Popeye vs. Popeye

The difference between these French Connection frame captures, the top from Fox Home Video’s standard DVD released in ’05 and the bottom from FHV’s forthcoming Bluray disc, is obvious. The desaturated Bluray image looks sickly and anemic; the ’05 DVD looks smoother, warmer, less noisy. Read yesterday’s post about the complaints DVD fans are voicing about William Friedkin‘s decision to create a “pastel”-looking Bluray version, which he reportedly admits does not represent the way the film looked originally.

DVD Beaver frame capture of standard French Connection DVD.

Hundland.org frame capture of forthcoming French Connection Bluray, set for release by Fox Home Video 2.24.09.

28 thoughts on “Popeye vs. Popeye

  1. I mentioned this on the previous thread, but I saw the Bluray version screened in a cinema recently. We didn’t know it was the Bluray until afterward, when Friedkin mentioned it at the start of a Q&A — and it looked really shitty. I thought I was watching an old 70′s print that had been roughed up to hell until Friedkin’s reveal. He was genuinely really pleased with the Bluray transfer though. He spoke about it at some length; apparently much of the look was achieved by bleaching the colour out and only allowing a third of it or so to bleed back in.

  2. Neither look very good. The ’05 image looks like a bad 80′s attempt to ape the color palette of TEQUILA SUNRISE, while the Blu-Ray capture looks like an over-saturated sureveilance camera blow-up. And good God but it looks like you could stick credit-cards in both actors’ brow furrows in that bottom image.

  3. the bottom one looks like it’s shot during the evening or at nighttime, while the top looks like it was shot during the day.

    I’ve never seen any movies on blu-ray, but from these 2 pics, i’ll go with the first one.

  4. At a glance, I didn’t mind terribly the cooler color temperature of this transfer. Upon closer inspection… YECCHHH!

    Look at this frame capture:


    Notice the pink halo around the “nobody is safe from diabetes” sign in the upper left corner of the frame. I’m not sure how this sign appeared in the DVD transfer, but that fringe is unnaturally conspicuous here.

    Also, notice the pinkish light blooming on the girl’s nose, cheek, and forehead on the right side of the frame.

    Yuck. Bad. No.

    I will say, however, that I like the grain structure in this frame capture.

  5. I wonder if this new transfer will be released on standard dvd, too? In which case, to quote Sam Gerard, “…my, my, my… what a mess.”

  6. Friedkin is out of his mind if he thinks this goof-ball digital bullshit treatment looks pleasing. It’s like he’s a techno-ignoramus who’s just discovered the push-button convenience of Photoshop and is going back through his decades of pictures and running them all through a fucking ‘Stained Glass!’ filter in batches or something because he’s fucking amused by it. And he’s also announced his intention to pursue this insane procedure on the Exorcist Blu-ray disc with a BLUE, rather than RED, emphasis. Oh joy. I care about both films and don’t give a fuck if he’s the director, seriously – if you’re presented with a great new viewing format, at least give us the choice of an un-tampered archival quality version, you rotten George Lucas wanna-be clown.

  7. Blu-Rays can be tricky. New movies from 2008 are out of this world good. Maybe too good.

    The older movies tend to enhance the flaws of the original source.

    FC is an old film that Friedkin played with … too much.

  8. the bottom one looks like it’s shot during the evening or at nighttime, while the top looks like it was shot during the day.

    I’ve never seen any movies on blu-ray, but from these 2 pics, i’ll go with the first one.

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