“Great White Hope”

Kansas congresswoman Lynn Jenkins yesterday tried to backpedal her 8.19 remark about fellow Republicans seeking a ”great white hope” to challenge President Barack Obama in 2012. The woman was obviously caught in a Freudian slip and is a flat-out liar for saying the remark has been misunderstood or taken out of context. There’s no shortage of ugly in this country. There is in fact a bottomless well of the stuff, most of it coming these days from the white hinterlands. (I should have posted this yesterday.)

  • rayciscon


    Please don’t embarrass yourself posting clips of Olby… he’s the only person in the universe who could make Glen Beck and Bill O’Reilly appear ‘normal’.

    What’s worse about Olby is that he’s so full of smug, self-importance with his “channeling Edward R. Murrow” act… He’s crossed the line into self-parody. Quoting people from MSNBC is no better than quoting people from Fox News Channel.

    Does racism exist in America today? Certainly. Is it institutionalized and widespread? Nope.

    For God’s sake, we elected a black man President, what happened to the era of post-racialism?

    Olby’s trying to make a mountain out of a mole hill here. His fans and fellow travelers LOVE the red meat, but he’s not gaining any new fans.

    He’d do much better to go positive regarding the issues he cares about, i.e. health care reform, Cap & Trade, etc. If he put half as much energy into something like that, I might start watching him again.

  • allstar397

    Of course it was a stupid thing to say, but of course she’s a big fat liar for saying it was taken out of context because she’s a republican. something like this from the other side you’d be defending them because to you, republican = inherently evil, democrat = fighting the good fight for the people 24/7/365. no middle ground for either side.

  • Travis Crabtree

    Lynn Jenkins – your NEW msnbc superstar!

    (I can’t believe a congressperson would say something stupid)

  • DeafBrownTrashPunk

    What a stupid, hateful, pathetic, racist woman. Go crawl back into the Great White Hole where you came from, bitch!

  • corey3rd

    Great Blight Dopes is more like it

    this goes up there with Kaye Bailey Hutchinson wants to return schools to how they were run when she was in high school – which was a Whites Only school.

    I can assure you that racism is alive and well and done by people who don’t even realize it. I took my baby to my wife’s rural Southern church. Her old Sunday school teacher pinched the baby’s nose and told us she had to do it “to make sure it won’t get nigger wide.” This was in the church that she dropped this bomb on us – and she was smiling the whole time.

  • George Prager


  • vansmith

    Corey, thats funny. Can you smell what the rock is cooking?. Im joking, im joking. You gotta love racism, its our way of feeling good about ourselves!!

  • Travis Crabmeat


    While it is true that Democrats are not always fighting the good fight 24/7–everyone takes a vacation now and then–it is also try that Republcans ate, for the most part, inherently evil.

    If you’d like, I’d gladly provide you with a list which very well documents their litany of evil-doing in the last five years alone.
    Could you possibly bevsuch a hugely ignorant twit?

  • Jeffrey Wells

    Wells to raycison: Olbermann and the rest of the news gathering community seizes on a Freudian slip by a Republican politician that exposes an undisputed, widely commented upon current of racist resentment among rural older whites in this country, and it’s not the Congresswoman or her like-minded constituents that earns your criticism but Olbermann? And me for linking to what he said? You actually said I was embarassing myself for linking to him? Are you deliberately trying to provoke a reaction here? Well, I guess you got it.

  • QualityGibberish

    Olberman is great (shut up, Rayciscon). And especially never cross him on anything that has a root in sports. Love how he goes back to make very clear the history of that racist phrase. Educational.

  • Jack South P.I.

    You may not like Olbermann but he is not a liar. You may not like his opinions, but he does not willfully distort the truth. O’Reilly and Beck and Limbaugh carelessly and ruthlessly lie about verifiable truths every day. There are entire websites devoted to highlighting their falsehoods. You can’t say the same about Olbermann.

  • Travis Crabmeat

    That’s right, Wells. Damn straight. Put that asshat, Ray, in his place!

  • DavidF

    This reminds me a bit of a hullabaloo in the Canadian House of Commons a few moons ago. A Member of Parliament was scolded for calling something “niggardly” until everyone settled down and realized the word has nothing whatsoever to do with black people.

    The difference here, obviously, is that this woman is a Republican and thus a horrible, horrible racist…and probably a secret member of the Klan. Bitch, Wells is ON to you!

  • televisiontears

    From The Associated Press
    January 12th, 2010:
    Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal was arrested early Friday morning on possession of child pornography, kidnapping, and six counts of first-degree murder.

    Travis Crabtree says…
    Can’t wait to see how the MSNBC, Daily Kos, HuffPo idiots latch on to this. It’s feeding time, little libs! Don’t forget your bib.

  • Travis Crabtree

    I have a doppleganger! Sweet!

    Uh, Jack…. so there are WEBSITES, are there? I see.
    “Olbermann is not a liar”. Nice.

    By next week this woman will have her own show on msnbc hosted by David Schuster.

    Oh yeah…. and as long as you’re counting websites.


  • Jonah





    Once again, you lower the bar. Way to defend the team.

  • Jonah

    Holy shit. Those comments sounded so similar to Crabtree I didn’t notice it was an imposter.

  • Travis Crabtree

    is that really you, televisiontears? Or did you get a twin?

    Doesn’t sound like you…..

    THAT would be big news, by the way and I wouldn’t say that.

    I really didn’t feel like I needed to state the obvious but I guess around here I do: THAT WOMAN IS AN IDIOT.

    My only point is that this little, unknown-until-now, inconsequential (and I do mean that) person is going to be dined out on by msnbc for the next year and a half….

    fucking 24 hour cable news….

    feel free to point the Fox equivalent….

  • Mowkeka

    “There’s no shortage of ugly in this country.”

    You mean like the President of the United States sitting in a church for twenty years that spewed hatred toward whites and jews?

    If that had been Bush…if that had been Bush.

  • George Prager

    Idaho GOP hopeful jokes about buying licenses to hunt President Obama


  • televisiontears

    Travis, you’re defending a horrifically racist statement. Can you take off your party hat for five seconds to admit that this is a little messed up? Honestly, did you hear liberals crying media bias during the Blagojevich scandal?

    You’re a work of art, sir.

  • televisiontears

    And my first comment was just a little joke. Not really a point to make, just a poke in the ribs.

  • televisiontears

    Never mind #21, Travis. I suck at the internet today.

  • Jack South P.I.

    You call “Olbermannwatch.com” a website? I just scrolled through the entire first page and there is not one post about any lies or mistatements. It’s all snark: Olbermann’s got cankles! Ha!

    Fine, whatever. Compare that to Media Matters and how it takes statements from the right and puts them under the microscope and backs it up with links from reputable sources. You’ve got to be kidding. Try a little harder, please.

  • dinther

    “Does racism exist in America today? Certainly. Is it institutionalized and widespread? Nope.”

    This is a profoundly obtuse statement. rayciscon, do you have any idea how many municipalities in the United States operate under Justice Department consent decrees because of past discrimination based upon race or ethnicity? Do you realize how many millions of dollars were spent in the last two federal elections alone monitoring state-run polls by virtue of such decrees? Have you no understanding of the multitude of Federal lawsuits brought each year by the Justice Department against state and city administrations for discriminatory housing practices? In what way are these discriminatory practices not “institutional”?

    My God man, wake the fuck up. Pull your head out of your cul de sac and do some fucking research before you post this ignorant pablum.

  • Jonah

    “You mean like the President of the United States sitting in a church for twenty years that spewed hatred toward whites and jews?

    If that had been Bush…if that had been Bush.”

    As always, you try to muddy the waters with bullshit rather than focus on the actual topic.

  • lonniechung

    DavidF – not quite an apt comparison; niggardly as a word has a specific meaning (not racist), as does great white hope (very racist). This isn’t a case of people confusing the point, it is a case of a congresswoman being offensive. Doesn’t she know the proper Republican approved code words?

  • Travis Crabmeat

    I’ve said before and I’ll set again, albeit, this time under a new pseudonym:

    Travis Crabtree, Ray, Mowkeka, David F, and the rest of your brethren. Not only are you incapable of forming a legitimate argument regarding any topic related to defending the loathsome and vile behavior of your fellow Republicans, you are so knee-deep in the shit of your party’s despicable rhetoric, you are trapped in a dogmatic, self-reflecting prism of willful ignorance, it’s impossible for you to see even the most obvious examples of blatant, fear-mongering racism.

    You are as equally vile and loathsome as this blatant hatred that u continue to defend, you should all me drawn and quartered and then lynched like the rest of your mouth-breathing, lowbrow, Cro-Magnon-like, small town, middle American and largely Southen, kin.

  • GKLondon

    Don’t the Americans among you ever think of what you could achieve if, oh, I don’t know, you grew up, got along and tried to run a decent country instead of trying to run a decent country into the ground?

    Yes, most countries have basically a two party system, but the vitriol and sheer amount of time you Reds and Blues put into this is astonishing. Who is trying to distract who?

    Get universal health care. It’s a good thing. I’ve never had to worry in my life if I could afford to be sick or have an accident. And when I was younger, my parents chose to send me to a private hospital for an important operation, so I’ve been on both sides of the fence. In both cases, I got better. That’s the fucking point.

    They are both possible. One is mandatory.

  • DavidF

    Travis, you’re one crazy mofo!

    I dunno about the others I’ve been lumped in with but not only am I not a Republican, as I thought was made clear above, I’m not even American. (and if I was, I wouldn’t be a Republican.)

    I just don’t think her kneejerk use of an offensive phrase that is, for better or worse, kind of out there in the zeitgeist, means she is a racist. She could just as easily be a real racist and not have said it, if you follow.

    Everyone here who has never said the “n-word,” ironically (or, say, while singing along to gangsta rap in the car) should feel free not to cast their stones. Wells would never do something so “Eloi,” I’m sure.

    And if you’re just being ironic and taking a piss, that’s cool. Have a ball.

  • Mowkeka

    This President sat in a racist, bigoted church for twenty years.

    That’s indisputable.

    So yes, racism still exists in America. Look to your own ilk.

  • Jonah


    Did Obama make a racist comment that I’m forgetting? Because we already know that Wright has said despicable things.

    Obama did not.

    Are you, like your idiotic leader Glenn Beck, suggesting Obama is a racist?

    Or are you just a coward that will go far, but not that far?

  • Travis Crabmeat

    Regarding your political views, David, fair enough, I stand corrected. However…

    There is nothing knee-jerk about any negative reaction regarding this womans comments given that this sort of rhetoric is part-and-parcel of the Conservative hate machine for the last several months (and, might I add, long over a century). And they will never cop to it or take responsibility.

    Why don’t these people just stand up and me counted and admit
    thier bigotry, regardless of whether of not it is spewed unintentionally? Because they’re are, in the least, despicable human beings, and cowardly.

    @GK London: First of all, its called poltics, CK Secondly, having lived in the UK myself for many years, I find your “why don’t you all just grow up and get along” rhetoric to be really quite laughable. There is a far greater amount of bile-spewing, chest-thumping, fingerpointing in Parliment–pitting one party against the other-, I mean, talk about needing to grow up? The men in Parliment scream, interrupt, and throw things at each other, which does not happen in our House or Senate as it does with such regularity in your neck of the woods. Talk about babies.

  • corey3rd

    one only has to look at the recent Sean Hannity show (Aug 19) where he quotes Rep. Spencer Bachus and attributes it to Sen Max Baucus. Even after it was pointed out on third party sites, Hannity came back the next night and repeated the wrong quote to the wrong man. It wasn’t until the next week (8/24) that he decided to somewhat point out that he had confused the Congressmen.

    There’s lies and stupidity.
    The only show on TV I respect is Pardon the Interruption since they have Stat Boy at the end of the show tell us all the facts that the hosts screwed up. Maybe all shows need this public fact checking moment.

  • Travis Crabtree

    Jack South…. this is for you…


    …and before you come running back in here screaming “but those are obviously right-wing conservative sites!”, ….Exactly!….. keep in mind where MediaMatters come from…. (everyone comes from a point of view, don’t EVEN tell me that they are independent and non-partisan)

    And frankly Travis Crabmeat sucks….. why did I get stuck having by Fake Close-To-The-Real-Name Hollywood Elsewhere persona operated by fucking Jonah? Why couldn’t somebody with a sense of humor do it? Someone who would do a funny parody, crazy-talk version. Instead we just get Jonah Pt. II, (yeah, THAT’S what we needed), and a bunch of people getting it mixed up with me….

    At least Actionmam was funny.

  • Travis Crabtree

    Oh yeah….. and Olbermann lies every time he talks about how great his ratings are…

  • Jonah

    “persona operated by fucking Jonah? Why couldn’t somebody with a sense of humor do it? Someone who would do a funny parody, crazy-talk version. Instead we just get Jonah Pt. II, (yeah, THAT’S what we needed), and a bunch of people getting it mixed up with me….”

    Typical conservative. Accusations that can’t be backed up or proven.

    I had nothing to do with Crabmeat, but I wish I did. He’s so close to the real thing it’s fucking scary.

    Why would your fake persona be funny though, when the real thing is so fucking dull?

  • robbiefantastic

    i don’t understand how you americans get anything accomplished. all you seem to be able to agree upon is how much you hate each other.

    i love reading the comments from these political posts of jeff’s almost as much as the movie stuff. reading both dems/repubs hurl insults at each other over a msnbc newscaster. it’s sad to the point of hilarity.

    your hatred of each other is so ingrained, yet both sides feel they are the noble ones……it’s so pathetic, yet amusing. thanks for making me laugh.

  • Travis Crabtree

    Goddammit, robbiefantastic! CHOOSE SIDES!!!

    You are either a Marxist-Socialist America Hater OR you’re a Hannity/Beck/Rush/Coulter-loving racist evil hate machine!


  • Jack South P.I.

    Great, two righty websites that track the media. Fine. I gave them both a sniff test and, again, there is nothing on either about out-and-out lies told by Olbermann (or any equivalent like Maddow). They are annoyed about the coverage of Ted Kennedy. That’s fair. I completely get that they come from a point of view, as does Media Matters.

    You keeping naming websites/sources that simply DISAGREE with Olbermann and other lefty commentators. They are not tracking deliberate FALSEHOODS. There is no lefty equivalent of a “Death Panel” or “pulling the plug on grandma.” These are lies, not opinions.

    Olbermann doesn’t lie. If he did I wouldn’t watch him. What you need to admit is your guys DO lie and you just don’t care.

  • Travis Crabtree

    Holy jesus I just actually sat through the video….

    I take back what I said about her being an idiot. I don’t know if she’s an idiot. Maybe she is.
    I thought the way everyone was talking that she dropped the N bomb. It was a poor choice of words and who knows, maybe she is a racist, but I can’t say that.
    I’ve heard that expression used in contexts that have nothing to do with race.
    Problem is, Olby sets up the piece by talking about the origins of the phrase, which, after hearing her say that, sounds pretty fucking awful. I’m guessing she didn’t know that back story.

    No and fuck you, I’m not defending her, I’m just saying that I don’t find it as clear cut as obviously Olby does. I wonder what Keith thought about Biden referring to Obama as “clean”.

    Of course what little cred, Keith had is completely obliterated the moment he lets Maxine Waters open her crazy yap.

    Oh shit, I just realized Waters is African-American. I’m a RACIST!

  • Travis Crabtree

    Come on Jack…. “your guys”? You assume you know who “my guys” are? Am I going to have to tune you out, too?

    Olbermann lies right off the bat when he states that “few are the elected Republicans left who aren’t self-described birthers…etc”

    Olby does what he does for the SAME reason Beck does what he does…. whore for advertising dollars and self-aggrandizement. It’s television. It’s 24 hour cable news.

  • Jack South P.I.

    And full disclosure, I disagree with Olbermann (and Wells, I guess) on this one. I think the woman was just speaking contemporaneously and made a really poor choice of words. Her apology was crap, which doesn’t help. She should’ve just said she didn’t know the origin of the phrase, has learned her lesson, and falt-out said she was sorry for using it. End of story.

  • robbiefantastic

    i agree travis. i think she was just using an old figure of speech to try to plug some up and comers in her party. i doubt she even knows where the the figure of speech comes from.

    your 24 news channel just needs something to fill air time with.

    it’s like saying some one who uses the term “rule of thumb” a wife beater….

  • robbiefantastic

    * is a wife beater….sorry.

  • robbiefantastic

    jack beat me to it.

  • televisiontears

    I always thought the origin of that phrase was common knowledge. I guess it’s possible that she was just ignorant of it, but her context fits too well to not raise a few eyebrows.

    Regardless, we’ve got far more important things to focus on as a nation right now. Lynn Jenkins might just maybe possibly be a little bit of a racist. There. Moving on…

    And you’re right, Crabtree. Maxine Waters is an insufferable tool.

  • Travis Crabtree

    Okay, now I’m curious…. (and too lazy to do the research)

    Where does “rule of thumb” come from?

    Tell me and I’ll tell you where the word “posh” comes from… (one of my fave word origins)

  • Jack South P.I.

    The story I heard is that, back in the day, as long as you didn’t beat your wife with a stick thicker than your thumb, it was okay legally. But I’ve also heard that this is an old wives’ tale. Either way the point is true, using the expression does not make you a wife beater.

  • DavidF

    …neither does wearing a wife beater or calling one of those shirts a “wife beater.”

    If Obama ever wears a white tank top along those lines I guess we can expect a Fox expose on whether he beats Michelle etc. I sometimes wonder if it was more fun living in a pre-PC world. Mad Men suggests there may be indeed be something to be said for blissful ignorance and alcohol consumption.

  • Jack South P.I.

    It would’ve been awesome to live in the days of Mad Men!

    Unless you were a woman, a minority…

    (Love the show, by the way.)

  • corey3rd

    Lynn Jenkins put her name on resolution to pardon Jack Johnson – it defined the term “Great White Hope.” Either this woman is dumb or she’s stupid.

  • robbiefantastic

    that’s the story i heard too jack. so where does posh come from crabtree?

  • Just watched the video. When did “great white hope” become “the most demeaning of racist phrases?” That shows a lack of imagination.

    And Maxine Waters as a rebuttal? Jesus.

  • BoshBarnetWonkyDonkey

    “The story I heard is that, back in the day, as long as you didn’t beat your wife with a stick thicker than your thumb, it was okay legally. But I’ve also heard that this is an old wives’ tale. Either way the point is true, using the expression does not make you a wife beater.”

    I’m pretty sure it was a carpentry term, nothing to do with wife beating. Something about measuring using the length of the thumb.

  • DeeZee

    ray: “Is it institutionalized and widespread? Nope.”

    Are you kidding me? When a Roberts court wants Georgia to review a case of a black guy on Death Row, and Scalia’s one of the few dissenters, because he believes no one has the right to appeal, even if they can prove they’re innocent, you can bet that racism is institutional!

    “For God’s sake, we elected a black man President, what happened to the era of post-racialism?”

    We’re waiting for the people who supported the other guy to deal with it.

    DavidF: “A Member of Parliament was scolded for calling something “niggardly” until everyone settled down and realized the word has nothing whatsoever to do with black people.”

    Oh, and “gyp” and “jewharp” are coincidences, too.

    Mowkeka: “You mean like the President of the United States sitting in a church for twenty years that spewed hatred toward whites and jews?”

    Didn’t seem to bother Republicans when it was Falwell and Graham.

  • Josh Massey

    Falwell and Graham spewed hatred toward whites and Jews?

  • Jonah

    Of course not to white and jews. Falwell and Graham hate the blacks, the gays, and anybody that is brown.

    Case closed.

  • Travis Crabtree

    POSH is actually an acronym for Port Out, Starboard Home…

    If you were sailing from England due East towards the continent you preferred your cabins facing towards shore for a prettier view… they were more expensive

    got that from Manchester’s Churchill bio….. (vol. 1)

    Billy Graham did far, far more for people of color than anyone on this message board will probably ever do….

    Falwell was a gas bag…

    the two shouldn’t be lumped together like that….

    And that’s all I have to say about that…..

  • Josh Massey

    Case closed? Really?

    Ok, Falwell is an easy target for anti-gay writings. I get that, and I don’t like the man. But can you come anywhere close to impugning Graham?

  • Jonah

    My mistake. Falwell hated blacks, gays, you name it

    Graham for the most part hated jews.

  • DeeZee
  • GKLondon

    Travis Crab-Infection or whatever,

    That’s good, start shouting at me now too, excellent.

    Plus, the Houses of Parliament are one element of political discourse that does not find its way into daily life much Sure, it’s broadcast live, and the theatrics of it are part of the discussion, but we DO NOT have people standing up in front of Gordon Brown or David Cameron calling them a nazi or saying that they will kill our parents.

    You’re deluded if you don’t think that this division is encouraged by politicians and ‘the media’ or whoever. It’s a part of maintaining the status quo, which is what politics is all about these days, or so it seems. The founding fathers of America would shit if they saw what going on. I have many American friends who assure me that things are not as bad or insane as they seem if you watch the news clips of Fox for more than 20 seconds, and I believe them, most Americans are rational people who just want to get on, same as everyone, everywhere. Politics have become a distraction from the real issues at hand. I hope that Obama does as Congresswoman Waters says and gets on with the job at hand.

    Over here, hateful rhetoric is saved for the football pitch. And I mean football, not soccer, even though I realise that rugby is the true man’s game.

  • mccool

    Olbermann reaches about a million people per day. The same angry, bitter do-nothings day after day who get all riled up and bitch to their friends about the end of the American dream. About 0.4% of the entire population over 18 … More people went to see The Hurt Locker. Pay him no mind.

  • Travis Crabtree

    GKLondonCalling or whatever…. (ha ha ha ha ha ha fake names are so fun!)

    WTF are you talking about? Are your referring to me or the Crabmeat/Jonah guy? When did I start “shouting” at you?

    Not sure what you’re on about.

    (and you can say football…. I lived in London… I slept through many football games….. go Chelsea!)

    And yes, the founding fathers would definitely shit if they saw what was going on today, but probably not for the reasons you think.
    And they’d all buy iPhones.

  • Jonah

    Travis is a coward Unable to admit he was wrong about the origins of his clone.

    Not surprising, considering he’s been a total coward since he arrived at HE.

    I’m starting to believe that there are certain HE regulars (Mowkeka, McCool, Travis, DZ) that are either Wells in disguise, or friends of Wells that come here just to say stupid shit, stir the pot, and create long threads.

    That’s the best explanation of their stupidity.

  • Travis Crabtree

    … Hey Johah… (tough guy)…. do you live in L.A.?

    Let’s meet up in person so that you can tell me all the reasons why I’m such a coward?

    Sound good?

    Of course you won’t.


  • Jonah

    I don’t live in LA.

    But if I did, I’d be glad to meet up with you. You’re the biggest fucking coward around.

    You know what’s worse? It’s one thing to be a coward in person, which I’m sure you are. It’s another to be a coward online, where you’re pretty safe. But you manage to be a coward in both arenas.


  • Jonah

    That’s what I thought, cowardly bitch.

    Next time know your place and keep your mouth shut.

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