Soothing Blu-Ray Baths

March 23rd will be a banner day for Blu-ray aficionados with Paramount Home Video’s long-awaited African Queen restoral/remastering and Criterion’s Days of Heaven, already devastating on standard DVD, making their debuts in this format. And then a week later (3.30) comes the Collateral Blu-ray.

26 thoughts on “Soothing Blu-Ray Baths

  1. Anyone else forego buying these older movies on BR, and sticking with their regular DVDs?

    I’ve vowed to myself to just start buying the “really new stuff” (i.e. 2009 and beyond) on the new format, but bypass everything before that, unless there’s just some super-duper new edition only available on Blu or something. I’m also not down for paying full price and sticking with regular DVDs for new documentaries (like Anvil or Tyson), or for films I love that generally aren’t thought to be particularly visually-arresting (Kevin Smith or Woody Allen pics, etc.).

    I’m on a pretty limited budget and I really just can’t justify to myself — trust me, I’ve tried — the $10-18 discrepancy (per movie) on the retail on these suckers.

  2. I should clarify that that BR commemorative box set pictured on the right is something I’d probably spring for in hi-def if I was bonkers for the film instead of just really liking it (love Huston, but this film doesn’t even crack my own top 5 of his films).

  3. How is COLLATERAL something to get excited about on Blu-Ray? This is not a film that begs to be seen in HD – it will still look like it was shot on video.

  4. I haven’t gone Blu and really don’t intend to. Nothing against it but buying the same titles over and over again has lost its allure. QUEEN will look fine on DVD, maybe better than on Blu if the transfer is inattentive. On the other hand, DAYS should look stunning on Blu–but it’s not a title with high rewatchability for me.

  5. I have a pretty strict “New Films Only” for Blu-ray, the exception being something like Days of Heaven. I forced myself not to give in and buy the dvd of this when it came out. Something that was easier said than done, since this is one of my favorite films and I heard the criterion print is stunning. So on feb. 23 I’ll happily be trading in my old copy of Days of Heaven for this one. Very, very psyched. African Queen – would love to have it if I can get it at a good price. I guess that right there is kicker, if it’s an old movie that I don’t have or have a really shitty copy of and I can get it at a good price then I’ll go blu. If not standard dvd is good too.

  6. I’ll grab a great blu-ray transfer of a film that demands the details be exposed so you can fall into the frame. I sprung for Saturday Night Fever and the Bond Blu-rays – even Planet of the Apes.

    the bigger question is when will I upgrade my living room wall so I can get the HD projector that will give me a 20 foot high image

  7. I’ll pass on the “African Queen” Blu-ray. I’ll netflix it one of these days because It’ll be the best the film has ever looked (I’ve only seen it on TCM), but I’m not a huge fan of it.

    I’m psyched for “Lola Montes” on 2/23 and “Contempt” on 2/16…

  8. March 23 is gonna make me poor. Add in Yojimbo/Sanjuro from Criterion. And Fantastic Mr. Fox. Yikes. Time to start saving.

  9. The only BD I got I got with a GC. And whoever recommended Akira, thanks. It really is a helluva lot better than that so-called “remastered” DVD a while back. As for future titles, it’s all gonna depend on the price-point. The Criterion Chungking Express BD, for example, is a lot cheaper than the regular version. But, otherwise, it’s not really something I feel like getting into like DVD.

    George: I might consider the non-Zemeckis Yellow Submarine, if that ever happens, and, if they ever resolve the music rights, Electric Dreams.

  10. “Whoever designed that Collateral BD cover art should be shot. The DVD cover was already perfect.”

    I know! This one makes it look like a buddy movie.

    I still have not sprung yet for Blu-Ray.

  11. Movie companies don’t want to hear this but they may be better off only putting really visual movies on Blu Ray. I have Inglorious on BD and it’s totally unnecessary. Mostly talking,etc… Something like The Matrix or a Batman Begins really pops on Blu-Ray and adds to the experience.

  12. The studios are banking on the “gotta have it NOW” factor. Do a quick review of Amazon’s Blu-Ray back catalog. For example, you can get most of Kubrick’s catalog for less than $10 on Blu-Ray. 2001 is $7.99, and that’s the every day price.

    The best thing to do, if you simply have to own the movie, is just wait a month or two. Once a movie is released on Blu-Ray, Netflix usually stocks it in that format.

  13. Anything I watch over and over is worth having in Blu: Body Heat, Godfather, Graduate, Heat, Hot Fuzz, L.A. Confidential, Master and Commander, North by Northwest, etc. To placate the memsahib, we have Gone with the Wind, Howards End, etc. Would love to have the wife’s favorite film, The Awful Truth, in Blu because the standard DVD lacks sparkle.

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