Toronto Int’ Film Festival staffer Jen Bell has responded to yesterday’s rant (“Toronto Wifi Jail“) about there not being enough free wifi at the festival with an announcement that TIFF will be hosting a media lounge on the sundeck of the Sutton Plaza this year, complete with complimentary wifi access.

  • EDouglasCS

    I hope they’re going to call it the Jeffrey Wells Wi-Fi Pavilion. :)

  • Manitoba

    This could also reduce the chances of Jeff being the victim of camera thieves in 2009. I seem to recall that J.W.lost a good camera last year after wandering into a Toronto internet cafe, if my memory is correct.As a resident of the western part of Canada, I’m still mad at the eastern punks responsible for the deed and hope 09 is a better experience.

  • Jeffrey Wells

    Toronto Star critic Peter Howell has been ragging on the TIFF-ers for years to put in a Cannes-style internet lounge so journalists with their own laptops can sit down and file somewhere without all the hassle. So maybe they’ll call it the Peter Howell Wifi Pavillion.

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