Real Deal?

Is Steven Seagal: Lawman an actual A & E reality series? “The show’s real real…this is not a joke,” Seagal says in the clip. No script, no stunt double, no second chances. It’s getting to a point in which everything is suspect. Nothing is “real” and everything is in quotes. Even if several news sites are writing about it with a straight face. I trust no one. This must be a put-on…no?

21 thoughts on “Real Deal?

  1. Floyd Thursby on said:

    Whoever invented reality TV should get 20 to life.

  2. I feel like this is the product of Steven Seagal watching JCVD, becoming jealous over the fact that Van Damme was taken seriously in that film, and finding his own way to get the same kind of credibility. Either way, I’m definitely tuning in.

  3. Real as in played straight – who knows?

    Real as in “is it really a series”? Yup. Was announced probably a year or so back.

  4. Though, they should wait and premiere this around the time The Expendables comes out. Best exposure Segal will have had in a decade.

  5. I used to enjoy A&E when it was an arts and entertainment channel. But now it seems to be an all crime channel. I guess those of us who prefer Tony Bennett instead of Dog The Bounty Hunter,are in the minority.

  6. OMG! First thing first.. Steven baby please stop going to the Hair Club for Men. Live with your own reality first.

    Could be fun in terms of Enforcing The Law With Stars routine. So I guess they are stealing from Busey, Dancing w/Stars and Cops.

    Besides wouldn’t his ‘deputization’ be a honorary title? Don’t you have to actually attend some kind of training program before you can actually go out and protect and serve? Or are Louisiana Parishes still under the Law of the Old West?

  7. Is it just me or is he hitting the cookie jar and snack aisle at the supermarket a lot harder than he’s hitting the treadmill? That buller-proof vest is not enough to disquise the fact that he is enormous.

    Back in the day when he shot “Above the Law” he was a lean, mean fighting machine. Now, not so much.

    I hope one these losers he’s arresting has the balls to ask for his autograph, knowing full well that he’ll get his bell rang for asking. Sad to say I’ll probably watch this just for the train wreck appeal it will provide.

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