Judy Barton

One of the most deeply rooted images of my entire filmgoing life, and I’ve never seen a decent online frame-capture. (This is just a crummy snap off my plasma screen.) If I could find a exact rendering on canvas I’d hang it on my living-room wall.

  • Glenn Kenny

    Don’t think such a thing can be done, at least not using a video source. Too much movement going on. You’d need to get something from an actual film frame enlargement…

  • Pjm

    Shivers down my spine. Gives “Kane” a run for the money as the greatest American film ever made. Lets say greatest American COLOR film ever made. The levels of meaning in that one shot…

  • nemo

    “If I could find a exact rendering on canvas I’d hang it on my living-room wall.”

    Along side the final shot of James Stewart as his vertigo finally disappears and he steps out onto that lonely ledge on the bell tower.

  • cinefan

    The film is one of my top three favorites of all time along with Kane and Chinatown. There are so many images from the film that are deeply rooted in my filmgoing memory that it would be too difficult to just pick one to render on canvas.

  • Geoff

    I love the Saul Bass dream sequence with Jimmy Stewart’s floating head. I could hang that on my wall.

  • nemo

    Or James Stewart clutching the flimsy rain gutter in terror high above the ground as the policeman falls to his death at the beginning of the movie.

  • lazarus

    I know it’s an oft-mentioned one, but my favorite image from the film is still Stewart/Novak under the Golden Gate Bridge at Fort Point.

  • Deathtongue_Groupie

    Can’t join the cineaste church on this one: still prefer REAR WINDOW for Hitchcock blonde with Stewart. And that opening exposition shot is a wonder of effective storytelling.

  • Floyd Thursby

    My favorite image is Kim waking up naked in Stewart’s bed.

    My fear of heights may result from having seen Vertigo at a very impressionable age in 1958.

  • taikwan

    Love the green moment….. and also the deliberate haziness in the graveyard. Another image – Kim and Jimmy walking in front of the Palace of Arts a building you can see in the graveyard scene. First time I noticed it was tonight.

    I have a book on the locales, intentions, making of..Great to see the streets of San Francisco as they were. And the Redwoods

  • Freddy Jicker

    This film is one of my favourites. I believe that this film coud appeal to the younger as well. I hope that it will be screened more often in TV.

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  • dachshund

    Appreciate that efficient instant….. as well as slow haziness from the graveyard. A further graphic : Kim in addition to Jimmy taking walks while watching Construction regarding Martial arts disciplines any developing you will observe from the graveyard field. Very first time that POST observed it absolutely was this evening.

    We have any publication to the locales, goals, building regarding.. Good to check out that pavement regarding S . fransisco as they quite simply were being. And also the Redwoods

    That roll film is actually among our top rated several favorites out of them all in addition to Kane in addition to Chinatown. You will discover a great number of photos in the roll film which might be significantly grounded within our filmgoing storage area which it might be very challenging to be able to only opt for someone to make about canvas.

    “If I possibly could discover a precise making about canvas I had hang up the idea about our living-room wall membrane. ”

    With the next result regarding Bruce Stewart since his / her vertigo last but not least vanishes in addition to this individual methods out there in which depressed ledge to the bell podium. akita breed

  • bano
  • Is he throwing that woman out of a window or something? What is the scene about?

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