Greenberg Face-time

Greenberg director-writer Noah Baumbach‘s LA-to-NY flight was cancelled by the blizzard, so he did his round-table interviews at this morning’s Greenberg junket at the Waldorf Astoria hotel via Skype and a portable speaker. Baumbach’s confinement to a Macbook Pro screen reminded me of the Martian leader inside the glass bowl (i.e., “the sum of all intelligence”) in William Cameron MenziesInvaders From Mars, and the two publicists who carried Baumbach into the room were like the three-fingered Martian goons.

I’ll post my video of a portion of the Baumbach chat later tonight — my YouTube upload troubles are keeping me from uploading from my Toshiba, al though I’m able to upload off my iMac.)

Greenberg costar Greta Gerwig is much more lithe and aerobicized than she appears in the film, for which she gained roughly 15 pounds. A bit of a pleasant surprise. Her video will post also tonight.

Waldorf Astoria lobby — Friday, 2.26, 9:25 am.

An extremely wet and slushy (although not horribly cold) Park Avenue and 51st Street.

26 thoughts on “Greenberg Face-time

  1. “A bit of a pleasant surprise.” Yeah, I bet.

    I’m friends with a former paramour of GG, and the lady and I have been to a few of the same parties. I’m not sure you’re exactly her type, chief.

  2. Is it really necessary to comment on her weight in the film? She is ridiculously good-looking in that trailer (I hate when you have to resort to those sort of comments) and that added nothing to the post.

  3. Laz, I believe at the time the only Swanberg film I knew was “LOL,” which remains the only one I can really stomach. (Fun fact: The photo for the DVD jacket of that film was shot on the roof of my apartment.) I always thought she was talented (as well as bright and likable) and I’m glad to see her going on to other things. I also have good reason to believe we won’t be seeing any further Gerwig/Swanberg collabs.

  4. Who implied anyone was anyone else’s type? I just said she’s surprisingly thinner than she is in the film. Will you get off my case, Glenn? Ever since the Douglas Sirk thing it’s been nip nip nip.

  5. “I also have good reason to believe we won’t be seeing any further Gerwig/Swanberg collabs.”

    Thank god. She’s the best part of Greenberg.

  6. Also I think surprisingly more lithe means “getting progressively more famous, will soon be an unattractive swizzle-stick”

  7. Burma, give me a break:

    “Unattractive swizzle-sticks?” Sorry, I know this comes as a SHOCK to people who have fallen for the “real women have curves” PC brigade, but thin is in. And some men, crazy as it seems, like thin, lean, lithe women. It’s despicable that when thin enthusiasts express their perfectly valid opinion and their taste, they’re accused of nonsense like “encouraging young girls toward eating disorders!” or lusting after women “with the body of a 12-year-old girl/boy.”

    Sorry, if you look at a STUNNING woman like Keira Knightley or Kate Bosworth or Alexis Bledel and you’re thinking of “boys,” then that’s on you, that’s your issue.

    This chick is fine but in that nude pic her feet are posed in an unflattering/boring manner.

  8. Those women were never heavier though, I’m referring more to the Brittany Murphys of the world, driven to ruination rather than embracing their own assets. Someone like The Biel has found a happy medium.

    Are you really going to tell me Jolie wasn’t hotter 20 pounds ago

  9. Lex G, I can’t believe you’re complaining about the placement of the feet. Either you’re far deeper than you let on, or your fetishes are. Either way, I’m impressed. I think.

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