Sunday, 1.31, 6:35 pm.

Ditto, 6:42 pm.

Ditto, 6:25 pm.
  • googs

    Obviously it’ll be bad (probably the Paul Blart of ’10) but I really can’t tell if Cop Out has the makings of a hit. If it is Kevin Smith might have a career as a big studio director.

  • http://www.eskimohill.com maxevry

    That pic of Katz’s is very Edward Hopper.

  • joncro

    I used to live right there, round the corner on Ludlow…

    good times…

  • TheGK

    That Diesel ad campaign sucks.

    It’s one step away from ‘Be an ignorant douchebag. Diesel’.

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    Bruce Willis as a cop. This movie has been well played before it was even made.

  • Glenn Kenny

    I’m with TheGK, that’s an awful campaign. Not that it’s entirely different from what Diesel has been doing for as long as it has existed. I’m eagerly awaiting the “Stupid Started The War In Iraq” sign, though…

  • Movie fan09


    is it for this?

    if so-awesome!!

    My professor is gonna be there as well as a fellow classmate!

  • George Prager

    “Send a salami to your boy in the Army!”

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  • joe banks

    a good opportunity to remind all the NYC people that Langer’s in LA actually makes the world’s best pastrami sammich.

    suck it, Big Apple

  • Eloi Manning

    Sandra Bullock nominated for a Razzie for All About Steve. I hope they give it to her; has an actor ever won an Oscar and Razzie in the same year before?

  • BurmaShave

    I’m not sure, but I do recall that James Coco was nominated for both a Razzie and an Oscar for the same performance in 1981, for ONLy WHEN I LAUGH. An achievement that will probably never be equaled.

  • jse33

    I saw a preview for “Cop Out” a few weeks ago. That may be the worst “comedy” preview I’ve ever seen with non-stop, loud blabbering from Tracie Morgan. Nothing but crickets for that trailer. It may have been a worse trailer than the one they put together for “Taxi”.

  • MechanicalShark

    BurmaShave, Amy Irving in Yentl also. God, Yentl sucked. It’s one of my least favorite movies ever, and I’m glad the medium I saw it in was public television, not something where I had to pay for Streisand’s cinematic excrement.

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    I was worried this would be another movie that didn’t live up to the hype youtube , but happily, that wasn’t the case. Mulligan is every bit as good as advertised, but she’s not the only one – everyone is good, from forum Alfred Molina to Cara Seymour as the parents, to Sarsgaard as the boyfriend, Dominic Cooper and Rosamund Pike as the friends,Youtube Olivia Williams as the teacher, Emma Thompson as the headmistress, and Sally Hawkins in a small role (which I won’t give away). And Scherfig gives space to each performance, dl7b allowing characters to come on screen, rather than types.

    One thing I would disagree with Morgenstern on – CHARADE did make somewhat gallery of a deal about the age difference between Hepburn and Grant, as I recall.