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The L.A. County coroner’s ruling about Michael Jackson‘s death being called a homicide isn’t specifically worded, to my understanding. The secondary definition of second-degree murder is “a killing caused by dangerous conduct and the offender’s obvious lack of concern for human life…a middle ground between first-degree murder and voluntary manslaughter.” Dr. Conrad Murray, Jackson’s personal physician, had been thought to be suspected of manslaughter. What’s the precise difference between manslaughter and the kind of second-degree murder described above, and what will be the penalties if Murray is charged with the latter?

  • Travis Crabtree

    Homocide, suicide, manslaughter. The important thing that we must not lose sight of is that this should be worth at LEAST an extra five to six dozen “Larry King Live”‘s.

  • mutinyco

    Might be M2 because he was already in the act of committing a crime by improperly prescribing/administering the Propofol.

  • mutinyco

    Actually, I think by nature, a coroner rules any death as the result of another person’s actions as ‘homicide.’ It’s then up to the DA’s office to determine exactly what the specific charges are. And that report says that as of July filings, they were pursuing manslaughter.

  • great scott

    How long until this becomes a race issue? Surely MJ had plenty of white doctors on his payroll giving him drugs. Why aren’t the cops raiding their homes and offices?

    Yeah, I know Murray was the one with him when he died, but you know questions like that are coming.

  • raygo

    It’s not often that I would think something like this, but Jackson wasn’t long for this world. He was leaving early, one way or another. He and his family need to accept some personal responsibility and move on. Everyone in his circle (family included) played a part in his death. No one more so than Jackson himself, similar to Elvis. This is a time when you blame the victim. He did this to himself. And his family failed over the years to step up and get him some help. Now I’m sure they are looking for someone to blame. The blame is squarely on their shoulders.

  • Flash Gordon

    I just read where Spike Lee threw Michael Jackson a birthday party. Who has taken over the real Spike and what did they do with him? The Spike Lee of the Do the Right Thing/Jungle Fever/Malcolm X era would have rightfully called him a self hating sellout or something to that effect.

  • raygo

    The Michael Jackson Story … a Spike Lee Joint.

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