I’ll Be Honest

My first reaction when I read about all the thousands of European flights grounded by the huge plume of ash from the eruption of Iceland’s Eyjafjallajokull volcano was one of vague relief. I’m glad it’s happening now, I mean, rather than 22 days hence when the Cannes Film Festival begins. My jet might not even leave New York under these conditions.

The eruption “was continuing as of early Sunday morning and possibly intensifying, with the ash plume rising to 30,000 feet,” a N.Y. Times report says.

“The cloud had extended as far south as Spain overnight, prompting the closure of airspace in the northern part of that country, according to Eurocontrol. Airports across most of the continent were expected to remain shuttered at least into Sunday afternoon, though a few countries, including France and Switzerland, had opened at least parts of their airspace to allow overflights above 35,000 feet.”

4 thoughts on “I’ll Be Honest

  1. Ponderer on said:

    I know you’re trying to be optimistic but no one knows when this sucker is gonna stomp blowing. It could be weeks or months or, like the last time it erupted, years. That’s if it doesn’t trigger the nearby larger volcano. And even if it stopped blowing up the ash cloud, the cloud itself could circle and linger for months based on the prevailing winds.

    At any rate, I would just think pre-emptively and consider other ways to Europe – if possible, airports outside of the ash zone like in Greece, Italy or Portugal.

  2. Yeah Jeff, I think you just doomed yourself with negative karma (“My first reaction…was one of vague relief. “) because I too heard that they have NO IDEA when this will end.

    If you seriously want to be in Cannes this year, you might want to get your butt on a ship soon (it takes 5 days from New York to Southhampton). I’m not being facetious – even if the ash subsides there is going to be a scramble for planes and the airline might declare your flight “canceled” so they can accommodate their VIP passengers. Think about the leg-up it would give you if you were one of the few journalists on the ground. Isn’t that what being on your own is supposed to be about – taking advantage of opportunities like this?

    On the other hand, you might want to ask any contacts you have on the Cannes staff under what circumstances would they cancel or postpone this year’s festival. Considering that it has always been half about the art and half about the star-fucking, would they really go forward if 80% of the celebrities couldn’t show up?

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