Spirit of Radley Metzger

With reader assistance I’ve located a slow-loading online trailer for Julio Medem‘s Room in Rome, which CHUD’s Devin Faraci wrote about on 1.19. The quality of Medem’s Sex and Lucia indicates that Room in Rome will have a mitigating touch of class. IFC will open it domestically later this year.

Almost anytime an American film shoots in Rome, they get it wrong by doing everything they can to gloss and tidy it up. Medem apparently shot most of Room in Rome in Madrid except for a few exteriors. Thinking about Rome put me in a mood to run one of my own pics, shot in June of ’07.

The “wall of Romulus” is one of three ancient walls surrounding Rome. This may be it, or it could be one of the Servian walls builit in the ninth century.

55 thoughts on “Spirit of Radley Metzger

  1. “Almost anytime an American film shoots in Rome, they get it wrong by doing everything they can to gloss and tidy it up.”

    Uh, this can be said of pretty much every mainstream entertainment movie shot in ANY major city of the world. Didn’t watch the trailer, so I assume it must be full of Euro-pervs having BDSM orgies in old castles…

  2. Okay, watched trailer. Took a few stunned moments to recover.

    I don’t think outside of porn I’ve ever seen something with that much nudity and stimulated lesbian sex (cue stampeded of HE readers to crash trailer addict servers).

    I was on the phone with a friend who loved SEX AND LUCIA, so I started it while we chatted to give him a heads up. I’m not sure what he said to me after the first 10 seconds. Unfortunately for him, he was driving in his car so he will have to wait until tonight to see it.

  3. Sex and Lucia showed some real promise. I was hoping Medem would be more than one of those European filmmakers whose sole driving force was to get young, beautiful women naked (not there is anything wrong with that).

  4. Haha! Does that movie actually have a plot, or is it literally just two birds diddling for two hours? It looks like one of those female-friendly alternative porn films by a feminist pornographer.

    Despite the show of lovely tits on display, I can’t think of a film I’d rather see less in a theater. Movies like this were made for private viewings only.

  5. I can’t for the reports of old tweedy Upper West Side couples wandering in to an afternoon screening of this movie at the Lincoln Plaza not knowing that it may kill them.

  6. “so, do i have this right? this trailer reminds you of your Rome trip and this photo in particular?”

    Ha ha!

    Wells: “Look at those two outrageously hot foreign girls panting and moaning as they endlessly pleasure each other! It reminds me of a wall!!!”

    One wonders if Wells even watched the trailer.

  7. “Sex and Lucia showed some real promise. I was hoping Medem would be more than one of those European filmmakers whose sole driving force was to get young, beautiful women naked (not there is anything wrong with that).”

    Actually, “S&L” is a pretty big step down from Medem’s much better work he did previously, particularly the poignant and mystical “Lovers of the Arctic Circle” and the truly remarkable “Vacas”, perhaps the best example of Marquez-style magic realism I’ve ever seen translated to film. Both provocative and enchanting (w/plenty of erotic tension), and leagues beyond ‘Lucia”‘s garbled mess. He’s someone I’m always looking forward to seeing and hope the next one is up to his best.

  8. Did nobody else notice the preponderance of incomplete VFX shots where the green screen beyond the hotel room windows and balcony was as plain as day?

    What were you all looking at instead?

  9. prairie_oysters – just what part of “nude lesbian sex scenes” did you not comprehend.

    Yes, actually, I did notice and ignored them. But I’m guessing they figured every redblooded male and lesbian watching the trailer would not care.

    If this was a test for gayness, you either passed if male or failed if female. Congratulations or condolences depending on your situation.

  10. ALRIGHT! I passed, I passed!!!

    I wonder if this will have any screenings in one of those Sundance-esque “viewing booths.”

  11. Man, Edge of Darkness has got to be Mel’s worst take since his pre-Lethal Weapon/post-Road Warrior stuff. And how the hell did it cost $80 million, to boot?! http://www.boxofficemojo.com/movies/?id=edgeofdarkness.htm

    Conchords guy attached to Muppets movie.


    Patrick Stewart in Mad Max 4? [Didn't they learn anything from Masterminds...?]


    Spock 90210=George Gershwin?


    Cemetary Junction trailer.


  12. D.Z., it’s Mel’s worst take since BRAVEHEART, something I learned within one minute of reading a box office analysis article, possibly that one.

  13. “Sex and Lucia” is far from Medem’s best work. He’s been making films since the late 80′s. I count him as one of my very favorite directors. I’ll never forget stumbling into a screening of his 1999 masterpiece “Lovers of the Arctic Circle” at the AFI Fest and coming out completely stunned and in love with this guy. I look forward to whatever he does. I just wish “Chaotic Ana” would get its long overdue release on R1 DVD.

  14. “something I learned within one minute of reading a box office analysis article, possibly that one. ”

    Now, that’s not fair; you have to actually click on the name “Mel Gibson” in that link to get an accurate listing of all of his box office openings. It isn’t right there in that very link. I count seven movies later than pre-Lethal Weapon, including Lethal Weapon, which are less, and several more which are on par.

  15. There’s an embedded video of naked lesbian sex and someone is discussing D.Z.’s latest thread-jack.

    ….I cant’ tell who’s more nuts, him or them.

  16. DeeZee you fucking moron, that Cemetery Junction trailer you linked to went online on 08-Jul-2009, 18:09.

    If you’re going to use your posts to link to ‘breaking news’ please try to make it at least 6 months fresh.

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  21. I was worried this would be another movie that didn’t live up to the hype youtube , but happily, that wasn’t the case. Mulligan is every bit as good as advertised, but she’s not the only one – everyone is good, from forum Alfred Molina to Cara Seymour as the parents, to Sarsgaard as the boyfriend, Dominic Cooper and Rosamund Pike as the friends,Youtube Olivia Williams as the teacher, Emma Thompson as the headmistress, and Sally Hawkins in a small role (which I won’t give away). And Scherfig gives space to each performance, dl7b allowing characters to come on screen, rather than types.

    One thing I would disagree with Morgenstern on – CHARADE did make somewhat gallery of a deal about the age difference between Hepburn and Grant, as I recall.

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