Michael Cieply‘s 1.13 N.Y. Times piece on Gregor Jordan‘s The Informers, based on Brett Easton Ellis‘s 1994 short-story collection about sex, drugs and depravity in 1983 Los Angeles, is a Sundance attention coup. Here, it says, is the definitive scurvy-pervy Naked Lunch/Alphadog/Less Than Zero-revisited flick of early ’09. Join us! Hey, got a smoke? I can’t find my fucking lighter. Wanna do an eightball in the parking lot?

Or, to go by a Publisher’s Weekly review, here is a cinematic revisiting of Ellis’s “one-dimensional satirical style [that weds] the sensational hedonism characteristic of Danielle Steel [with] the spiritual malaise of Douglas Coupland.”

The only downside is that Sundance programmers have given The Informers a bum’s-rush slot — Thursday night, 1.22 and Friday morning, 1.23, or two days after all the big buyers and journalists tend to bail out. But the Informers Sundance screening and after-party is going to be quite the madmen/party animal/poets’ corner event. Every person involved is an eccentric X factor danger-risker of some sort.

Everyone benefits for the time being — Jordan, the producers (Bret Easton Ellis, Vanessa Coifman, Brian Young, Jere Hausfater, Nicholas Jarecki), the screenwriters (Ellis, Jarecki) and the hot-shot cast — Billy Bob Thornton, Kim Basinger, Mickey Rourke, Winona Ryder, Jon Foster and Amber Heard. As well as Chris Isaak, Lou Taylor Pucci, Rhys Ifans and the late Brad Renfro .

The four stand-out quotes in the piece: (1) “You’ve got to be worried when I’m the sanest person on the set,” reportedly said by Thornton to Jordan early on; (2) “If you want to take a shot at it, it’s a full target,” said by Sundance Film Festival honcho Geoff Gilmore; (c) “I know it will be polarizing, it isn’t for everyone,” said by Senator Entertainment’s Marco Weber, and (d) “It’s a guilty pleasure — I think Amber Heard wears a dress once in the entire movie,” spoken by Mark Urman, Senator’s president of distribution.

  • actionman

    Amber Heard is extraordinarily cute. When will All the Boys Love Mandy Lane finally get released?

    The Informers sounds cool…I loved American Psycho (book and film) and Rules of Attraction (the film) was entertaining trash.

  • YRG

    Brad Renfro’s last film. Looks good.

    I’ve always loved Brett Easton Ellis movies, they’re always good, but don’t seem to do very well commercially. This one has the feeling of Less Than Zero. It could be Youtube, but even the film stock has that “made in the 80s” look.

  • /3rtfu11
  • MindlessObamaton

    kinda ironic that they removed the vampire story, as that is the only story of the whole book thati can even recall partially. Probably the most boring vampires in the history of he subject, which was the point. or at least that’s what took from it.

  • Sabina E

    I’ve been waiting for ONE WHOLE YEAR to see this movie because i am a fan of Brad Renfro… in 2 days, it will mark the 1 year anniversary of his death..

    what a tragic loss. and his performance in this movie looks good.

  • Clay

    The Informers is a collection of short stories, not a novel.

    I’m currently re-reading American Psycho and I like it more than I ever did (forgot how funny it is). I like *all* of Ellis’ stuff, especially his most recent novel, Lunar Park. It is his masterpiece.

    I believe in Bret Easton Ellis.

  • MindlessObamaton

    AP is easily his best book, but can be infuriating to read, for obvious reasons. The film, while not perfect, really does capture the book very well, ceratinly the more humorous aspects of it.

  • Clay

    Am Psycho the film was even more brilliant than the novel. Finely honed to it’s funniest, most satiric set pieces, director Mary Harron and co-screenwriter Guinivere Turner couldn’t have done a better job and Bale made the most of a difficult part.

    The business card scene? ’nuff said.

  • MindlessObamaton

    I agree, Clay. That being said, I was hoping they’d leave the urinal cake scene in.

  • MilkMan






    What the douches who made this movie don’t seem to understand is that Bret Easton Elllis is funny.

    I will see this movie, though, because of Amber Heard.

    That girl is a star! A star I tell you!

  • MilkMan

    The first 31 pages of Lunar Park are incredible.

  • DeafBrownTrashPunk

    I’ve been waiting for ONE WHOLE YEAR to see this movie because i am a fan of Brad Renfro… in 2 days, it will mark the 1 year anniversary of his death..

    what a tragic loss. and his performance in this movie looks good.

  • astrophore

    I like me the New Order, but Christ, put “Blue Monday” back on the shelf already. And casting people who were stars in 1983 doesn’t make you more authentic. This looks like a very special episode of Gossip Girl.

    Ellis isn’t a genius, but he’s a damn funny satirist, and it makes it sadder when empty-headed camera-monkeys try to give us the cautionary moral tale they are sure is embedded in his work.

    Or maybe a hack marketer put this together and the actual movie is subversive and brilliantly funny.

    If you like Amber Heard, may I suggest “Cutter’s Way” or “After Hours”?

  • Jonah

    “If you like Amber Heard, may I suggest “Cutter’s Way” or “After Hours”? ”

    You may. But I will wonder what the connection is. John Heard is in those movies, but are they even related? Even if they are I still don’t get the suggestion.

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