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Gold Derby‘s Tom O’Neil began running DGA predictions yesterday. So far the score is 20 experts for Team Bigelow and 8 for Team Cameron. The Bigelow boosters are not indulging in wishful thinking. As the PGA awards showed, there’s a good chance that The Hurt Locker could take Best Picture besides. The Directors Guild awards ceremony will happen Saturday evening

6 thoughts on “DGA Predix

  1. The Winchester on said:

    I think the PGA win was more of a prestige win. If the Oscars want to remain relevant at all (by which I mean garner large ratings for the broadcast), they’ll give best director to Bigelow, but Best Pic to Avatar.

  2. To quote Winchester’s “relevant at all” line, I don’t get that sentiment at all. I doubt the thousands in each of the branches are voting with the “good of the Academy’s relevance” in mind. I do really think they are voting with their hearts, biases, preferences, etc., and not based on the potential future viewership of the program. I can’t imagine a scenario where a lover of The Hurt Locker would stop, but their pen down, and consider why they should pick Avatar so that the Oscars are still relevant to the masses come 2020.

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