Lawrence of Sevilla

At Seville’s Plaza de Espana, the officers’ club in Lawrence of Arabia — i.e., the palace-like buidling where T.E. Lawrence (Peter O’Toole) first arrives after being driven into “Cairo” following his trek across the Sinai desert with Farraj (Michel Ray) and Daud (John Dimech).

Center Courtyard of Seville’s Alfonso XIII Hotel, which doubled as the courtyard of the officers’ club where Lawrence, General Allenby (Jack Hawkins), Dryden (Claude Rains) and Colonel Brighton (Anthony Quayle) talk things over after Lawrence’s arrival.

15 thoughts on “Lawrence of Sevilla

  1. LOVELY spot, the tile details of the railings, the corninces, all around the plaza are glorious. But I never realized the Lawrence connection. That David Lean, propping up Franco to the end!

  2. Jeff, you’re supposed to be headed WEST to New York.

    Spain is the wrong way from Cannes.

    That must have been one helluva wrong train ride.

  3. Sevilla is beautiful, huh Wells? Amazing moor-ish influenced architecture. I was there in the late ’90s, but never make the mistake of going to Spain in August like i did. I melted. Make sure you go into that immense church there. I forget the name, but it’s the 3rd largest in the world i believe? It’s amazing.

  4. Go to San Luis de los Franceses in San Luis st. It’s an amazing little church from el Barroco sevillano. Barely known for people from or outside the city. It’s worth it. And Thursday is the only day in the week you can visit.

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