“Fevered Imagination”

“But really, what makes Pontypool worth watching is that fascinating (and often underutilized) actor, Stephen McHattie. With his sunken cheeks and eyes that burn with a kind of canny madness, McHattie, playing the reluctant hero, is completely believable, a guy with demons who suddenly finds that the world is even scarier than his interior landscape. Language is a virus, Laurie Anderson once sang – and Pontypool takes that notion to frightening extremes.” — Hollywood & Fine‘s Marshall Fine in a 5.29 review.

  • MilkMan

    Actually, the originator of “Language is a virus” is Burroughs, not Laurie Anderson. I have seen three of Bruce MacDonald’s movies and they have all been very, very bad. Pass.

  • Reelist

    I still remember McHattie from the 1976 TV movie in which he played James Dean. Good stuff!

  • COCO

    McHattie reminds me of several people I worked with at GE…real people…kind…dealing everyday with the real issues of life….will see this film if only

    for his humanity.

  • Deathtongue_Groupie

    It’s surprising after his career-late breakout in A HISTORY OF VIOLENCE we haven’t seen him in bigger roles in better films. Can he not get a passport or something?

    Milkman – to quibble, Jeff simply wrote that she sang about it, not that she originated it.


  • It has a terrific first half, and McHattie is fantastic the whole way through. But, (trying to be vague here) the film eventually reveals a situation so complicated that the picture spends much of the second half explicitly explaining why what’s happening is happening. Still, it’s terrifically acted and atmospheric as hell.

  • lkay09er

    McHattie has a Lance Henriksen vibe, actors with that bulging eyes, sunken cheekbones look always set a mood of tense desperation.

  • Gordon27

    Ikay – my first thought when I see that picture is Hugh Laurie as House, but Lance Henriksen is probably more appropriate to this movie…

  • I described him as my review as a cross between Lance Henricksen, Dr. Gregory House, and Don Imas.

  • Gordon27

    That does sound up my alley, but I’m getting sick of zombie movies.

  • MilkMan

    credit goes where credit is due. Laurie Anderson doesn’t deserve credit for coming up with that idea. Finding that idea interesting and attributing it to her is going to lead you towards Burroughs, I guess. I say go straight to Burroughs and avoid Robert Wilson and David Byrne.

  • MilkMan

    Get me McHattie. He’s perfect for this role I have. A Vice Squad Detective. And a pedophile. He goes undercover and helps takedown a child porn ring. He contacts one of the victims. He takes her out for pizza and dinner. They go to a hotel. The minor is really undercover for the Feds. Thus begins a game of cat and mouse that will make your cock explode with excitement.

  • COCO

    Milkman, you have an active mind…..pizza…with extra mushrooms. No one should forget McHattie played the state detective in the Tom Selleck TV

    movies. Makes an impression….

  • BurmaShave

    Am I really going to be the first person on this thread to mention Night Owl I? Did anyone catch the UNDER THE HOOD stuff on TALES OF THE BLACK FREIGHTER? I also enjoyed his work as Abe Lincoln in 300.

  • Griff

    McHattie is very powerful, and very under-used.

    Really scary in History of Violence.

    Glad to see him getting some more work in 300 and Watchmen.

    I’ll check out the film based on him alone.

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