Devil Finds Home

Almost 18 months after debuting at the 2007 Toronto Film Festival, Roger Spottiswoode‘s Shake Hands With The Devil has been acquired from Halifax Films by Regent Releasing. It will open next summer. Spottiswoode’s drama covers the same ghastly events depicted in Hotel Rwanda — i.e., the Rwandan genocide of 1993. The main character is Canadian Lieutenant-General Romeo Dallaire, played by Roy Dupuis here and by Nick Nolte in Hotel Rwanda.

  • Very strange timing for this post, since John Beal of Regent registered the web site for the movie ( more than six months ago, back on August 4.

  • Gabriel

    And nearly 21 months after premiering at Cannes 2007, “Silent Light” and “The Man From London” still don’t have a home (living in LA, I don’t count MOMA residencies or even the brief run at Film Forum by “Silent Light” to be adequate).

  • Is it any better than “The Children of Huang Shi?” After that travesty I’m suspicious of Spottiswoode’s ability to pull of a tough subject like that.

  • Ethan

    I saw it at its TIFF premiere. I found it to be rather middling. It’s by no means a terrible movie but it doesn’t say anything that Schindler’s List or Hotel Rwanda didn’t.

  • DavidF

    Also worth mentioning is that there was a damned exceptional documentary with the same title on the same subject.

    The book should be mandatory reading for anyone who doesn’t know what happened there, doesn’t know who Dallaire is or who labours under the illusion that the United Nations is stil capable of remotely fulfilling its mandate.

    Also, Dallaire was rightly pissed that Nolte played a fictionalized version of him but no one contacted him or otherwise involved him in the production.

  • I mean, I understand Regent put out a press release today about their acquiring the film, but why it took so damn long when they’ve had the film listed on their main company page since last summer I will never know. Having seen Dupuis so many times from the Nikita TV show, I’ve laughed a good twenty times seeing him with that fraking mustache he’s wearing in this movie.

  • MikeSchaeferSF

    Gabriel: “Silent Light” opens today at the Sundance cinema in SF — not sure who the distributor is.

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