Cult of Wes

The Wes Anderson Film Festival mentioned in type at the end of this video is hypothetical. The piece, made for a gradate design program, is by Alex Cornell and Philip Mills. It’s not bad. The Rushmore style is dead-on. The pipe is very Max Fischer, granted, but smoking cigarettes also makes it all seem a bit too affected. I don’t know if I’m doing these guys a solid or not, considering the likely drubbing they’ll get from the notoriously savage HE talk-backers.

Wes Anderson Trailer from Alex Cornell on Vimeo.

  • This is kind of middling as parody in that it seems to take some very, very specific elements of particular Wes films rather than truly making fun of his aesthetic. Not all of his movies have extensive narration, so it seems weird to base so much of this on one particular technique used in The Royal Tenenbaums. Indeed, most of this just plays like a protracted spoof of the opening of The Royal Tenenbaums rather than Anderson’s filmography in general, with a few Rushmore-ish bits thrown in. You want close imitation in parody, sure, but not so close that it’s really just quoting it. It’s not funny to simply say “preternatural” just like Baldwin does in the Tenenbaums narration. Or at least it’s not to me. There’s no escalation in this piece, no second level: just “Wes Anderson’s movies often use this font and his characters dress sort of like this.” So yeah, a big EH from me, though it’s impressive from a technical perspective (I guess that’s what a lot of people say about Anderson’s movies, too, come to think of it, although I love most of them).

  • MilkMan

    Very impressed with the attention to detail that he lavished on all of the fake programs and knick-knacks that you can check out over at his site. Kid is a really good designer, which is what this is all about, to showcase his designing skills. Does a way better job capturing the Anderson weltzschmertz than Rian Johnson does, and, unlike to, Johnson, there is no Who Me? posturing going on.

  • George Prager

    It’s like Jiff

  • Yawn.

  • It’s definitely more Tenenbaums than Rushmore.

    Also, too much movement.

  • JCEFalconi

    Agree about the smoknig, and it could be a minute or two shorter, but still, very good.

  • YRG

    Jolly good show! I’m only posting positive comments from now on…

  • Pinko Punko

    Jeez, Milk Man, you got all that from Brick? I liked Brick btw. Will see the new one, even if it is crap. I felt like there was actually a lot there under the style in Brick and maybe the overdone stuff was a little misdirection. I never feel that with Wes so much anymore.

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