Color of Wimpitude

Who doesn’t despise President Obama‘s stated dreamscape belief in the notion of bipartisan support for health care reform, or more particularly the fantasy of Republicans having the slightest interest in allowing the less-well-offs to receive comprehensive health care at more affordable rates?

Apart from the general venality of Republican positions on this matter, there’s nothing quite as contemptible as the inability of Democrats to achieve what they claim they want to achieve by whatever means necessary. Everyone loathes ineffectualness and flaccidity.

36 thoughts on “Color of Wimpitude

  1. Ponderer on said:

    Thus has it always been. “I don’t belong to an organized political party. I’m a Democrat.” – Will Rogers

  2. The problem is the Dems have been coasting on anti-Bush sentiment for the last 4 years, and they weren’t prepared for when they’d be in charge. They probably thought it was enough to just win the popularity contest, and didn’t truly realize how much they were expected to deliver until it was too late.

  3. if only there had been a candidate in the election who knew first-hand how the right-wing sleaze machine worked and how to fight back against it . . . oh wait, there was

  4. joe: Yeah, she really did a good job during the Monica thing, Gore in 2000, and the whole

    “blame Clinton for 9/11 and the 2001 recession” meme of the Bush years.

  5. Olivia Wilde is the new Jolie, in the sense that she is ridiculously gorgeous, makes me think filthy things, and it is absolutely painful to watch her talk about politics, which she clearly thinks she is able to do.

  6. In other news … Lenser Christian Berger, who filmed “The White Ribbon,” won the top prize at the 24th annual American Society of Cinematographers awards on Saturday night.

    Now back to regularly scheduled comments.

  7. You guys don’t get it? Obama is on the same team as Bush and those Republicans!! They piss at each other in public, but wash each others hands in private. Do you really think they would actually allow a real leader for change risk their stranglehold on America’s wealth and power??

    No way. Obama is a well spoken puppet head hired to deliver soothing speeches in order to placate the masses.

  8. Democrats are here hobbled by not being able to be upfront about the main reason they want this (hint: it’s NOT about helping “the people,” nobody on either end gives a damn about “the people”) while the Republicans more-or-less can.

    Make no mistake: Near-universal healthcare, even without a “full’ public option, will create more reliable Democrat voters – it’s the same machinery by which constant war-readiness creates more Republican voters – if it passes.

    Disagree philosophically with the concept of federally-funded entitlements all you want (and, to a large degree in certain areas, I do) but the trend of American history is clear: Once they have them, “the people” like them. Not even the most virulent Tea Partiers want to give up their Medicare.

    Democrats know this, Republicans know this. If/when “Obamacare” passes, the right will piss and moan for a few years – especially on talk radio and especially about “having to stand in line behind brown people at the E.R.” or whatever the 21st Century version of the mythic “welfare queen” stereotype will be – but eventually the same white, middle-class suburban college-educated soccer mom “swing voters” who put Obama over the top in 2008 will decide they LIKE paying less for checkups and prescriptions; and Democrats will be able to say “keep voting us in, or you might LOSE that.”

    But Democrats CAN’T say that out loud, because it sounds Machiavellian and “elitist.” Republicans, meanwhile, can come right up to the line of saying “we’re against this because we know you’ll like it once you get it and we’ll lose votes.” When Beck et al talk about “slippery slopes” and “preventing collapse;” they aren’t talking about some psuedo-biblical apocalypse but rather what for them is a POLITICAL armageddon: Near-permanent Democrat voting blocs in rural/middle America.

  9. Here in the hinterlands, Obamacare (let’s just call it that) has failed because it’s a complete redraft of the health insurance system and legislators are afraid to be too tied to it.

    No one is arguing that there are uninsured people out there, but this 2,000 page bill that most legislators will never read is just a christmas tree for the Democrats to hang their personal baubles (I’m talking about the set asides for so-and-so’s district to have interpreters or whatever in their health clinics. Senator Nelson and the lady from Lousiana may have to give their baubles back because they asked for (and were given) too much.

    But the union leaders, the tort lawyers and others of their ilk will get what Obama promised when he sold out to get this job. Regular folks who don’t fall into these categories feel that the federal government is not capable of lowering costs or improving services in any other area of the economy and why should this be different?

    I think that’s why Democrats are understandably reluctant to use reconciliation to settle this. They’re scared, they’re vulnerable, they need some company, and “Obama as the Great Uniter” ain’t getting it done.

  10. television: No, I’m serious. She’s pretty average-looking for someone who started out as a model.

    Anyway, Hugh Laurie robs the cradle.

    Speaking of Jolie, she and Aronofsky want to remake Citizen Kane, er, adapt Serena.

    Amber Heard in Cage’s 3D Death Wish-wannabe.

    Don’t talk about the Hurt Locker.

    For people who still remember it, Digital Bits notes Max Headroom’s gonna be on DVD.

    They also think you’re willing to pay five grand for a 3D HDTV.

    AICN talks to Harrelson.

    Via Dark Horizons, teaser for Tangled, the Di$ney Rapunzel movie.

    Some other Nolan involved on Superman Rebooted.

    Michael Bay’s considering sucking in three dimensions.

    Harry Potter goes to Iraq.

    Waterworld is now under the bridge.

    Also via Digital Bits, Kurosawa tribute on TCM.

  11. Former Clinton secretary of labor, Robert Reich agrees with everything Jeff says and is even more angry about it. Reich, now a professor of public policy at the University of California, states his case on his own blog in a piece entitled “The Enthusiasm Gap” One quote: “The Democratic base is lethargic because the congressional Democrats continue to compromise on everything the Democratic base cares about.”He gets into specific detail on how health reform has been reduced down into a bland, better than nothing mess.

  12. Wells, is thi where you get your news and the Bs to back up your lefty POV? God, I can’t think of anything more vapid than stupid celebutards spouting off their dumbass views on shit they know nothing about. Do us all a favor, stick to movies.

  13. Bob: If the Dems wanted new blood that bad, they had 30 years to make it happen by now. They seem to think that, as long as they got a wider spectrum of voters than the Republicans, they don’t have to worry about narrowing their message as much as the GOP does for the fundy gun nut crowd.

    J. Lo makes up for failed comedy career on SNL?–1021

    New Expendables, Greek, Beastly, Looking for Eric pics @

    Via Dark Horizons:

    Hopefully, they won’t do anything racist with Bob Sapp in Conan.

    Frankel and Liman possible contenders for new Musketeers?

    I guess Cameron’s ok with those “Let’s find a way to bring Ripley back to life in every Aliens sequel!” gimmicks after all.

    Voight returns to Boorman.

    Surprised they didn’t make Depp Sartre in this one.

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