and the Brokeback Mountain loss that happened three years ago. Nothing can ever erase that injustice, that homophobic gravy stain upon the Academy’s rep.

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  1. /3rtfu11 on said:

    If anything but Slumdog wins best picture I’ll be happy.

  2. Of course the notion that the “come-from-behind” nature of “Milk” being tied to “Brokeback Mountain” is and has been absurd on its face, but the film IS making some moves, whatever the reason.

  3. Mickey Rourke might have saved his Oscar by backing out of being a featured performer at Wrestlemania. This is exactly what killed Peter O’Toole’s campaign for the Stuntman when he took on Ric Flair at the Royal Rumble before the final vote.

  4. Wow…it’s bland racing to the finish, but watch out, here comes mediocrity from beind!!! It’s a close one, folks!!!

  5. Well, if they can finally give Scorsese one for one his weakest films, then don’t overestimate the intelligence of the Academy voter…

  6. Anyone else find themselves surprised to be kind of secretly rooting for Gus Van Sant to take the Best Director trophy home this year?

    Like many others, I found Milk to be rather by the numbers, however: he is the oldest of the nominees, he has been a driving force for independent cinema nearly his entire career (and Drugstore Cowboy was about as influential as anything this side of Sex, Lies, and Videotape), and he only makes a movie that is seen widely-enough to be nominated about once every 10 years.

    As far as his competition this year: fuck Frears (seriously), Ron Howard’s already got his (and fuck him, anyway), and Fincher will be back (and the Academy really fucked up by not at least nominating him last year…I know it’s early, but Zodiac may well be the finest film he ever makes).

    Depending on how this Slumdogate thing plays out, I think a lot of people may be voting for GVS by default here. I can’t say that I’d be unhappy with that result, given the choices this year.

  7. and by Frears, I of course mean Daldrey…I like Stephen Frears (mostly). Jesus Christ. Yeah, I’ve been drinking.

  8. The acting branch, the biggest, gave it to Penn at the SAG awards…he’ll win Oscar night. And should. Maybe screenplay, too…and if CRASH can win what it won…surprises are bountiful with those nitwits…

  9. How can any article about Mickey’s comeback completely forget his “comeback” working with Tony Scott on Domino? And what about Joe Queenan’s article about trying to live a day as Mickey?

  10. I love Domino, but that’s another thread.

    MIlk is actually the best nominee. And I kinda suspect that it might well win. BUt I cna’t say that will excite me.

  11. Sorry, Brokeback wasn’t that good. Well directed, gorgeously shot, brilliantly scored, wonderfully acted, but totally predictable. If it were a story of a man and a woman, it would have been the most boring film ever made. If you saw the trailer, you saw the whole movie. NOTHING was added. Sure, Crash wasn’t the best picture of that year, but neither was Brokeback Mountain.

  12. Heath Ledger gave this decade’s other greatest perf (besides DDL in TWBB) in BROKEBACK (and I was saying that after the first of my 5 paid viewings of the film in the cinema). I had never given him much thought until he burned up the screen in BM, still he best performance. Go back and watch it and tell me he isn’t a legend in the making before his untimely passing. Just glad I knew it before everyone got on the bandwagon.

  13. I think the point of Brokeback is that IT WASN’T a story of a man and a woman. Making it a same sex love story – that dynamic – and also the time period in which it takes place takes it off the table of being “predictable.” And If a film is “Well directed, gorgeously shot, brilliantly scored, wonderfully acted” then it’s the best picture of the year…which Brokeback Mountain certainly was. Who talks about CRASH ever?

  14. Rod — I’m certainly no defender of Crash by any means (and I enjoyed BM), but your argument that if a movie is “well directed…etc” it’s the best picture of the year is a little too inclusive. Hell, I think even Crash fits that loose criteria for me, as most of the problems I had with that film were with the script and the general story concept. We’re obviously not talking about minor problems there, but to leave out the writing when discussing the merits of a film is kinda crazy — I think it’s far and away the most decisive element towards whether or not a film ultimately works.

  15. That was more of argument on principles, btw…for the record, I think the script for Brokeback Mountain is pretty damn good. Best-Picture worthy? It would have been my third or fourth choice among the ’05 nominees, but I think that says a lot more about the quality of movies released that year than anything else.

  16. It would be a real shame for GVS to win for Milk – it’s not at all indicative of what he can do as a director, in fact it’s probably one of his worst three films (and you all know what the other two are). Milk is the very definition of a by-the-numbers biopic, with a wonderful and generous performance at the center that’s very uncharacteristic of the actor playing the role… I think the Academy will give it to SP to reward him for showing a warm side of himself, and it probably will get orig. screenplay as a consolation (which is also a shame b/c the screenplay is what makes the film so pedestrian). But please, I would rather see Benjamin Button (!) win than Milk.

    I see Slumdog winning BP and Danny Boyle getting director, which is probably as it should be in this very meh year.

    Just saw 28 Days Later again and am reminded that DB has had a great touch with music all along… I will be happy to see AR Rahman win over the other sappy sewlf-important traditional composers (Alexandre Desplat, I’m looking at you.)

  17. That was more of argument on principles, btw…for the record, I think the script for Brokeback Mountain is pretty damn good. Best-Picture worthy? It would have been my third or fourth choice among the ’05 nominees

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