Strong Survive

Wells to 42West: “I’m determined to attend your Waldorf Astoria Greenberg junket despite the blizzardtopia outside, but I’m just checking to see if you guys are having second thoughts. Damn the torpedos?” 42West to Wells: “The junket is on!”

Which means I need to be at the Waldorf by 9:00 am or so. I have no rubber boots, but don’t get me wrong — I love a good blizzard. But all the material I was meaning to post yesterday afternoon (but didn’t due to that horrendous video upload problem) is delayed until early this afternoon.

5 thoughts on “Strong Survive

  1. Rob on said:

    Not to gloat, but here in Boston it hasn’t snowed more than an inch or two since New Year’s weekend, and it’s pretty much been 40 degrees all winter, so nothing sticks.

  2. Never to gloat, nonetheless within Birkenstock boston the idea has not snowed over a good in . as well as not one but two because Fresh Year’s saturday and sunday, in addition to it really is essentially recently been 30 levels almost all wintertime, therefore almost nothing twigs. boerboel mastiff

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