Sanchez On The Lam?

TheWrap‘s Hunter Walker has posted a grotesque story about Robert Sanchez, 36 year-old honcho of the recently defunct fanboy site, having run for the hills over allegations of sexual misconduct with his step-daughter.

HE mentioned Sanchez twice in ’07 concerning (a) his being involved in a police-supervised sting that recovered Indy 4 photos that had been stolen from Steven Spielberg’s office, and (b) early-bird set photos of Robert Downey, Jr. in his Iron Man outfit that Sanchez posted but then took down due to legal warnings.

Sanchez “has gone missing for roughly three weeks after allegations of sexual misconduct with his underage stepdaughter,” Hunter’s story reports.

“Detectives were seeking Sanchez in connection with allegations of sexual abuse regarding ‘things to do with his stepdaughter and the internet,’ Tracy Dorsey, a spokeswoman for the Rancho Cucamonga police department, told TheWrap on Wednesday.

“Asked about rumors going around Hollywood’s digital movie media circles that the 36-year-old Sanchez had drugged and raped his stepdaughter and videotaped the act, Dorsey replied: ‘We’re looking into all of those allegations.’ She stressed that no charges have been filed, and there is currently no warrant for his arrest; nor has he been classified as a missing person.

Jamie Williams, one of Sanchez’ writers for, resigned on Monday in a post on the site. Though the post is largely innocuous, he told TheWrap in an email Wednesday morning that he and the IESB staff were told a few weeks ago that there was a ‘family emergency/tragedy.’

“‘Then as of this past Friday evening, it was heavily implied that Robert had passed away,’ Williams wrote. ‘We agreed to stay on and help for the time being under these circumstances. It wasn’t until Monday evening we were aware of the details of Robert being on the run and his actions. And the icing on the cake was us being forwarded bills for IESB.’

“Sanchez’ whereabouts have been unknown for about three weeks, though he is not listed as a missing person.

“Sanchez lives in Alta Loma; his home phone had been disconnected. The Twitter feed was taken down early this week.”

IESB is an acronym standing for “Inland Empire Strikes Back.”

62 thoughts on “Sanchez On The Lam?

  1. Ray DeRousse on said:

    Wow … ick.

  2. I’ve known Robert Sanchez to be a true creep for years. Not on this level, obviously, but even when it came to the way he practiced routine movie website business he was always underhanded and seemed to enjoy playing what he viewed as a kind of hardball. For one thing, he used to make phony accusations of content theft against other sites and send threatening legal letters. He did this to me personally when I ran Cinematical, so I’m not whispering gossip here. Bad guy. Not surprising.

  3. Ryan Stewart is still butthurt that Sanchez didn’t invite him to be on the first Masters of the Web panel at Comic Con. How did writing a piece crying about that work out for you?

  4. And for the record, Sanchez is a piece of shit. I just think schadenfraude is utterly classless in cases of child molestation. Yeah, he’s a bad dude and you were right all along! Congrats, and bask in your rightness as his teenaged stepdaughter spends the rest of her life dealing with the trauma.

  5. Might as well go for the threepeat:

    Shame on the people who have used and who will use this story to score points on Wells re: Polanski. Congrats, you’ve won an internet argument on the back of a raped girl!

    You’ve proven that you don’t care about what’s right, only about being right.

  6. “I just think schadenfraude is utterly classless in cases of child molestation.”

    You make it sound like some kind of quotidian occurrence. So much so, you’ve got a little personal moral for it…

    (and can we have a moratorium on “schadenfraude”: only Guardian readers and aspirational clever-cloggses think it’s an impressive word to know.)

  7. “only Guardian readers and aspirational clever-cloggses think it’s an impressive word to know”

    Or those of us who simply think it, like most great words, perfectly fits an idea we are trying to convey.

    Now those who would use a word like clever-cloggses, on the other hand…

  8. Devin, Mike Ock’s comment was about the specific type of defense Wells employed while defending Polanski, not the Polanski issue itself.

    It was his “art god” defense that has troubled so many. It’s not merely the fact that he was defending him, it was the WAY he chose to defend him.

    What is the difference between what this guy might have done (which labels as “grotesque”) and what Polanski did (which is actual fact)? How is that his actions are any less grotesque than this guy…if he did commit this crime? That’s the whole point.

    And Matt Cousens owned you with his follow up to your post. Way to go.

  9. “…perfectly fits an idea we are trying to convey.”

    Well, OK…

    But, let me remind you of Devin’s sentence following the “I just think schadenfraude…” bit:

    “Yeah, he’s a bad dude and you were right all along!”

    Is “schadenfraude” the perfect fit for the idea he’s conveying there? I hope this isn’t the sort of shoehorning you do with it Deathtongue_Groupie.

    And hey,

    “Now those who would use a word like clever-cloggses, on the other hand…”

    I can’t quite put my finger on what the put-down actually makes me; it’s not a clever-clogs though is it. Hmm…

  10. I’d explain the apples to oranges fallacy of your retort, but I think having to do so pretty much confirms it would be a waste of effort.

    On further reflection, I’m sure it is. Someone who in the same post uses the word “quotidian” turns around to call out others for “schadenfreude”….

  11. The nickname we always heard was “Dirty” Sanchez which really seems apropo at the moment.

    And what is with you losers who feel the need to nitpick apart your betters? Devin makes three perfectly phrased and spot on posts. Devin actually knows the guy. And yet you scrotes have to weigh in with words you can’t even follow. I mean it’s sad and where do you end up? Like Chinaski94 or maybe even Dirty himself, with your brains self-blown out in a a ditch.

    Bring it – “Don Murphy produced Double Dragon…” blah blah fucking blah, douches. Attack your betters.

    How about staying on fucking target on this site? This Sanchez guy was on probably 100 press junkets paid for by studios. Do THEY know who they are putting up in posh NYC hotels?

  12. Nor are you, Don.

    I’ve produced better stools than any of that shit you’ve made Murphy.

    Do you realize how absurd you sound? Your films are the most widely panned in modern history. You’re a philistine.

    Your “work” makes Brett Ratner’s films seem scholarly by comparison.

  13. And speaking of “100 press junkets paid for by the studios”.

    Faraci is most certainly guilty of the same thing. Probably more so.

    And what does that have to do with anything? Why don’t you stay on topic, asshat? What does this have to do with whether or not he committed these crimes? Absolutely nothing.

  14. Was IESB ever popular? TheWrap’s write-up seems to suggest it was some kind of AICN-level trendsetter. I only ever heard about it when other sites linked to some dubious “scoop” of theirs. Like that entirely unverified Green Hornet “report,” which is literally the only time in the past two or three years that I’ve been to their site.

    Anyway, grim story.

  15. Holy fuck… some of you rationally think the talkbacks for this story is a good place to attack Wells about Polanski or attack Don Murphy in general? Whatever transgressions Wells and Murphy may or may not have committed, this is not the place to air them.

    As for Sanchez, I won’t speak about the man, because I’ve never met him specifically (only been in the same room with him once, to the best of my knowledge, and I don’t remember exchanging even one word with him), but if this story is true, may the worst kind of karma befall him and every single person who knew about it and did nothing.

  16. I’m really wondering, so I’m calling for a one-question poll here. Which of the following statements is the most laughably ironic when it comes out of Devin’s fingers?

    “How did writing a piece crying about that work out for you?”

    “I just think schadenfraude is utterly classless”

    “You’ve proven that you don’t care about what’s right, only about being right.”

    I go with the first (the third loses points because, of course, Devin generally proves that he only cares about being right despite being wrong, whereas, of course, people who criticized Jeff’s defense of Polanski were not wrong).

  17. Why is there so much hatred for Devin on so many movie websites? I’m honestly asking. I’m always shocked at the daily bashing he gets on his own website’s message boards. If people hate him so much, why do they go there and read his stuff??

    Man, if people treated Jeff that way, we’d either have a Purge every other day or Jeff would quit and go work at Dairy Queen.

  18. Ray – I don’t particularly hate him but, in case my dig was too subtle, he’s been flagrantly, repeatedly guilty of all three of those things.

    But I definitely don’t read the site — I had the impression that they banned people for criticizing Devin, but I guess there got to be too much overtime in that job in today’s wintry economic climate.

  19. The answer is simple, Ray. Devin is full of himself. His ego is so bloated it threatens to carry him out of his house Up style.

    Smart guy, too much fake power.

  20. Uhm… have any of you people shitting on Devin actually met him? I’ve spent enough time with him, when he both lived in New York and when we both lived in Los Angeles, to know his ego isn’t bloated. Sure, he can contradict himself from time to time, but who amongst us doesn’t?

    I think Devin is equally admired and disliked for the same reason: he’s the guy many guys wish they could be. He’s smart and talented, and gets paid to travel around the world to write about movies. He gets to chill with all the movie geek heroes, and he gets to see all the cool stuff before they do. I’d be envious too, if I didn’t live a much smaller version of the same lifestyle for a decade.

  21. It’s really NONE of my business, but since this foul thread is all over the map anyway, and everyone’s chiming in about these blogger type fanboy site guys:

    How much DO you guys make, the successful ones? I’m not asking, say, Ed or Devin point blank, so no need to answer. Are the perks better than the actual income?

    Again, I’m acknowledging that this is a bad-taste, bad-form question, but since I’m a far, far fringe commenter loser who just works a regular schmo day job, but has at least spent a little time chatting with, say, Poland or Drew or some of these dudes, talk to others in email or on Twitter. Their lives don’t seem THAT opulent beyond the trips and interviews, and sometimes they even make it sound like my transcription career is more stable…

    Does a successful fanboy site runner make, what? I don’t even have a frame of reference? 40k? 400k? 100k? 20k but you get flown all over the world? Are you guys like millionaires and shit?

    No need to reveal any personal specifics about yourself or anyone… but when I see a guy like Poland or Faraci or Gilchrist or Kenny or Rocchi, since I sort of in some ways wouldn’t mind doing what they do, I always wonder:

    Do these guys make 20,000 dollars a year, or 2 million dollars a year? I honestly could not fucking tell in the slightest.

  22. I doubt Devin or anyone else is going to tell you what they make, but I can tell what I made off FilmJerk… jack squat.

    I didn’t create the site to make friends with filmmakers or go on set visits or anything else other than to talk about movies. But on the other hand, my inability to properly monazite the site is one of the main reasons I was able to walk away from it. I couldn’t afford to run it, either in time or money. That, plus my job taking me away from Southern California last week making it that much harder to be staying on top of everything.

    I will be talking soon with a friend who wants to keep FJ going, but in a different direction, and I’m thinking about starting a blog on the site to talk about stuff I still feel compelled to write about, but for the most part, I consider myself retired from all this.

    But getting back on topic, if there really is video of Sanchez doing these acts to that girl, I pray not only for the soul of Sanchez but every sick jerk who ever watched it. Drugging and raping a kid and videotaping the entire thing is horrific and sick, but actively searching for shit like that is arguably more horrific and sick.

  23. @ Lex – A few months ago Peter Sciretta posted a video discussion with a couple of other bloggers about the movie blogging business in which they all agreed that revenue was way down over the last two years. Certainly the hundreds of thousands of movie blogs out there can’t be helping the game.

    At this point, newer movie blogs aren’t going to make buttloads of money. Harry Knowles started AICN in 1996, and he now makes so much money that he supports his entire family. Nick Nunziata doesn’t work a 9-to-5 job, and CHUD pays for more than Nick’s nice lifestyle … but, again, that’s mainly due to the age of the site.

    But there are some newer sites finding success. The most baffling example of a newer successful site is FirstShowing. It’s not that old, it’s blander than Ben Lyons, but it manages to make tons of money. I’ve talked to several website guys, and none of them can explain the success of that site (other than it has pretty clean HTML).

    I have several friends who run networks of sites, and they’re all making around $250,000 a year off of those. Even some new and lightly-maintained sites (less than a year old) are making thousands of dollars a year. I can’t imagine Jeff making less than $100,000 a year from HE.

    That’s why lots of us keep telling YOU to start a site of some kind. Even at a part-time, after-work pace, you could be makiing some decent spending money at least.

  24. animal house I have known Jeff for almost two decades. He is a smart, hard working man with pride. He is certainly the better of yours. On his worst fucking day when he runs over a busload of nuns he is still a better human being that some anonymous, gutless internet shit who doesn’t have an ounce of courage like you.

    Dalloway My FARTS are the better of you. Your comments and attempts at attacking you betters are pathetic and they are why you can never afford that second beer.

    And further you sad mockery of a man, the fact that Devin has gone to press junkets does not make him guilty of anything. The fact that a possible fugitive pedophile did makes one question who is being invited. The fact that you breathe my air makes me squirm and wretch.

    Ed Havens Devin is a passionate guy. He cares about what he does almost to a fault. Anyone hating on Devin is a useless pussy with no interest in anything.

    LeX if you decide to do a site let me know I would love to invest and read it every day

  25. I really thought Don Murphy would have eaten a bullet by now.

    He really is the epitome of the “talk tough to hide my sadness and insecurity” type.

    Everybody, and I do mean EVERYBODY, sees through his false bravado.

    He makes Brett Ratner and McG look like Kurosawa and Scorsese.

    Actually, that’s an unfair comparison. Those guys actually direct. Don is just a producer of shitty movies. Producing a shitty movie requires as much talent as working at the DMV.

  26. Tip of the cap to Gordon for working in an awesome BJM reference up there. Always fucking loved that odd little line.

  27. Yeeeikes… Much as I very much appreciate the advice and encouragement from Ray D and Don M, I actually do feel like a right fucking prick for asking the question about what any of these guys might hypothetically make running sites. Please, no further conjecture on that end. Really none of my biznass. Carry on.

  28. “On his worst fucking day when he runs over a busload of nuns he is still a better human being that some anonymous, gutless internet shit who doesn’t have an ounce of courage like you.”

    Wells judges everybody, bans people who call him out for his bigotry aka Hispanic Animals and he’s the brave one? And a pervy anonymous misanthrope like lexg turns you on. Gotcha.

  29. I’d bookmark a LexG site. I’d read H-E regardless of LexG being here or not, but his posts are the only real reason I keep reading Poland’s Hot Blog’s comments section.

    BTW I’ve never understood how Poland’s site makes money. I don’t believe I have *ever* seen an ad there. Maybe I’m just reading the wrong sections.

  30. And Ed — get a grip. Nobody wants to be Devin Faraci (okay, okay…someone probably wants to be him, but I don’t know them — nor would I want to!). Those of us here who comment regularly and follow movie news daily, aren’t we all fairly close to being some version of him, anyway?

    I think your jealousy theory is sound, actually. I just think it’s more applicable to people like Quentin Tarantino and arguably Kevin Smith (even though his career’s in a bit of the shitter now) than people like Devin Faraci or Garth Franklin.

  31. Yeah, Lex, seriously… let me agree with Don Murphy for the first time in my memory, anyway:

    You should start a site.

    You write compelling stuff and you seem to be able to output it pretty quickly. So go get yourself a blog, put that stuff ON THERE, rack up some traffic, get a Google Adsense or whatever hookup and get paid for it.

    Paid a lot? That I don’t know – I’m making “good enough” money right now, but I’ve only been officially “in the game” for a little over a year. It’s do-able.

  32. Dude(s), I have a whopping 60 followers on Twitter. Sixty. Not that I don’t appreciate any and all of them, but shit, dude, that doesn’t bode well for building a BLOGGING CAREER off of the rather extreme niche of people who read the comments on two or three big movie blogs.

    The couple times I’ve started a LAME Blogspot blog, I would wheel out my rants or something, and I’d get like one, two comments. And I’d say fuck this and go right back to Poland’s or here where I knew I could get 30 or more posts validating my existence.

    I’m sure there’s some fat kid from Ottawa who tears up the fucking CHUD and AICN boards every day and feels like Daniel Plainview every time he powers down the laptop, but he ain’t gonna make a living as the next Harry or Drew or Devin. But even THAT KID could manage more than sixty fucking Twitter followers.

    Also big tilt of the brim to Faraci for saying on Twitter that I “creep him out.” Fucking DON CALFA IN STAR CHAMBER looking prick.

  33. @ LexG – Bah, there’s plenty of hope of success for a “creep” on a movie blog. Harry Knowles literally mentions ejaculation in every review and he makes a comfortable livin’.

    I’m just psychologically spitballing here, but I get the feeling that you prefer to be the wiseass snarking on the sidelines, rather than the main target with a smiling picture in the header. I totally get that. And, frankly, if you ran a site, I’m sure you’d end up with your fair share of attacks. It’d be a pain to get bogged down with that kind of crap.

    Stick with what works, I guess.

  34. Oh, so what, Lex, you don’t consider your rants about very young women “creepy”? You fetishize young girls and openly rant about wanting women to be demure, like the creepy, sexist pig that you are.

    Chester the Molestor has got nothin’ on you. Why don’t you just admit to it?

  35. And of course tha’ts what he prefers, Ray. Because he doesn’t have the balls to say the things he says under a byline with his ACTUAL name because then he might be held accountable for his bile-filled, sexist, and homophobic rants.

  36. @ Dalloway – What I find interesting is the fact that Lex can write three breathless paragraphs about licking the toejam out from between the toes of Kristen Stewart and not even blink, but he considers it to be bad manners to ask about someone’s income.

  37. Very good point, Ray.

    I’m not saying the guy lacks talent, but his pedophile-ish

    “male gaze” inspired rants would make Laura Mulvey blush.

    Any man that prefers, ah, DEMANDS, that their women be demure is clearly hiding some deep-seated insecurities. Lex. G’s little secret is quite little…if you know what I mean.

  38. @ DeRousse — Most of Lex’s paragraphs are breathless. Most of yours are dedious.

    @ Dalloway — you’re more dedious that DeRousse. I wish you would both go get a room and rim each other raw.

  39. Classy, Raygo. Very classy.

    As classy as someone who defends a misogynistic, sexist pig. I wonder why that is.

  40. Bukowski- you sound like Chinaski who had to be removed from the playing field. Come on and show me I am right

  41. The question is, Don, why do you care?

    You’re well into your adult years with money to burn, yet you seem to spend a lot of your free time attacking people online.

    How pathetic is that? You’re a child.

    And Bukowski was right about you. That’s obvious.

    You really do epitomize the “talk tough to hide my sadness and insecurity” type.

  42. Dalloway for the win!

    As for Devin – Don Murphy must be getting perks from Devin to kiss up to that degree. And anyone who doubts why people think Devin is an asshole ought to follow his Twitter. I did until I couldn’t anymore. The way he talks down to people as if he is some kind of elevated blogger is a joke. I will admit that, as film bloggers go, his writing is pretty good and his observations are interesting. But he is undermined by his own asshole-ishness.

    His boss, on the other hand, is way cool.

    The old school movie bloggers are the ones with class, the ones who haven’t yet been bought off, and the ones who don’t act like geeks who were rejected in high school and who must now get their revenge by acting like they are better than everyone else.

    Just because you have a lot of readers and followers doesn’t mean you act like a dick. Online.

    I’m sure he, like everyone else, is much nicer, or at least bearable, IRL.

  43. The fact that murphy admires wells and lex (“hey honey, i just invested in this pathetic homophobic perv who fantasizes about tween actresses!”) is no surprise. Bullies stick close.

  44. I don’t know if Lex or Wells should be considered bullies.

    Jeff can be tough. I agree with that. And he certainly doesn’t like to be contradicted. But he’s mostly fair. And, well, despite my many objections to some of his comments over the years, I keep coming back for more.

    And the same is true of Lex. I think they both write really well.

    Even if I find some of their views to be despicable.

    But they’re not bullies. Not in the same way that Don Murphy is.

    Murphy has actually threatened to “find” other posters and “deal” with them, here and elsewhere.

    His insecurity is laughable, really. It reminds of Mr. Blonde in that movie directed by that guy who kicked his ass once, “Are you going to bark little doggie, or are you going to bite?”

    Don’s like a little doggie: all bark and no bite. And with equally tiny, lipstick-sized weenie.

  45. I …

    Like Wells. Him being himself, warts and all, is part of his charm, no?

    Ignore LexG. People seem to like him, but I suspect they’re the vocal minority, and that there are dozens of posters who find him tedious but don’t weigh in on it. As always, I could be wrong.

    Think Don Murphy is a blustery hypocrite (if anonymous people on the internet are so worthless, why do you spend so much energy on them?), who’s worst crime isn’t even his personality (which is saying something), but rather is work output. I know, Don, I’m nothing and should go kill my worthless self straight away. *Yawn*

  46. LexG is the shit, and you people better recognize that. If you’re so insecure as to take his freestyle form as bullying others, I don’t know what to tell you. He reminds me a little of THE_MENTALIST on Deadspin’s threads.

    Consider me #61 on twitter, yo.

  47. It’s weird how Dalloway is obsessed with penises.

    It’s weird that Dalloway and Japadapters sound almost exactly the same. Either one guy or- no, the same guy.

    But I bite little douche, indeed I do. You want to have a coffee? (waits for pathetic excuse why not) I could show you my teeth in between sips.

  48. tell wells, he’s the insecure one who bans people left and right. and lex sucks up to him while pimping his sick pre-teen fetish. you get behind him.

  49. Dalloway come on puss in boots, show off for your anonymous personalities. email me mrdonmurphy AT and let’s get together.

  50. Listen kids, I am not either of those people, nor have I seem either them post here before.


    i do not fear you, Don. Name the time and the place. I will be back in L.A. on Saturday. And hell, I’ll even spring for the drinks.

  51. I just noticed that some anonymous internet shitbag named “raygo” just attempted to insult me with a made-up word from the urban dictionary. Sorry, I don’t speak imaginary monkey-speak.

  52. I’m not going to bother mounting a defense of The Horse Whisperer because I’m going to be in an extremely small minority. But I think it’s a very well-made film (which admittedly could have lost 15 or so minutes), and it’s at least worth for watching.

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