Wall Street Peek

Not bad. The cell phone joke is pretty good. Douglas eyeballing the homies climbing into a limo — that’s funny too.

  • televisiontears

    This teaser is far too jokey and self-referential.

    “Remember that line ‘greed is good’? We’re making a sequel to that movie!”

    “Those cell phones sure were big in the eighties, huh? Isn’t that hilarious?”

    “Oh my god! Black people in limos!!!”

    What crazy times we live in.

  • televisiontears


  • DeeZee

    television: I’m just glad Shia’s not channeling his Pie-Boy, Jr. routine for once.

  • HanekeFanBoyNumberOne

    The film being self-referential works because it’s also timely. I think it was a decent teaser.

  • duplicitousdan

    [Deleted, poster banned.]

  • googs

    “hip hop homies”

    Congratulations, you’re officially old and white.

  • DeeZee

    duplicit: I think it’s more like he jizzed that Douglas might finally be back in action again after blowing his career on one-note paycheck gigs like “The American President” and “One Night at McCool’s”. Oh, and mellow indie crap like Wonder Boys and King of Kalifornia.

  • DeeZee

    er, California.

  • LexG

    Were those Mulligan’s feet? YAAAAAY.

    I wasn’t entirely sold on Mulligan when Jeff started talking her up, but now I TOTALLY get it. She’s DREAMY.

  • Deathtongue_Groupie

    “…one-note paycheck gigs like “The American President”… Oh, and mellow indie crap like Wonder Boys…”

    And I thought he sounded like an idiot when he talked about box office projections. Apparently, Young Daniel is multi-“talented”

  • googs

    Brolin looks the part. I have a feeling he’ll out-Gecko Gordon Gecko in this. He actually manages a mulit million dollar hedge fund in real life. Perfect fit for the new breed of yuppie scum.

    I also think Shia is a step up from Sheen. Charlie out-douches him any day of the week.

  • JSS

    Wall Street: Port of Call Hoboken

  • Markj74

    Only DeeZee would think Wonder Boys was crap.

  • frankbooth

    Wall Street: The Two Jakes.

  • reverent and free

    Televisiontears, first of all, it’s a teaser trailer for a sequel, did you expect it NOT to be self referential? The joke about the phone is a clever way of subtly hinting who he is before we get the close up, and it establishes the theme of Gekko being passe after his time behind bars.

  • reverent and free

    I’m interested in Eli Wallach’s involvement, since he apparently has enough of a role to receive billing with the main players. The man is 94 years old. It reminds me of Godfather part III, another long delayed sequel he turned up in.

  • DeeZee

    mark: Well, it is just basically a low-key Dead Poets Society, so…

  • Noiresque

    Michael Douglas has one of the all time great voices. His narration is always great – easily the best thing about the Munich Olympics doco.

    My theory on why Carey Mulligan’s year-long campaign has born little fruit is because of her hairstyle. She’s an pretty woman who has dulled her fresh appeal with Clairol red and a cut that makes her look alternately like a homely geography teacher or a 4-year-old boy. That chop needs someone with stronger facial features – cf Audrey Hepburn’s high cheekbones, firm nose, sculpted jaw and shapely peepers. Carey’s pug nose and swollen eyes requires a short style, if she’s trying to be a gamine, with a bit more volume, choppiness and texture.

  • juligenb

    @Noiresque, I think it has much more to do with no one seing the film and Sony Pictures simply dumping the film with no PR help at all. Even tho I dont like this short hair, it actually helped Carey to stand out in a pool of generic, white young girls. Every young actress in Hollywwod has the same weight, hair and looks.

    Abbie Cornish looks like a new version of Charlize and her film and performance was ignored simply because the film was too small. Carey is lucky to be getting so much attention.

  • BizzarroJeffWells

    [Deleted, poster banned.]

  • Ray

    This is a golden opportunity for Stone to really comment on the current financial situation in America. I really hope he’s not wasting that chance with an ordinary film featuring a bunch of jokes like the ones in that teaser.

  • DeeZee

    Noir: Her hair’s fine. I don’t think she’s hot, like Lex does, but she’s a refreshing change of pace from all the trailer-trash tarts Hollywood has been trying to pass off as “it girls” in recent years. Anyway, the real problem is that the concept of young people trying to find themselves in a 60s-era setting has been beaten into the ground one too many times to the point that even Ang Lee couldn’t sell his take on the gimmick.

  • Eloi Manning

    Shia’s line about Gekko never being rich is a bit clunky.

    Boiler Room was alright.

  • markj

    Only DeeZee would think Wonder Boys was crap.

  • Alboone

    I WANT TO SEE THIS NOW!!!! Wall Street is one of my favorites. And I don’t care if Shia is in it, this is a well cut trailer that actually creates a sense of excitement. The limo gag is priceless.

  • nodirectionhome

    Like a few mentioned before its way too referential and comedic in tone and sure I suppose its meant for nostalgic purposes, but this is a follow up to Wall Street not another tween weekend multiplex film; it just made the film appear that much more unnecessary. Maybe Im wrong I wont know until Spring, but besides the pace of the trailer, the film itself looks too flashy as though to overcompensate for something; ie script, director ? I doubt Stone has the ability to reinvent himself or even maintain the craft he mastered almost two decades ago; he’s become a director for hire. And I guess in that sense the films trailer reflects Stones current standing in Hollywood.

  • Steven Kar

    Why?! Why’d they pick that kid Shia for this movie?! Of all the young actors in Hollywood who would’ve done a wonderful job playing the part, why Shia? Why not Ben Foster, for example, or Ryan Gosling, or James Franco … anyone but Shia. Hell, I’d be happy with Gyllenhaal playing the part.

    Also, there’s the problem of believability: I just don’t buy Shia in this role in this movie when he looks to be about 18-years-old.

    Other than the prick Shia, I’m quite excited about this movie.

  • Eloi Manning

    It’s only a 90-second teaser. I don’t think you can make sweeping judgments like that yet.

    What it WILL do is get the hedge fund/trader boys in real life positively erect, and give it a big box office boost. I’m sure this has been designed deliberately to look flashy and slick to attract the financial types who see Gekko as a role model and not a cautionary tale.

  • Bill Bomp Whomper

    Saw a picture with Eli Wallach sitting next to Brolin at a boardroom table, sort of low, nondescript. An advisor I’m guessing, or the money-man.

    Mulligan is just not all that interesting. If you go to an Animal Collective or Beach House show you will find fifty or sixty rocking the same thing and perhaps more vibrant.

  • Movie Watcher

    Were cell phones that big in the 80’s? I don’t remember, drunk most of the time. The debut of the iPad this week…what a leap in technology. Should have put Zeta-Jones in this as a ballbusting wall street type.

  • Mo’Nique Waltz

    I’ve never seen anything that Shia LaBeef has been in, except for an ep of F&G. this might be my first.

  • dinther

    I agree with Kar. As sour as I was about the idea of messing up the legacy of the original, the idea of Gecko emerging from a long prison term is appealing. And the trailer has other actors and ideas that draw me in.

    And then comes Shia. No credibility whatsoever. Distractingly unconvincing. All the gravitas of a paper clip. His motorcycle entrance here brought back memories of his spit-take worthy entrance in Indiana Jones. Bloody laughable.

  • BurmaShave

    “one-note paycheck gigs like “The American President” ”

    “mellow indie crap like Wonder Boys”

    D, you have not seen these movies. Why not just troll about movies you’ve seen that don’t appeal to your horrible taste?

  • nemo

    Drive-by dissing of Wonder Boys? We already knew you don’t know what you’re talking about.

  • Mo’Nique Waltz

    WONDER BOYS is great and I have always had a soft spot for HE AMERICAN PRESIDENT, even if it does drip with it’s liberal agenda.

  • Punchdrunk

    DZ hasn’t seen Wonderboys, American President, or Dead Poets Society.

    He has admitted to seeing and loving Boondock Saints.

    So that’s who we’re dealing with.

  • Snoop Marlo

    Kar: Shia’s in it, and Gosling is not, because of Shia’s Box Office Clout. Simple as that.

    I saw Mulligan at the Golden Globes. She’s waifish & pretty, but she has bad posture. Doesn’t walk confidently at all.

  • Rich S.

    Talk about referential. I expected the prison checkout bit at the beginning to end with, “one prophylactic, soiled.”

  • Mo’Nique Waltz

    Not sure about the tomboy do on Casey Mulligan.

  • Zach

    I have a feeling that most of the self-referential humor that will be in the film was featured in this teaser. As great as the first film was, it’s not really a hot topic today, especially with the younger crowd. The point of doing it like this is to remind people, “Hey, there was a movie back in the day called Wall Street. And this is the sequel”.

    I personally think it looks great – I’m pumped. And Shia… he’s definitely way too overexposed and needs to pick his projects better, but I’ve got a feeling this role will suit him well.

  • Snoop Marlo

    I’d be shocked if this was anything better than just ‘decent’.

    Stone’s washed-up.

  • George Prager

    WONDER BOYS is a C+ two and half stars movie. Good book, though. And why are all of these people getting deleted/banned?

  • nemo

    “Wall Street: The Two Jakes.”

    Ouch! I hope it’s not that bad.

    The Two Jakes ranks up there with Godfather III as the sequel that most violently desecrates the memory of a great movie. Not that the original Wall Street was ever in a class with Chinatown or Godfather I or II.

    George, I’m surprised. You must have been having a bad day when you saw Wonder Boys.

  • Snoop Marlo

    Jeff with WIFI = No Bans

    Jeff without WIFI = Ban Central.

  • televisiontears

    Prager, I briefly commented on the “hip-hop homies” (now changed to “homies”) thing. I was a little shocked that it was deleted, as it wasn’t accusatory or confrontational. Just kind of a shrug of disappointment.

    I’m assuming the people who were banned were much more offended by the casually tossed off phrase.

  • dangovich

    Michael Douglas looks really grizzled in that clip, which is good.

    I don’t want to jump to conclusions, but this premise belies a naivete about the criminal justice system. As someone pointed out in an earlier thread, no way does the system lay Gekko low. At worst, he’d be on a Michael Milken track: pay off the SEC,.hire Alan Dershowitz, do two years in a country club prison, start a charity, get pats on the back, go on Larry King, etc.

  • Gordon27

    It amuses me that the people calling DZ out leave out his comment about ‘One Night at McCool’s’. I’m assuming I’m the only person who’s seen this movie (that is, in the world), and I can confidently say that it’s not in any way the standard “one-note” Michael Douglas performance DZ ascribes to it. It’s a terrible movie, but he’s actually surprisingly good in it, and plays a character he’s never played before or since.

    But I do love watching his bitterness kick in; notice that, for DZ, the worst thing an actor can do is be high-paid.

  • Bob Violence

    [Deleted, poster banned.]

  • reverent and free

    Dangovich, I heard that in at least one version of the script, Gekko does flee the country, but decides to come back and serve his sentence years later.

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