I purchased a download of Corel Paintshop Photo Pro X3, and of course it didn’t acknowledge the existence of this software on the final download page. So I called tech support and the message said today’s a holiday and they’ll all be back at work on Monday, April 5th. Who gets April Fool’s Day off?

From here on no work holidays except Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Day, 4th of July and Labor Day. All the other piddly-dink holidays are hereby shit-canned. And no sending people home early when the weather acts up, as I explained several weeks ago.

  • larry braverman

    You get what you pay for.

  • larry braverman

    Can we keep Jewish holidays?

    Traffic (or lack thereof) has been delightful in LA this week.

  • Spartan Tell

    Corel is a Canadian company. Good Friday, (April 2) is a holiday in Canada. That may be why the Corel techs have started their weekend early.

  • http://martiansattackingindianapolis.blogspot.com/ Josh Massey

    C’mon, you can get behind Democrats trying to make Cesar Chavez’s birthday a national holiday.

    I wish I could create more days off for myself.

  • http://martiansattackingindianapolis.blogspot.com/ Josh Massey

    Of course, they could also be located in another country. A quick search reveals today is Captain Regents Day in San Marino, Cyprus National Day in Cyprus, Republic Day in Iran and Youth Day in Benin.

  • Rich S.

    When I worked at a movie theater, we used to call all the holidays but the big ones “f*ck holidays.” We never got any holidays off, but it was especially galling to have to work long hours on Veteran’s Day, Good Friday, etc. which were usually lighter weekdays. Friggin’ bankers.

  • Vinessa Shaw

    I agree with Larry. And furthermore, why are buying a sub-standard product? Why not purchase from Adobe?

  • Vinessa Shaw

    Chavez is an American hero, Massey. Got a problem with that?

  • lbeale

    It’s Easter. Down here in NC, where I teach college, school is out today and tomorrow.

  • Jack South P.I.

    I would like to defend Memorial Day, the most underrated of all holidays.

    It gives us a long weekend and, most years anyway, it’s nice enough to fire up the grill and spend some nice time out of doors. Plus is does have nice historical/respectful meaning, especially to families with loved ones in the armed services.

    I formally ask that it be included on Wells’ list.

  • berg

    bring back NAVY DAY (not because I was in the Navy, but I like Francis Joins the Navy)

  • http://martiansattackingindianapolis.blogspot.com/ Josh Massey

    “Got a problem with that?”

    Making his birthday a national holiday when only two other people in history have been afforded that honor? Yep, got a problem with that.

  • Deathtongue_Groupie

    How the fuck is Hugo Chavez an American hero???? What are you, some kind of pinko peacenik homo lovin’…



    Then who’s…?

    Oh, nevermind.

  • Rich S.

    A friend of mine once threatened to run for office on a “Patriot’s Day” platform. He always hated the fact that Martin Luther King, Jr.’s birthday and President’s Day were so close together, and that it was kind of unpredictable as to which one you might get off, since most offices at that time wouldn’t let you off for both.

    His solution? Create “Patriots’ Day,” where we celebrate the contributions of all great Americans to this land of ours. The clincher? Schedule it the Monday after the Super Bowl, which usually splits the difference between the two holidays. Kind of brilliant in its simplicity.

    Never ran, though. Pity.

  • http://martiansattackingindianapolis.blogspot.com/ Josh Massey

    I’d vote for him.

  • Vinessa Shaw

    Anyone touting the word PATRIOT under any circumstances is probably is a huge fucking asshole. Or a Republican, which, of course, are one and the same.

    Secondly, maybe the reason you have a problem with Chavez, Massey, is due to the fact that you’re a white hat wearing, bar-trivia-playing, southerner from one of the most racist places in the history of human civilization. Second only to Alabama, perhaps.

    Or, maybe you’re right about the two other people in history thing.

    But then again, I was kidding about Chavez. I don’t give two shits about him.

    Though, Republicans have been trying to get their god, that dementia-ridden idiot savant, Ronald Reagan, on the U.S. currency AND have made several attempts at lionizing him by giving him his own holiday for YEARS.

  • Rich S.

    Or they live in Boston.

  • Vinessa Shaw

    And who is the biggest asshole in the NFL, Rich? The COACH off the New England Patriots.

    Who is the star of the movie The Patriot? Another asshole.

    What is the worst piece of legislation past in the last hundred years? The PATRIOT Act.

    And the list goes on and on.

    People who evoke the term patriot are transparent, jingoistic, ignoramuses…and surely have really tiny penises.

  • Rich S.

    Vinessa, Vinessa,

    I had that all tee’d up for the Yankee and/or Jets fans in the audience. Now look what you’ve gone and done.

  • Vinessa Shaw

    I’m a Jets fan, Rich, so you were successful at getting my ire up. But that’s besides the point. Belicheck is a HUGE asshole, regardless. And cheating one at that. FACT.

  • CitizenKanedforChewingGum

    Well, that last comment finally made me unable to suspend every last ounce of disbelief that Vinessa Shaw actually is the Vinessa Shaw. It’s been a long time coming, and I’ve enjoyed more than my fair share of furious masturbation sessions while watching “her” mix it up with the crankier and more conservative HE patrons (or is that “patriots?” Hmmm…).

    Shame, too, ‘cuz there’s nothing I like better than a woman who knows her way ’round ye ole pigskin!

  • Vinessa Shaw

    For one, I am woman. And secondly, I love football.

    If you must know, Citizen, I went the six games last year as guest of Kate Mara. So there!

  • CitizenKanedforChewingGum

    However, you are not Vinessa Shaw. Still, very cool that you dig the football.

    I had to google Kate Mara. Never seen her in anything. Don’t do much TV. I see she is in Iron Man 2, so big things could be on the horizon.

    Maybe she’ll be lurking in the background of one of dem Burger King tie-in collectible cups or some shit.

  • Vinessa Shaw

    Shes done quite a few movies. And her family owns the NY Giants. And, I believe they used to own the Eagles. too.

  • CitizenKanedforChewingGum

    It’s now the Giants and Steelers as of 2010, apparently. If that’s not a conflict of interest…!

    Yeah, I’ve seen a few of the films she’s been in, but I don’t really recall her.

  • Bob Violence

    Corel is a Canadian company. Good Friday, (April 2) is a holiday in Canada. That may be why the Corel techs have started their weekend early.

    surely you’re not suggesting that foreign companies should adhere to anything but the correct American holiday schedule

  • hiviper

    Corel is useless on the PC other than Draw

    Stick with Photoshop for editing bitmaps

  • http://martiansattackingindianapolis.blogspot.com/ Josh Massey

    “…from one of the most racist places in the history of human civilization. ”

    Well, that shows a remarkable lack of historical insight.