Big Pink

Looking southeast from Ninth and 14th. Tuesday, 6.29, 8:40 pm.

11 thoughts on “Big Pink

  1. Landed in Newark around that same time last night. The view from the sky was amazing and it had me singing Nick Drake for the remainder of the evening.

    “Sometimes there’s so much beauty in the world I feel like I can’t take it….”

    Nice photo Jeff.

  2. Jeff: Have you ever written about the differences between covering showbiz from NYC and LA? I would be interested to hear your thoughts on the different perspectives from the Left and Right coasts some time. As a lifetime SoCal guy (except for five years in London), I can only speculate on how things appear from the NYC centric former center of the known media universe pov. I’ve got my own theories about what that loss of media pull and power and influence must feel like for the sophisticated yet eternally provincial New Yawkers. If you’ve already written that, directions to the link please. Thanks!

  3. Wells to Gaydos: So with the decline of big-time print publishing and the book industry it’s not as vital to be covering movies from Manhattan….right? All I know is that the weather is miserable here. It’s not and baking and humid — the word is awful. It’s awful here in late June and July and August. Until a breeze from the Hudson flutters down 14th Street and suddenly it’s tolerable. I do know that L.A. is a better place to be during November, December and January. Earlier access to screenings and whatnot. I think New York is just as indie-minded as Los Angeles is. I’d prefer to live in London, frankly. Now, that‘s a great town up & down!

  4. Jeffrey, you will never find a bigger London fan than I. However, I lived there for a summer while going to school, and the weather was by-and-large miserable. The locals said it was unusual for June, but it rained almost every day I was there, with temperatures dropping into the 50s or even 40s.

    Then last summer while I was there, they had a heat wave that pushed temperatures into the 90s. Not bad if you’re in the U.S., but a lot of buildings in London (pubs, museums) have no air conditioning.

    London is a wonderful town, and I love visiting there. But if weather is a concern, that’s not one of its strong points.

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