37 thoughts on “SNL Murphy parody

  1. BurmaShave on said:

    So that’s the second person SNL has killed now, after Andy Kaufman.

  2. Yeah, I hope they keep this up as a good reminder (not that one was needed) of how pathetic SNL is now.

    Impersonations of Brittany Murphy? Really?

  3. FWIW, Brittany Murphy hosted SNL on November 16th, 2002. Because she was a member of that alumni club, I found it even more bizarre that they chose to take this out-of-the-blue potshot at her.

    Still, I think Abby Elliott is generally one of the brighter new talents on the show. I love Kristen Wiig, but they have really been stretching her menagerie of tic-filled characters too thin.

  4. Prager, Poehler was terrible on SNL, not a good sketch performer, but she’s doing great on PARKS & REC, even if it is just a female Michael Scott.

  5. I hope Hulu takes it off at least for a day or two out of respect. The basis of the sketch (her being fired off a movie) might end up being a factor in her death.

    As for taking a shot at her it possible that she wasn’t the best host to the cast then given the reputation.

  6. I’m guessing member of THE LONELY ISLAND (which includes samburg) had something to do with it.

    or Seth Myers..he seems like a bully.

  7. I think it’s more likely that Lorne Michaels makes his actors and actresses audition with at least three impressions, and that’s clearly one Elliot had put some work and thought into to so it’s probably one she’s been doing for a while, and so, when the story broke, they used it as an excuse to trot out the impression. I was expecting something a lot harsher than that — basically just making fun of her for acting dumb.

    (But I agree Hulu should take it down for a while.)

  8. Colin wrote:

    What happened to Casey Wilson? She was much funnier than this girl.

    Fascinating that the mentality on SNL is that Kenan Thompson and featured player Bobby what’s-his-name can be plus-sized and keep their jobs, but not Casey Wilson.

  9. Movie fan09 wrote:

    Seth Myers..he seems like a bully.

    Amd one who’s overly pleased with himself.

    He’s no Tina Fey, though. I’m imagining him joining Chris Kattan and Brian Doyle-Murray on ABC’s THE MIDDLE–should it survive past this season.

  10. ROTC wrote:

    FWIW, Brittany Murphy hosted SNL on November 16th, 2002.

    Not interested in looking it up on YouTube or even Hulu, but I remember that episode had a crappy sketch where she lusted after Jimmy Fallon playing “Leatherman”–essentially Fallon wearing a shiny leather suit.

    But you could say it epitomized what the industry wanted from Murphy at that point–to be really skinny and uberfuckable.

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