What’s wrong with the dialogue in this clip? What’s the particular disturbance, more to the point, with Sen. Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota? Did she bring up the midnight showings of Eclipse to suggest that Elena Kagan is jes’ folks and…what, gets what’s happening in the culture of families these days? Surreal. This assemblage has some funny stuff, though.

13 thoughts on “Sleepovers

  1. Ponderer on said:

    “I wish you wouldn’t.”

    I kinda love her.

  2. Klobuchar is smart, serious and humble. She’s the anti-Palin. I’d take this discussion over Senator Sessions and Kyl spewing incorrect Far Right talking points any day.

  3. Klobuchar was on the shortlist. So according to Barack Obama, these are the preeminent young legal minds in our country.

  4. A bit off subject but a response to Hip Hop. Did you see the Kathy Griffin show last night? She went to Wasilla home of Sarah Palin. Pretty pathetic that this is were John Mccain thought that this was training ground for a vice-president.

  5. Homey: Seriously. It’s one thing to mention pop culture when you need to stay “relevant” in a campaign; it’s another to bring it up when vetting someone who could determine relevant castes. Neil Postman’s definitely not rolling in his grave.

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