Vampire’s Kiss 2?

Werner Herzog‘s Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans is going to be hilarious, a must-see cult film. Nicolas Cage vs. old ladies! His insanity levels are growing exponentially with each new performance, and all to the good. Plus his light-brown, blond-tipped rug isn’t bad in this one. I’m buying this on DVD — issue settled.

28 thoughts on “Vampire’s Kiss 2?

  1. actionman on said:

    this obviously isn’t the officialt trailer…but holy shit…this looks…ummm…deranged to say the least. I just can’t get over the fact that Herzog directed this.

  2. Nicholas Cage, Werner Herzog AND Val Kilmer?!? Great doesn’t even begin to describe where this could go. If midnight movies were still popular, I’d buy futures on the MM grosses right now.

  3. An instant classic, but what is up with Cage’s constant lack of sideburns? A religious thing? I just don’t get it.

  4. The camp value is, unfortunately, negated somewhat for me by the fact that it’s a) directed by the guy who did Fitzcarraldo among other classics, b) the sequel to a movie I find very effective and c) looks like a fake film you’d see in a Hollywood comedy. Is “The Graduate 2″ really all that more outlandish than this?

    The part about the iguana is pretty funny, though.

  5. This look awesome! I can’t wait to be sitting in the dark cackling aloud.

    Is this a sequel?

    Don’t look like it to me…

  6. too campy – need more darkness

    looks like they crossed the line into aridiculous satire – will still see opening day

  7. This looks trippy…just like Vodoo New Orleans.

    I am there…welcome back Nic…we like ya

    crazy and full of shit

  8. Yowza. And do my ears deceive me, or is Cage throwing a little Tony Montana and Frank Booth into the mix?

  9. Guess I’m the only one who thinks this genuinely looks good. Nic Cage is an appalling actor nowadays but his performance in this recalls his work in Bringing Out the Dead, which is extremely underrated. While the original was about the burden of guilt, Herzog says it’s about the bliss of evil. Sounds fascinating to me.

    Even mainstream Herzog is sublime, as demonstrated by Rescue Dawn.

  10. What. The. Fuck. Of course I don’t even mean that as a bad thing in describing this trailer.

    And you’re kiddin’ me, right /3rtfu11?

  11. Wow. Move over Citizen Kane and Showgirls.

    And don’t underestimate bad backs and what they can drive a person to.

  12. Well, that was fun, until el usario ha suprimido este video.

    Hard to believe Werner Herzog directed that. He must be rolling on the floor laughing. Too bad Klaus Kinski isn’t still around to take part in the fun.

    Aside from the title, it doesn’t appear to have a thing in common with Abel Ferrara’s film.

  13. I just watched this after watching the Bad Lieutenant trailer on IMDB, a cobbled together critical piece highlighting Keitel’s performance. It makes the Cage one seem a little overkill– like a parody of a good film, but it is directed by Herzog, so how can I complain? With Eva Mendes, it can’t go wrong…

    Imagine if Herzog made this 20 years ago with Kinski… but then it would have predated the original…

    Cage’s performance is more Face Off than Bringing Out the Dead, IMHO…

    I watched this version (don’t know if it was the same as above), because the above link was removed:

    As for commonalities with the original, Victor Argo of Bad Lieutenant is listed as a writer on the IMDB site for the new film.

  14. Looks sort of like a low-key Uwe Boll movie to me, but without the prominent actors being ashamed to be in it.

  15. if you’re going to keep pretending to be DeeZee, stop the Uwe Boll references. It doesn’t fit the guy you’re pretending you are.

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