Pop The Pope

I for one would be impressed and delighted if author and noted biologist and author Richard Dawkins and author Christopher Hitchens could manage to actually arrest Pope Benedict for crimes against humanity during a planned visit to England in September. The Pope “is not above or outside the law,” Hitchens has said. “The institutionalized concealment of child rape is a crime under any law and demands not private ceremonies of repentance or church-funded payoffs, but justice and punishment.”

36 thoughts on “Pop The Pope

  1. Eloi Manning on said:

    Richard Dawkins.

  2. Your HTML is a little screwy.

    But I hope Dawkins does try it! Unless the pope suddenly has to wash his hair and cancels the trip.

  3. The Pope and the worship of the Blessed Virgin are just two of the reasons I am no longer a Catholic. The audacity to claim a man can be infallible when he speaks Ex Cathedra is beyond the absurd.

    When will Catholics wake up and rise up against the tyranny of the pope, cardinals and bishops?

  4. it really disgusts me that the Pope is exempt from the Italian judicial system and can’t be arrested. I’m not sure if it applies in other nations.

    I hate all organized religions, but– more importantly I HATE and LOATHE all religious authorities and leaders !!!

  5. “I hate all organized religions, but– more importantly I HATE and LOATHE all religious authorities and leaders !!!”

    LOL. Of course you do.

    As to Hitch, he’s hated Ratzinger for years. This is just pretext to vent an existing attitude.

  6. I’d say that covering up hundreds and hundreds of crimes in different countries is worse than actually committing one of a similar nature, especially when the perpetrators in the former are fucking PRIESTS who are supposed to be trusted by families and communities, but D.Z. apparently thinks they’re equal.


  7. Actually, I consider Polanski worse, ‘cus he knew exactly what the hell he was doing, while at least you could argue that the Pope might have deluded himself into believing he was doing the right thing.

  8. That’s actually a good point D.Z. – its kind of like how you delude yourself into thinking you’re doing the right thing by posting a bunch of links no one gives a shit about.

    Of course the pope can at least claim religion as his rationale for being delusional. What’s your excuse?

  9. Of course, I guess it could go both ways with you.

    We could also say that you’re anally raping all of us with your hijacking of threads, constantly going off topic posts, and general inability to understand basic thought composition.

  10. “lazarus: So Polanski wasn’t supposed to be entrusted with a little girl?”

    You tell me if you’d let your precocious daughter hang out with a bunch of notorious Hollywood party boys by herself?

    I sure as hell wouldn’t.

  11. George: Does he strap kids with bombs to blow up civilians? News to me.

    lazarus: Well, they’re letting whatsherface from Kick-Ass do that, and Cage didn’t rape her, so…

  12. China: Arguing that what happened was going to happen only serves to implicate Polanski more. As for the question, it would depend on how well I knew them personally, because while I don’t think my hypothetical daughter would be raped, I imagine she could be neglected or unsupervised, depending on who’s baby-sitting. However, even if I *didn’t* know those individuals that well, they would still fucking bear responsibility for anything they intentionally did to harm her, just like those pedo priests bear responsiblity for all the choir boys they molested.

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